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Banned for accident...


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In-game alias: Basically Apollo banned me because he thought im just one of those rdmers that just minge and troll.. 

Your SteamID: 



When was the ban: 09/2 7 hours ago

How long is the ban: 3 days

Which admin banned you: Apollo

Explain the situation: I was at a debrief and my older brother walked into the room and pushed me off my chair and rdmed a line of CT's and was talking in game saying bad stuff which id rather not say.. This happened whilst i was hurt and i left so i wouldn't get banned.. But i joined a few minutes later and i was banned

Why you deserve a second chance:

I just wanna say i really like this server and i wanted to get into star wars rp, but my older brother walked into the room.. He pushed me off my chair and shot a line of CT's to get me banned... I then left the server hoping to not get banned and i tried joining back a few minutes later and it said i was banned for 3 days.. Im hoping that you'll understand why i derserve an unban.. I wont let it happen again! Sorry i just really want to play on this awesome server over the holidays.

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steam url not id
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2 minutes ago, Little5avage said:

Hmm I see
Few things wrong here
1. You did not RDM an ST you RDM someone else beside and ST
2. You were not banned for RDM you were banned because I jailtp and you DC seconds after

It says on the ban.. banned for mass rdm

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