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-1 Timmy your application needs to be fixed up if you are seriously wanting a staff position check out other accepted applications and see what you like about it and use it for a reference to improve your application I want to clearly state don't copy anything just see how people make their application look good. It may even answer questions that you are unsure about your applications.


reason for my -1: Timmy you are a bit younger than most of the players sometimes that's not a issue if they are really mature but I don't believe you are mature enough as of yet, you need to increase your playtime on the server as well as get more know across the community and possibly try to learn a bit about being a staff member you can do that by talking to staff or even going onto other servers that will give you a chance and learning from them at this current stage in time you are not ready for the responsibility of staff sorry mate but I have to say it.

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Guest Excalibur


Very short application.

Spelling and grammatical errors.

Seems to have a lack of knowledge of the rules.


As well as this, I have seen a lot of childish behaviour from you in game (making noises, abandoning your post, etc..) which leads to you having the image of being very immature. I mean no offence, but I believe you may be a bit too young for this position.

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I've seen you on the Server

You seem pretty well-rounded (In friendliness)

Quite major grammatical issues, fix those up if you want people to take it seriously

Very little Detail

I'm pretty much 100% sure your time isn't 1 week and 2 days, as I remember you as a recruit and you would've had much more time than me

WAY too exited, keep it professional



On 9/5/2017 at 2:39 PM, T1mmy said:

what did i get wrong im comfused im being serious its not a joke

We understand that you're being as serious as possible, and I'm sure many of the staff appreciate your enthusiasm. This is a very judgmental community, staff have to be judgmental to ensure top-quality Staff.

I believe if you make yourself known and respected within this community, and add more detail to your app will improve your chances 10-fold. So take the critique given by others with a grain of salt and as a resource to improve your presnce in the Imperial Gaming Community!




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