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New Logo Competition


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Imperial Gaming Logo Competition

Hello friends, so recently some people have pointed out that our logo isn't that good and we should switch to a new one, so I decided that I would make this thread to see if we have any creative people in the community who would be up to the task of making us a new logo.


Things to note:

  • Keep it fairly simple and easy to understand, joining a heap of letters into one may look artistic but it can cause confusion on what it represents.
  • If possible make it similar to the logo we have now so changing logo won't be as confusing to some.
  • If we believe your logo is what we're after, we will likely also request a banner to be made.
  • Don't be afraid to post as many different designs as you wish.
  • You can include a banner if you want however it is not required unless we request it from you.
  • Make sure you save the Photoshop file as we will need it for future changes.
  • Entries close on the 24/09/17.
  • Prize for the winner is a $50 game on Steam.
  • Shitposting or low-effort logos will be removed and the user will be given warning points.
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Just had to remove 47+ posts from this thread, that's insane.

This is a competition for people who are talented with programs such as Photoshop, and are willing to put in their own spare time to help improve the community's logo.

It also seems people are making banners, not logos - we are not looking for text on a wallpaper, we are looking for a transparent logo that symbolises Imperial Gaming, notice how the rotated IG does not literally say 'Imperial Gaming' - it is the symbol for it.

Keep it fairly simple and easy to understand, remember that this symbol should work well infront of most backgrounds, I would rather you post a transparent version of the logos instead of it infront of a background.

I even had to remove posts that were complete shitposts, there was no effort put into the design at all - I had a warning in the thread when I made it that there is to be no shitposting so it's very disappointing to see even staff doing it.

If you would like to ask some questions about this, please forum message me instead of replying here, try keep this for logo showoffs only.

Another thing; if you'd like to comment your opinion on someone's work, do it in private message or use the inbuilt forum reputation system.

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@Stephano Your designs are more suited for a wallpaper, not a logo.

@Wiemers Your designs are nice though they seem a little too confusing, I particularly like this one and think that could be worked on a bit more to turn out really nice.

@Authopius I really like the logo design you made, it's just the initials of Imperial Gaming done well, though I do think the words on the left would need their spacing fixed up.

@Excalibur Those are nice though they are not logos - they are wallpapers.

@Peanutbuster This is just text on a picture, these are not logos.

@Spicer That is just text on a picture, it is not a logo.

@Kendrick This MAY qualify as a logo but it's not what we're looking for, the ratio of it would make it unusable in most areas.




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