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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys,yes another forum post, but out of all seriousness this topic is not going to be a ming post or as you guys like to call it "a shit post". I really just wanted to compliment and express my highly satisfying as well as extremely enjoyable experience on Clone wars RP tonight. There were a number of events, and I must say, I was not disappointed at all with any of them. From fighting droids in multiple generated simulator terrains in the simulator room (Swamp/forest) to fighting waves of vicious flesh eating zombies during an outbreak event and defending an attack from mandalorians, the event masters stayed completely composed and well organised, allowing everyone on the server to have a great RP experience. All the players on the server also display great RP skills and demonstrate great characteristics of leadership and friendship. I am apart of the 21st nova corps clone troopers regiment and I can't explain enough how exceptional my fellow players are with characteristics of teamwork and friendship, from the commander (Bacara - Siege Monkey (a great leader i must say)) to even my fellow privates, they all put in 100% effort to ensure every player has a great experience on the Clone wars RP server. If you guys haven't checked out and visited the Clone wars RP server, I extremely recommend it! You will not be disappointed! Don't be put off by the servers moderate player population as everyone puts 100% effort in to enjoy themselves and have a great RP experience. Once again huge thank you to the event masters and all the CWRP stuff tonight, you all did an excellent job in my eyes, you guys have earn't my loyalty to the server and will defiantly see me regularly participating and visiting the server from this point forward. WELL DONE! Huge thank you Your now huge fan, Dwayne.
  2. What is your in game name: Parks Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:123069441 Play Time: I've had two accounts while being on this server, the one I use now is Parks, I switched over because I wanted to start a new steam account because my other one has technical difficulties and I think someone was trying to hack it. Parks Playtime: 2w 0d 20h / Old account Play time: 1w 4d 13h (Altogether: 3w 5d 9h) UPDATE: 4w 5d 5hrs Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/cheesequackbar2/ Have you used PAC before? I know the general basics of how to position, angle, create events, binds, and commands. But other than that I have been practicing different variations of clothing and utilities on player models that may not be too common. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph)?: I have been on the server for altogether around 9 or so months now, so I've been very loyal. I believe I am trusted by many people on the server because I treat all with respect. So I believe I've reached a level of trust within the community and the staff to have a level of trust to have and use the PAC 3 addon with no consequences. I fell like I'm experienced with PAC 3, just knowing the very basics, but I'm wishing to further my knowledge to sounds, animations and a variety of different full body costumes. I have been creating PAC's and sitting down for hours learning how to do certain things. So I agree I have the trust and knowledge to use PAC3 respectively on the server for RP reasons! Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph)?: I want PAC so I can create cool cosmetics and utilities to match a situation with the best expression of RP. Also, to give that extra personality to the actions and things that you do. Since I am at the moment a Navy Personnel, I have created an ear piece, a hologram on my hand, and a hologram projector on my left arm (Pictures Down Below). Which I believe fits well with my role on the server. Like I said, I only know the basics, and I'm beginning to learn how to create animations. For example, my hologram of Commander Cody (Down Below) has an animation like he's hovering and also turning around in a 360 degree. To be able to do these awesome variations, it brings a whole new flavour and enjoyment to RP. Why do you deserve PAC3 (1 Paragraph)?: I believe I deserve PAC3 because it is a very valuable add-on if put in the wrong hand's someone can abuse it. So you have to have a level of trust, which I believe I have with the community and staff on the server. I will not abuse PAC3 because I believe to be seen as loyal, trustworthy, friendly and someone to rely on. With the few coming days, I will be well aware of PAC3 and it's more advanced unique creations. I believe if I was given PAC3 I can help people and spread on my knowledge of how to use PAC3 so they can trust me even more. If i was to be given it, I would not abuse, keep my creations limited on one body to not lag people or the server and to obtain great RP in situations. PICTURES OF MY CREATIONS: Easy simple right shoulder cape and a neck cape that look really cool when you move around: A hologram projector on the left arm for a navy or trooper: Hand Hologram (The hologram spins) UPDATE: THIS IS A BIND THROUGH USING INVERTED EVENTS (Forgot to add) Easy simple ear piece for a navy. Robot Left arm for a trooper: This was my first ever creation, its not good, but It was just testing how to position things. (DONT JUDGE ) --- UPDATE: NEW CREATIONS Commander with his helmet off and holding it: This one was very interesting and fun to do as I experimented with some of the Star Wars models. The main part that you see, is actually Lord Malgus' respirator. Which I cropped, turned, coloured, angled, and merged with a gear to make it look like a brace around the neck for injury RP. Also I tilted my model's head up a bit to make it more realistic. Here is one of where the model is holstering a gun, (Not the Navy pistol, couldn't find it!!!) but it's looking as though he is having his right hand out ready to grab his gun and take aim, just in case I find myself in a threatening situation. (WILL BE UPDATED TO A BIND SOON, SO MY HAND WONT ALWAYS BE LIKE THAT) Thanks for the feedback guys! Hope you like these!!!
