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Found 3 results

  1. MINECRAFT SERVER So I have realized we have a very untouched market of players in a specific community which is minecraft. so honestly crackshot idea having a minecraft server would be good
  2. Game Of Thrones Role-play Server. Used to operate a GOT Server, before it failed completely (Due to my lack of coding knowledge), but the concept and design brief was met with a large amount of people who were willing to join and dedicate time to playing a Game of Thrones server. The concept differed from Medieval RP, and swung more towards a time based month long campaign. Players would have the choice to join a specific faction + Class within that faction based on the current timeline and plot. The first month would be a massive scripted plot between Nights Watch and Wildlings (Somewhere near the beginning on Season 1) and would continue to evolve through that month to include all elements from the season. Due to this giant expectation and requirements from people, it was a difficult task and I lacked the resources and the knowledge to take it any further then Purchasing a Server, Setting up a Website, TS and a scattered community. If something like this were to be completed, a lot of attention would be caught internationally increasing the range of our community and our player base, in the initial first steps, there (I'm sure) would be many people interesting in supporting this project and playing and bringing people in once finally completed (If ever). I still have the complete concept available if this were to be discussed in future. (http://allservers.wixsite.com/gameofthronesrp)
  3. Hello, Recently myself & Trident have been thinking about making an ARK: Survival Evolved server and due to popular demand we've put one together. Details: Server name: [Imperial Gaming ARK] Annunaki, ORP + More IP: Gametype: PvPvE Map: The Island Rates: Taming, harvesting & XP multipliers are set to 2 Admins: Currently only myself & Trident have admin privileges, and that most likely will not be changing. Slots: Currently 30 (may be subject to change depending on popularity) Wipes: Within the next few days I will make a poll of how long wipes should be Password: There is no password on the server right now, a poll will be made about it within the next few days. Autosave is every 30 minutes so expect a small lag spike per interval Be sure to outfit your base with an ORP block to hopefully prevent offline raiders. Be warned that the difficulty it set to just above moderate, and it may be hard to start off. Mods: Annunaki Genesis (I recommend subscribing to this mod before joining the server as it is by far the largest) No collision check Advanced Architecture ORP (Offline Raid Protection) Dino Colors Plus Reusable Grappling Hook StackMeMore Pillars Plus Stackable Foundations And hopefully more to come! Any suggestions, bugs, or questions feel free to leave them here!
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