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Found 2 results

  1. This is a yelling/whatever battle of Bossk VS Ares Enjoy
  2. There's a mod floating around the steam workshop that has much better looking storm trooper skins, that provide some customization in terms of backpacks, ammo pouches and armour status (dirty or clean) that i believe could add more RP to the server. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=499550211 Now, UNDERSTAND I AM NOT SAYING THAT ALL ST'S SHOULD HAVE THIS! This would lead to storm trooper privates abusing the body groups and it being a pain to manage for us all. What i do suggest though is that ST SGT+ are given the skins so that they can change their soldier if they want to improve RP, or make their rank more identifiable (only LT+ gets ammo pouches etc.) How do i think it would improve RP: -Trooper inspections can be conducted and they can RP clean their armour, same can be done for weapons etc. -Backpack can provide various equipment needs (with RP logic of course, an ST wouldn't be carrying around a handy kyber crystal to fix something) -OC+ can be properly cleaned and made appropriate for special occasions, so they look like they actually care, they can also look more like a good ST role model during training -Armour can be made dirty during/after events to display the fact that they've been in rugged combat. -No more grassy shoes So, those are my opinions for why i think this armour should become the new ST armour. Have i mentioned how much i hate the grassy shoes and the dirty armour?
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