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pinejack's PAC3 Tier 1 Application


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Front Side5a8a1ea0782a1_FrontSide.thumb.jpg.e61bdfe56ddff940d28b5b5d330af6cf.jpg

It can be seen in this picture that I have redone my RST trooper to look a bit more uniform. I removed the pauldron and pauldron holder (don't know what it is called. I also added a new grenade belt and better, stronger legs. It also shows off the E-11 being holstered in an easy to reach location on the chest, which allows for a quicker draw and a little bit of added protection to the chest area when wearing it.

Left Side


This picture makes the bio-hazard respirator pack more visible, along with the two communication antenna on the head. It also shows off the new, more resistant armour plating, along with the SE-14C holstered on the foot.

Back Side


This image shows off the bio-hazard respirator pack a bit nicer, along with the RC-97C being holstered on the bottom of it. It also shows off the bomb defusal gear attached across the left leg, which includes a fusion cutter, pliers, and a wrench. This is due to my character's backstory as an ex-EODs during the Clone Wars. It also shows off the explosive containment devices that are attached to the top of the backpack.

Right Side


This side can show off the tubes running from the backpack to the helmet attachment, along with more of the bomb defusal tools.

Communication Device


This image is here to show off the wrist-mounted communicator (which is a part of a greater WIP wrist plate). The hologram is of the Royal Representative, Gallius Rax.

Macro Binoculars





I have also decided to add in a macro-binocular when I use my suit zoom to add a little bit more to my roleplay and immersion.



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