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Lynx's Resignation

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Hey All,

It has been an absolutely amazing journey working as an EM for the IG SWRP community. I have enjoyed every moment of interaction both with the community and staff on a personal level and is awesome to see that even today IG is still expanding.

Unfortunately, due to IRL circumstances, I have decided I can no longer be the best EM that I can be for the server, so therefore today, I would like to submit my resignation as an Event Master. 

However, in saying this, it does not mean that I will be leaving the community, I will occasionally join up to see how things are progressing, while talks are already underway for new ideas and concepts for the evolution of IG, which I intend certainly to be a part of.  

Just to finish off, I'd like to make some mentions to some of the IG community's best, who without a doubt, have helped me along the way:

Thank you all and enjoy your IG experiences.
      -  Lynx



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Lynx you were one of the best event masters, It's pretty sad to see you go, You were always really polite when people wanted to help out in your events, I'm pretty sure whenever you made an event I would help out and it would be a fun hour just having fun :) 

Hope to see you around Lynx.



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Good luck for the future pal, great to have you along the ride. Hope to still see you around, it's been great to see your evolution within the community and I hope you don't let that go, not just yet.

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Very sad to see you go mate.

It has been a pleasure to work along side you in creating a ton of great and interesting events. I have thoroughly enjoyed your company and wish you all the best for the future. I'd like to say thanks for everything you've done for the community we are all greatful for your company. If you ever want a chat I'm always willing to.

See ya big guy.

Cronos over and out. 

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Keep walking forward Lynx. I know you will do well with what ever you decide to set your mind on. It's been a fun run, thanks for sticking with me since the beginning of Shadow Troopers. And yea, its quite nice to visit this server once and a while, people are very friendly when you have made good impressions with them throughout your playing time. I think the best part about befriending everyone from the bottom-up, instead of from the top-down, is that the people you remember are always rising higher and higher, and its a good thing to see, the progress of others. 

Many times have I enjoying your creative gifs on the forums, you write well and are also vocally well spoken. You were the best 2nd in Commander a guy like me could hope for, showing many good characteristics on a platform of positive thinking. As for Commanders, I was the best at somethings, while being the worst at other things, like 'regular training'. Id say the best Commanders I have heard about through the Great Vine  + with what I knew of them already, are probably Arkas, Blitz, and above them IC FootLoose. 

Thanks for always putting up with my long speeches/lectures Lynx, learn from your experiences here, and enjoy the freedom resignation brings. No regrets.


p.s. -- If you decide to get into rust, hit me up. I have a base down nearly every weekly wipe cycle.

Good luck with finishing the year of school. Cya around friend.

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