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Good old 40+ Event Charcater

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6 hours ago, Sal said:

Lets just say some people saw the darkside of Sal that night

I saw the dark side of Sal and frenchy xD I couldn't sleep for 3 days knowing if I wasn't Charlie leader and I didn't manage the Charlie squadron. He would look for me would find me and he eat me...Frenchy on the other hand he was possessed by a demon in the process of leading us. But Sal was a furious Warlord like beast that thirst for Imperial Blood. Like I said I couldn't sleep for 3 days. All I could hear was attack my pretty's and kill those Imperial Bastards (Skyrim meme). But yeah I really enjoyed that event Sal and everyone else were pretty chill. ;) 

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Really surprisingly I thought It would last 5 but yeah everyone was really mature only had one bad trouble maker but my surprise was everyone else was really good

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