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Its me, Engineer Tex

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I build crazy moving shit and yeah lol msg me or hit me up in game if you need something made, spider mech for the win, its my latest project, need turning though. xD

my name Tristian and im 17, also sqeekers dont ask me for anything and you wont get hurt ;P

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3 minutes ago, Ridge said:

no walkers please

<3 you too, ive optimised it fo theres only 16 moving parts , optimisation ftw aswell :D

ive seen so many shit walkers before its amazing how laggy they get, like legit no use of multiparent or anything :P Used to be staff on several sandbox servers so i know what generates lag, also legs are all no collided all so there is no moving part collisions. again Optimisation FTW.

Has less moving parts than the APC we made and used in previos events. should lag less xD

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Can you make 1/5 scale Death Star that instead of deadly laser it's just a led laser and have giant audio systems and also lots of blue tooth and a little stand for it as well cased carbon fibre.

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8 minutes ago, pinejack said:

I didn't make it big, you did. You can apologize to be by sending me a 25 pack of two minute noodles (beef flavoured) to my PO box. 

Only made it bigger to highlight the words that sent me into a depressed state

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