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pinejack's PAC3 Tier 1 Application


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-= EDIT =-

I have updated my application slightly and have decided to include a few pictures of my current character I am working on.


Front view of my players shows the new heat resistant leg plating, bio-hazard tube, stronger arm protection. It also shows my E-11 holstered on my chest when not in use. You can also see the beginning of my wrist guard where my holoprojector is located.



A side view of my character shows my SE-14C holstered on my lower leg, along with the longer range antenna on my helmet.



A rear view of my character shows the various tools on my left boot, along with a few grenades and pack (now swapped with filtering pack). It also shows where my RT-97C is holstered when not in use.



This views hows my character with his E-11 blaster rifle out, which exposes the usually hidden artificial heart that my character has had installed to extend his usually short lifespan, and is the reason he is still serving in the Imperial Military despite being biologically near 65 years old.


I am always working on improving my character, and this was my first try at it. I have since remade this entire character but these are here to show what I can do and what I may do on the server if and when I gain access to PAC3.



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