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Dracks's Tier 1 pac3 application


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What is your in Game name: MT SSGT DR. Dracks

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:186925788

Steam link:  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198334117304/

Play time:  one Week and two days

Have you used pac3 before: No I haven't but I will be more than happy to learn how to.

Why should we trust you with PAC (1 Paragraph):  I believe I should be trusted with pac3 because I am very loyal to the community. I have no warns, Kick or banns.I have put a lot of time into the server, I am very trustworthy and I love to get more in into the server. I will follow the pac3 rules and only use it for rp

Why do you want pac3 (1 Paragraph): I am currently in Navy and in Navy we do  lot of passive rp. Also I love rp and with pac3 i could take the next step rp wise. With Pac3 I could take my rp to the next step and lot limit my self to the so little things non pac3 members can do.

 Why do you deserve pac 3 (1 Paragraph): I believe i deserve pc3 because I am very loyal and trustworthy. Even though I m not well known in the community I will love getting a bit more known. I believe I deserve pac3 because I love rp and pac3 will help me do alot more pac3. 

P.S. Please give me feed back that i can go off with and dont mind my spelling. 


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