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  1. Hey everybody, Since I became the RG Commander, I have noticed that if we want to change from our battle armour to our robes, we need to call staff and waste there time. To fix this, I have written a small, lightweight script that can be put in the servers serverside autorun that allows people to switch between their battle armor and robes using a simple chat command !switch. The addon has been made in such a way that other regiments can be added with minimal effort. Thanks for considering this @Martibo @Caboose and @Wolf. The code is as follows and should be placed in garrysmod\lua\autorun\server: local SwitchPairs = { {"models/player/starwars/mistersweetroll/imperialguard.mdl","models/player/ven/guard.mdl"}, // just add a pair of models here } local SwitchTable = {} for k,v in pairs(SwitchPairs) do table.insert(SwitchTable,0,v) table.insert(SwitchTable,0,table.Reverse(v)) end hook.Add("PlayerSay","SwitchModel",function (ply,txt) if string.lower(txt) == "!switch" then for k,v in pairs(SwitchTable) do if ply:GetModel() == v[1] then ply:SetModel(v[2]) return "" end end end end)
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