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Slick's PAC3 Application


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What is your in game name:



Steam ID:



Steam link:



Play time:

2 Weeks 1 day and 18 hours


Have you used PAC before:

I have small amount of PAC3 during single player but I wouldn’t say I am proficient in the slightest at this, I still have much more room for improvement. Somethings I could do to obtain experience and proficiency in PAC3 are: Practicing in Singleplayer, asking help from others, watching YouTube tutorials, etc.


Why should you be trusted with PAC1 (one paragraph)

I think I should be trusted with the ability to use PAC3 because I've earned the rank of Major in Rancor and have been loyal to Rancor since I've joined the server, I began my reputation with being a bit mingey which upon personal inspection I decided I wanted to change that. I sought to reach a high rank in Rancor battalion, so I set myself to the task, committed and completed it. I've stuck to the rules of Imperial Gaming and intend on keeping it that way. I have obtained 0 warnings/strikes.


Why do you want PAC (one paragraph)

To immerse myself and make my in game character suit my personality more and make my regiment more intimidating and i feel it would be good to use for some passive rp on-ship and off-ship i also want to learn something new.


Why do you deserve PAC (one paragraph)

I would like to think i am a respected and trusted member of the community i know i can be mingy at times but i hope you guys can give me a chance.

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