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What laptops do you guys use for gaming?

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I was wondering what laptops you guys use to play games. One that can allow pretty smooth gaming and high fps.... ._. If you use a laptop of course. If you use a PC good job:coolstorybob:


Cause I'm considering to get a new laptop for my birthday and what would be a good choice? Some games I play cannot run very smoothly on my currently laptop, allowing only 10 fps in some cases....

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Nah some people can't have PC's, he might need to bring it places or not have the space for a setup. I have a 2016 15" MacBook Pro while it plays the server at 120fps I wouldn't recommend it for anything else other than content creation. Dell have cheep gaming laptops with 1060s in them, heard they are really good.

But I don't use my laptop for gaming, I have a PC.

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