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  1. Last Year August, I was Asked to join shore by one Commander wiles, the first ever time I was asked to join in one something through how good I have preformed and it meant a lot to me. When I joined shore there were two members I really like at the time, Bacon and Some other guy who's named I have forgotten. I worked my ranks through shore being dedicated and Extremely happy that I was a part of a thing that made me happy and feel like I had purpose, Anyway, I soon reached Staff Sgt having trained 10 recruits (needed to get OFC) but since the other Co of shore had left, and no shore was Active for the last 2 weeks, I was all alone and everyone Kept Saying "shore Is dying" "Delta join Something else" "Lol Shore suck", but then there was hope Chef, working in IHC said "hey Wanna do you Ofc Test my guy" I did it and passed and when I did Chef gave me a promo. That is what told me to go on. My best friend at the time left Shore and I was shattered, leaving was an Option, but then....wiles told me to do tryouts And I did, then I recruited Sudo, and butcher both awesome Pvts, bacon came back and I had an awesome team of sandybois. Then shore was up for sale and some random guy got Shore Co, nor was I offered Co, or even asked for me opinion on what would happen, Kamelion was born and he seemed chill but it didn't last longer than 30 minutes because Wiles came back And got shore Co back. Following this butcher left and joined something else. mean while wiles was working with getting shore as a shock and riot Regiment, just had cuffs and tasers, Wiles waited for a meeting chance and nothing dropped. We Only got Grenades, eh it was something. I got another best buddy from tryouts Cameron and Havoc, Awesome Dudes and Amazing troopers. it was at this point being the rank of High Colonel as well as bacon being that, we had no where to go, wiles couldn't be promoted because he was inactive a lot, so then the two weeks I had put into shore Felt like shit, and I felt really unappreciated, Some might Argue that "you Didn't try to do anything" we had limits as fucking troopers that guarded a beach. I had never felt so useless, I mean shore never had a job before, but at this point, some General or admin should have noticed that shore needed help. so the cold shoulder I feel shore received really hurt me. It told me that I was useless and should give up. but I didn't give up, everyone had no faith but I didn't give a shit. I was the sandyboi. and no one would stop me ever Till the server Divvied, I left Ig with bacon and wiles, joined Medics on a server, wiles went to Isb and bacon to RG. shore was over and so was I...…. I Stopped Playing Gmod because I had gave up, no matter how hard I tried, shore was Dead...….NOT I JOINED IG BACK AND SANDYBOI WAS REBORN, And it was great. Seeing my old friends and Seeing how the server had changed. But I couldn't join shore, I Felt that if I joined and spent time into shore my efforts would go unnoticed. but I did enjoy seeing Sudo as Shore CO. . so I joined Engineers and this is where I sit. \ But not all is great I still feel Under appreciated and I feel like I am a still a tool of other peoples Fun not going to address it because I don't like Dobbing or pointing fingers on who caused me endless pain. now I have one final question to lose sleep over tonight Do I Leave Eng and do back to Shore and fight with bevan and bosil stay in Eng and Enjoy the [REDACTED]s Rp leave for some other regiment Or leave Ig with my other Shore comrades i'm don't what to do now Shore members left:2 good bye everyone enjoy the read -Delta
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