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Need some recommendations

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razer hammerhead pro's for the headphones if you wanna go a cheap easily replaceable method.
Idk its what i use and I can hear just about everything.
For a good mouse and keyboard combo try logitech, they are pretty good.
g700s is a good mouse 

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HAHA See I personally like mechanical keyboards. As I don't actually own a pc this recommendation is based off what I have heard. I would go with a razor keyboard as they are mechanical, responsive and feels good to type on.

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I use (these are rough prices btw. You could price match with stores) :
Keyboard - $199 - Blackwidow Chroma (Loud but has very cool features. In overwatch it lights up wot what character your playing and it has stuff like that for a lot of games. Also very easy and smooth to type with)
Mouse - $69 - Deathadder Chroma (Very soft on the hand and very comfortable. Honestly I think its the best mouse I have ever played with)
Headset - $119 - Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 ( Very uncomfortable to begin with but once u use them more and more often they mold to your head and are really good for cancelling out noise. The mic on them isn't too bad and they are very customizable)

Total (Roughly) - $387

You could shave off money by not getting the chroma effects but in my opinion if your going for a cool looking setup its worth it

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