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Found 3 results

  1. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] MorganTrademark Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:102265670 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/morgantrademarkUS/ In Game Details In Game Name: Hurst Romodi In Game Rank: General In Game Regiment: Regional Government Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 4 Weeks, 3 Days, 21 Hours, and 17 Minutes PAC3 Tier 2 Questions What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? Ever since receiving PAC Tier One I’ve been experimenting and teaching myself about the functions within the PAC3 editor. I’ve made many different PACs that range from trooper PACs to Officer PACs. Besides my DT PAC listed in my tier one application, I’ve made a number of PACs revolving around my characters. They include my Rescue Trooper PAC, my Medical Trooper PAC, my Armour PACs, my Iden Versio PAC, my Colonel Starck PAC, my Director Krennic PAC, and my current PAC, my Bureau Chief Morgan PAC (Screenshots will be provided down below). How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? Whether it be my surgical operations PACs for my Rescue Trooper and Medical Trooper PACs, my Datapads or weapon holsters, my custom stances, badges, equipment, and animations, I’ve tried my best to use PAC3 to make the roleplay experience for myself and my peers as immersive as possible. I’ve created equipment to help in RP situations, like turning fists or weapons into tools to use during interrogations, or pads and computers allowing me to RP data transfers. I’ve also made equipment for others to interact with, for example, when I was Iden Versio, I had a PAC for the ID10 unit so that when Dio was on the server I can just pop him off, and when Dio wasn’t on the server the droid with sit on my back. Along with that, I’ve also made custom equipment like my ABC (Assistant Bureau Chief) Badge, my Battlestation ISB Station HUD (A set of screens for various RP, also gives me a live view of the main monitor on the NPCC or the map when we’re in hyperspace or when the [REDACTED] is being fired). Along with my HUD, to create RP for Engineers I went through and made multiple versions of my E-11 and went through and worked with Engineer Senior Workman Chris and Doctor Galen Erso on building those E-11s in RP. In regards to improving the general experience of my peers, I’ve helped a number of individuals with PAC3. I’ve assisted other people in ISB like Pablo, Ridge, Imposing, Moose, Lincoln, and Gusky when not only helping with PAC creations but also making stances and creating PACs for them as well. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? In regards to my personal RP experience, ever since I’ve received PAC3 access my RP has been much more detailed and immersive. With tier one, I’ve been able to create PACs that help define the mood of my character in RP situations. For example, I have a crossed arms stance that makes me seem angry and I use that stance to demonstrate to those I interact with that I’m frustrated or angered by them or their actions. It may also mean that I’m disappointed in them or their actions. I use my hands behind back stance to make it clear to those around me that I’m occupied or currently busy handling important affairs and at times I may use my thinking stance to indicate that either I’m thinking about a situation or occurrence or I’m just AFK. PAC3 Examples: Rescue Trooper Warrant Officer Monogram (Originally Twinkie's heavily modified by me) Inferno Squad Line Captain Iden Versio ISB Colonel Starck - ISB Chief Morgan ISB Director Krennic (Inspired by Lincoln) ISB ABC Morgan - ISB Bureau Chief Morgan Krennic Cape Clip Bkeycard Replacement Final Note: Thank you to everyone taking the time to read my application. If you have any concerns whatsoever or if you have any tips feel free to message me. Also regarding my activity besides the fact that I live on the other side of the world I also have school work and some important family things going on in my life right now. I was also having a lot of issues while trying to make this post so if there are any formatting errors please inform me and I will fix them as soon as possible. Thank you to both Hammer and Pinejack for your assistance in the past few weeks in regards to holdtypes and custom animations.
  2. In game name - Octavian Grant Steam ID/link - http://steamcommunity.com/id/EKSTUDIOS/ Questions: 1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC) Myself and Kendrickk were the original creator of the battle vest/armor that all the Navy and ISB use. Additionally, I was the one who made the original rankings on the Armor. Most of the PAC stuff I make is orientated towards creating a more immersive RP experience from the perspective of the Navy and the way the people outside of navy interact with them as well. Here is just a few of the things that I have worked on in PAC. 2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples) I have believe that I have been able to improve the RP experience. This is in terms of the types of RP that people are able to do with me when interacting and the immersivity of the environment people are in when RP with me. This is terms of the holograms and other aesthetic features that make the game that much more interesting and immersive. 3. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience) The general RP experience has been improved. I am able to do more things as my character that I would not have been otherwise able to do. Whether it be expressing personal tastes that my Lore character has or this creating a far more interesting environment for me to RP in that keeps me interested in the game and coming back. It ha really just been such a great thin for the server really bring out what IG is known for, our outstanding passive RP. When you are able to walk into a conference room and see someone sitting at a desk in a certain way that characterises their person in a certain way. it tells so much more about who they are as that character then just generic sitting stance. And when you are able to actually see Vader chocking a rebel like in the film thanks to PAC that is just my immersion is complete.
  3. Guest

    Excalibur's Tier 2 Application

    In game name - Excalibur Steam ID/link - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Excalibur7171/ STEAM_0:1:69113450 Play Time - 4W - 0D 9H Questions: 1. What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? (Include Pictures of your best PAC) I have created a few variations of my SCAR armor, eventually settling with this This is one of the main PAC3s I use and has a few main features, the biggest of which being the new helmet. The helmet is linked to a spinal implant in the back. It also features air filters and a re-breather pipe on the other side for tough atmospheres and weather conditions. It also features a DLT with a few minor modifications, a new piece of shoulder armour for better coverage and a gauntlet with an inbuilt screen. Aero (Lore Scar) I have replaced my DLT-19 with dual pistols as Aero has in Lore. As well as this, I have bonemerged some pipes in order to make him look more like a pilot, as he is in lore. For this pac, tier 2 would be especially helpful, as I would be able to use custom textures to get closer to the real thing. Navy I created a toggleable version of the standard arms behind back stance, as well as using a custom data screen for communications. I also had a custom made ID and nametag for more RP-friendly identification. 2. How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? (Provide Examples) I have used my box PAC for small passive RP where I rp deliver some items to different people or just generally transport things around. I have a datapad which I use as the SCAR secretary, fixing up the spreadsheet and recording data. I have used fake broken bones for medical RP and have used PAC3 in events to add to my character, for instance one event where I was a merchant, I modified my clothes to look more merchant like, and also added a red panic button, which I could press in emergencies. I also have made an injured crouching animation and am in the process of making an injured standing animation as well, which will be used in medical rp. <- This is now done and can be seen below. I have used various pacs in many different events to improve the roleplay value of my character. 3. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? (Personal Experience) PAC3 has significantly improved RP throughout the ship as members are able to do things such as create more realistic medical rp. As well as this, tasks that are usually just written in "/me" format are now able to be performed through pac, which creates a more immersive experience, and gives more of a sense that the action is actually being done. Custom animations would make the various poses and actions look that much better, and could add a new dimension to roleplay. I have seen significant improvements in medical rp, battle rp, passive rp, etc through PAC3, all of which enhance the enjoyment of said roleplay. As some of you may know, SCAR is rather different in Lore, and we have been able to use PAC3 to get closer to lore and have the white armor we usually have. I have also given some pacs to a few members of the community, including caboose and little.
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