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  1. Star Wars: Squadrons Breakdown and Analysis The trailer begins with a chase between an X-Wing Starfighter and a TIE Interceptor with red markings alongside its TIE pilot who also has red markings on his flightsuit. This either means that this pilot is a flight baron (decorated Imperial pilot) or, as Stryker said, part of the elite 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. (Profile Picture Worthy Photo) During the chase, we also get a glimpse of the interior cockpits of both the TIE Interceptor and X-Wing with more detail, including this targeting monitor within the TIE Interceptor cockpit that displays the ship type of the target ship. The X-Wing then locks its S-Foils shut, threading through between the asteroids and causing the TIE Interceptor to crash into one. Take into account that this fighter did not get completely annihilated after touching the rock, there was damage but the fighter itself stayed intact for repairs. Shortly after that, we get to see a massive fleet of ships both Rebel and presumably Imperial. In the shot we see an MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser, some CR90 corvettes, and a handful of Arquitens-class light cruisers dotted around. Next scene we see the same Imperial TIE pilot from before landing in a hangar with a damaged TIE Interceptor. We can see a clearer shot of the Interceptor's red markings. I also have reason to believe that these are the new Interceptors introduced after the Battle of Endor, after they've been refitted with shields. Shortly after, we see a large amount of pilots being briefed by a hologram of an unidentified commodore as shown by her rank plaques. Next scene we see the perspective from the Rebellion. We see the same female pilot from before leaving her X-Wing, proceeded by a mission briefing at a holotable. We can see that Hera Syndulla and, who I think is, Admiral Raddus in this scene standing next to the holotable. You cannot tell me that that is not Raddus. We can see here that Hera is wearing a general rank plaque for the Rebel Alliance. There is also this bulky, unidentified ship on the holotable. I don't particularly know what it is but it looks very Mandalorian in nature. I thought it was a Kandosii-type dreadnaught, however I don't believe it is. "Pilots, you are the Empire's strength. We do not accept defeat." "Remember why we fly, for hope. For the New Republic." "Vengeance will be ours." This bit here is hella epic. It shows a lot about the theme of the game, I can straight up tell that it's after the Battle of Endor, after the Death Star's destruction. The scattered remnant of the Empire looking for vengeance against the newly formed New Republic built on hope. In this exact same bit, we can see the TIE Reaper. The same transport used to transport the Death Troopers on Scarif Beach and the Ninth Sister in Jedi: Fallen Order. In the next scene we see more ships. We get full confirmation that the Arquitens-class light cruisers are on the Imperial side. Really sucks to see that the Empire is losing their Star Destroyers. We also see these new ships that I can't really tell what they are. They have these spheres hanging below them. My speculation is that they're fuel ships or something similar. In the exact same scene, we see two TIE/sa bombers completely annihilate a CR90 corvette with a laser beam. What the hell is this? It completely split that corvette in half! Are they even TIE/sa bombers or are they a different TIE variant all together? The man, the legend, the greatest of all time; Wedge Antilles. We see Wedge going through what seems to be a reactor core with his X-Wing. He's entered the DS-01, he's entered the DS-02. What else is he going to get himself into? Next up we see a battle over an ecumenopolis, potentially Coruscant. We see this wack looking ship that I still can't figure out what it is. There's probably a lot of legends material they're bringing into canon with this game. If they're on Coruscant, there is a chance that we get a major mention of the ISB since the ISB were tasked to be the ones to hold down Coruscant after the Emperor's death. After that we see the 181st launch an attack on a shipyard, I think. We see 4 CR90 corvettes docked at the location. The Imperial pilot fires the TIE's torpedoes that completely decimated all four corvettes. "5 pilots, one squadron" I have a feeling this game's going to be a starfighter 5v5 like many speculate. But we may be wrong, it could be a story campaign surrounding ten pilots from two squadrons, five each, from the New Republic side and the Empire side. The last scene with the Imperial Star Destroyer ascending from the clouds is incredibly sick. I have a feeling they're on Bespin, but honestly it could be any gas giant. With all that said, the trailer was sick. Honestly hyped for the gameplay reveal. Considering the fact that there's a bunch of characters from the shows and movies, I am fully positive that there will be a singleplayer (or perhps even CO-OP) campaign for this game. Taking into account how Fallen Order did, I have a feeling that this game is going to be great. Edit: After reading a couple of articles, the game's going to be a 5v5 between the New Republic and the Empire. It is not the 181st but instead a squadron called the Titan squadron. The New Republic will have a squadron dubbed the Vanguard Squadron. We also have word that there's going to be a campaign and potentially the release date of October 2nd. https://www.theverge.com/21289266/star-wars-squadrons-game-trailer-multiplayer-team-x-wing The game is also apparently up for pre-order on the microsoft store.
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