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IG Logo - Wiemers

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Hey lads! Been a bit busy with work lately, however managed to rack up some free time... Got a little bored though, so I decided to pitch in and create an Imperial Gaming logo with my knowledge of photoshop and illustrator. Keep in mind, this was just for fun, maybe something the community could consider, I don't know. THANKS LADS, HOPE YOU LIKE EM!

59b13f302621a_IG1.thumb.jpg.e264f68c27802aa3887926eef549e632.jpg 59b13f37bfeb8_IG2.thumb.jpg.bf513db6336d081178dbdaf7d4432deb.jpg59b234f92485a_IG2.thumb.jpg.6c28294e90b2fb82b9a4dcc828403af0.jpg59b234f489677_IG3.thumb.jpg.52ae0295ecc04cab9a1ee8affe56cee0.jpg59b234f5e1824_IG4.thumb.jpg.bf0fae485c2e6519530f5da08b905452.jpg59b234f77960b_IG5.thumb.jpg.26612702328f5097e4f4f102b4c8251d.jpg


~ Wiemers

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9 minutes ago, Ridge said:


We really need a new logo but I feel like you should get some community feedback and work from there. Really good first try though.

I agree Ridge, it would be great and I believe beneficial to the community of IG if we got strong, honest opinions. That way we could have a basis on how we can improve and what could be implemented. I hope that in the future it can be taken into consideration to possibly design a new Logo, I would love to help out and be a part of it all.

~ Plumph

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I think it's a good idea to have a competition to create a new face of IG it will put people up to a challenge to put their creative skills to the test and also it will widely improve activity on the forums as everyone will be judging each other's work.

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