  3. So I know that regimental disrespect results in a perma-kill. Can we better place this into roleplay? Make it a public execution, but make it that the defendant must be killed by his soon to be ex-regiment and/or the offended regiment. It sounds more in line with what would happen if someone committed treason. I think it stings alot more if you get killed by your own reg or by who you offended rather than everyone online at the time. Anyone else like this idea?
  4. I have nothing against using the Star Destroyer as the main map for role play but it does begin to get bland after awhile. On one of the servers I played on they used RP_rishimoon_crimson which is a moon/planet base. It contains everything that the ship does and has more space. It might be a good alternative to use for a bit to change it up a bit. I looked it over and there are; 13 x Bunks 1 x Medical Bay 1 x Recruit Room (Initial Spawn) 6 x Large Training Rooms and 2 x Shooting Ranges 4 x Landing Pads and 4 x TIE Pads 2 x Hangers 1 x Training Battlefield The Main Building has a landing hanger, meeting room, brig, shock bunks off cells, briefing room. It has a control tower and reactor room (if all reactors are off the base goes dark). The upper level has 6 offices that could be used by MHC, ISB and Navy. The area in front typically is used for Debrief as there is lots of room. It has a lot of role play value. Regiments would be able to practice marching and simulate battles, it still gives the Navy and MHC stuff to do. The event possibilities are endless. On previous servers I have seen it Trade Ship style events, infiltration from rebels, power outages (finding reactor parts to fix reactors), Imperial Inspections. It would give the server somewhere to go if the ship is destroyed or a DEFCON 1 is called. Overall, it is the up to the staff if it happens or not but I think it personally would change it up even if it only lasted a week or two. I'll add pictures so let me know what you guys think. Is it worth it or not.
  5. Game Of Thrones Role-play Server. Used to operate a GOT Server, before it failed completely (Due to my lack of coding knowledge), but the concept and design brief was met with a large amount of people who were willing to join and dedicate time to playing a Game of Thrones server. The concept differed from Medieval RP, and swung more towards a time based month long campaign. Players would have the choice to join a specific faction + Class within that faction based on the current timeline and plot. The first month would be a massive scripted plot between Nights Watch and Wildlings (Somewhere near the beginning on Season 1) and would continue to evolve through that month to include all elements from the season. Due to this giant expectation and requirements from people, it was a difficult task and I lacked the resources and the knowledge to take it any further then Purchasing a Server, Setting up a Website, TS and a scattered community. If something like this were to be completed, a lot of attention would be caught internationally increasing the range of our community and our player base, in the initial first steps, there (I'm sure) would be many people interesting in supporting this project and playing and bringing people in once finally completed (If ever). I still have the complete concept available if this were to be discussed in future. (http://allservers.wixsite.com/gameofthronesrp)
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