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Possible Idea for Direct Communications for Events

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Greetings Brothers-in-Arms.

Just had a small thought on something I want to get everyone's thoughts on.

So I've been thinking of the idea of how to make communicating with regiments and/or Command during events a lot easier and I've been thinking. What would everyone think about giving all personnel with Clearance Level 3 access to a radio feature to relay instructions and situations towards other regimants or Command, whilst also ensuring that no "Mingers" get access to the radio and being miserable trolls on it.

Strict rules will, without a doubt, need be in place for the radios, esspecially when we are on-ship and outside events, like no one allowed to use them on-ship except for the Higher-Ups & Secretaries in Military High Command as a form of PA System. The radios will just be for events only, and only the respectable ranks should have access to them.

Anyway, that's just my idea.

All comments and constructive critism is welcome.

Long live the Empire,


Master Seargent ARC-24-A Muzza

Rancor Regiment
Empire's Fury Made Flesh

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As long as the communication can be heard between your regiment and your regiment only.

Also the ability to turn it off.

This could be away to annoy EMS with event characters commands whichever would be super annoying. So +1 as long as the demands are met

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