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How to give proper feedback

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Giving Proper feedback


Alright so going through all the applications and seeing the responses from people has shocked me. The way people are giving feedback on T-Mod | EM | PAC3 applications are horrible so today I wrote up this to help assist people who don’t know how to give a proper feedback comment and or just lazy. Now there is times where we all have done it once or twice this is more for the ones who consistently do it. Anyway Have fun giving good feedback! ~Imposing

What not to do

There are too many feedback comments that have little to no information in them, They are just  left for the applicants to read and not understand why they got that rating.



+1 - Why isn’t he already staff?



-1 Its (Name) ….

+1 He is a cool guy

-1 I hate him

-1 Who are you?



These are just some of the lack of feedback comments that people say.


How to give proper feedback


Steps on giving feedback

  • Read The Application thoroughly is the most important thing you can do.

  • Once you have read it go back through and see how well the application was presented then...

  • Press Reply and start your feedback comment with what you’re rating them and their application

  • State on why you have given them this rating (-1 Neutral +1) You should critique them on their answers (Rate them on the reasons listed below)

  • You then should explain how they can better themselves or their application

  • You should then leave a message like Good Luck


Just some of the reasons you should critique people on


  • How well the application is presented

  • How long they have been in the community

  • How they act in game

  • Do they know the rules?

  • Are they well respected in the community?

  • Have they got any warns

  • Have you seen them break the rules

  • Will they abuse

  • How well they RP

  • How well they Interact with other players

  • Why are they applying for mod

  • How will they be able to help the community and staff team by being staff

  • Past Experience


Posting unnecessary content on applications


  • The only thing you should be replying to a application with is feedback on the person and application on occasions they you might need to respond to a question or something on the lines of that but you should keep any posting on a application serious


Now obviously this isn't perfect so anyone that has any ideas or suggestions let me know


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This is an old post of mine but I thought considering I still see people giving horrible feedback this may help those people improve themselves and yes this may be a little outdated but it still gets the message across.

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