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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Change My Mind #2! Gun Restrictions On Any Defcon Is Stupid: Change My Mind Please read the disclaimer and rules of the post below General Disclaimer: I am aware that many of the questions i raise will polarize the readers, and that is my aim. My aim however, is not to upset or bother anybody. I want to keep this discussion civil, where everybody is allowed to submit their own counter points, and try to change my mind. That is the point of the discussion, i have come with an open mind and i ask you all too also. Rules of the post: Keep it civilized, banter is fine but try to keep direct insults out of this discussion. This is not an argument, do not gang on particular people, and keep it general. You are allowed to disagree and this is the point of the post. There are no winners and the idea is so i can see who thinks what about parts of the server. Use common sense and keep down the toxicity If these rules are broken excessively i will have the post locked, and nobody gets to have fun. Thank you for reading the rules, and i hope to see you below in the thread. Today i present to you yet another long awaited installment of change my mind. I have been bouncing between servers over the past few months, some successful, some not, but in all of them, not a single one of them has a problem with guns on safety. This particularly struck me after the SK/RT told me to put mine away the other day, as i was so used to carrying around a gun whenever i felt like it. This lead to me thinking about whether or not this was reasonable, and it provoked the thought of why we actually weren't allowed weapons but some security regiments were. I come before you today to present many pictures of proof and reasons of why this rule should be changed, and why you should support me. Following this sentence will be a few reasons upon why having a weapon out on any Defcon is reasonable. 1. An imperial star destroyer is primarily a military installation Most of the personnel aboard our beloved Chimaera are part of the Military, Navy or ISB basic branches. In other words, it is considered a flying military base. This considered, shouldn't having a gun out on safety be considered normal? Usually when i write my arguments i try to think of anything to counter it, and the only thing i can think of is that usually in real life people don't just walk around with guns out which is a fair point, but remember this is not real life and it is a terrible reflection of it. IF you were going to bring that up, i scoured the internet for pictures of military bases around the world, and i don't think i found one where there wasn't somebody that wasn't holding a gun (Unless they were doing something else of course, Driving, Engineering, Refueling). Also a side note, last year my hotel in Paris was across from a military hospital of which there were armed guards outside. I'm not talking armed as in police armed i am talking about strapped with AUG rifles. If it is appropriate to have the military idling around in the middle of a capital city, i fail to see how we aren't even allowed a pistol or something. A base in Kabul with military forces moving their equipment. A military installation in northern Syria which depicts US forces standing next to an APC. French military base in Mali. 2. Constant Attacks on Ship I am not entirely sure if any of you guys noticed, but on the server we are in a savage civil war against a group of terrorists that constantly manage to board and attack our ship. I think due to this fact it is okay for everybody to be a LITTLE bit on edge. It just makes so much sense to be armed in anticipation of an attack. I need everybody to understand that we are on a military base in the middle of a war. By no means am i apart of the military so i don't know for sure but having a weapon on a military base, which is under constant threat of attack, during a war against terrorists known for quick sting attacks it just makes so much more sense to have a weapon out on safety, or even slung at your side. 3. FailRP? I usually bring up some aspect of FailRP not because i think we should change the rules to account for immersion, but more of a way to put something into perspective. If we wanted to be fully failrp friendly, we would have to run to the armory/ bunks to grab a gun in the case of an attack. Where do we pull the guns from that we carry? I don't have PAC and i don't plan to get PAC, so it just looks like i am materializing guns out of nowhere. To put into a point of view, imagine if a military base in Afghanistan got attacked and all of the soldiers had to run back to a building to pick up a gun then run back out and then start shooting. They would either all be dead, or the attackers would have left. You can make your own judgement on this part, i am talking out my ass. 4. The background of every star wars movie/ piece of content EVER This is going to be my favourite part. I am going to show you all that in MOST eras of history in starwars, aboard ships and bases there is ALWAYS personnel with guns. The Force Unleashed 1 and 2. The Phantom Menace. Attack of the Clones, where there are clones holding guns on kamino, a considered safe location for a clone trooper. Revenge of the Sith, where there isn't even a present threat in the galaxy.. the war ended. Rogue One. The death troopers on a military base, talking to some big scary imperial scientists. Yes, i know they are guards, but there is literally no reason for there to be a threat in this scene. Funnily enough, an attack does happen. JUST LIKE I WAS SAYING! A New Hope. Stormtroopers checking the tractor beam controls in a new hope. Empire Strikes Back. Stormtroopers just standing around behind a door on bespin. The Return of the Jedi. Literally the whole endor scene is a military base where there are storm troopers WITH weapons. Force awakens. On the thought to be un-attackable starkiller base. Are you seeing a trend? The Last Jedi. WHY DO THEY HAVE GUNS IF ITS A LOW ALARM LEVEL? BECAUSE WE'RE IN THE MILITARY! I want to stress the points i have brought up today, and i hope you can bring some counter arguments. I have put forward everything that i can think of so i am looking for great discussion. Also there are a few things i would like to say to give a bit of background. I am a royal guard and i mostly don't have a gun to keep on safety, but i still feel like there is a lack of logical reasoning surrounding this rule, even if it doesn't affect me directly. I urge you to reply to the post rather than just answering the poll and lurking. If you are gonna disagree come back with something at least. THANKYOU FOR READING, NOW GO AHEAD AND CHANGE MY MIND! EDIT: I ACTUALLY FORGOT TO MENTION THIS SO MR @Cure HAS BEAT ME TO IT! "As not all troopers, officers and other personnel need to have their weapon out all the time. In fact some instances can be found where Naval Officers are actually not allowed to have their weapons out such as when performing tasks on the Bridge." I thought it would be a given, but yes, i am mostly saying that the rule should be changed within reason and i didn't want to specify areas that are considered sensitive. My thoughts are mostly based on the hallways and places you'd expect there to be people walking around normally (CL1 areas and the likes). My previous installment (Climbswep is a bad thing to fail someone on)
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