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Found 8 results

  1. Steam Name: pinejack [PFD] Age: 17 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? I do have a microphone and I almost always use it. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80614652 In-game name and rank: I am currently going by the name Megan and I am a Private First Class in the Nova Troopers. Time Played: 03w 2d 05h 00m (as of 06.12.17) Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for the role of Event Master on the ImperialRP server once again as I would love to have a go at being staff another shot at being staff as an Event Master once again. I have held this position twice in the past (leaving both times due to inability to find time for the server due to real life issues or obligations). I believe that I am now able to successfully juggle my time between real life and time on the server (which can be seen by my activity) and I think that I could offer some fresh, new and exciting approaches to events both on and off the ship. I am applying for the staffing position as I have obviously fallen in love with the community and everyone who is a part of it (as seen by my time within the community, along with on the forums) and I am looking to further improve the quality of the server for those who play on it, along with making it more attractive for those who have never played the gamemode before but decide to give it a go. How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?: I believe that allowing me to be a part of the staff team, more specifically the Event Master Team, will allow me to greater enhance the roleplay experiences of the players on the server by running a large number of varied events both on and off the ship, along with more unique PassiveRP opportunities between scheduled events. Due to my various previous experiences, more specifically as an Event Master on the server, I have a greater idea of how events are meant to be run and how to run them properly, whether that be by allowing the event to go based off of the decisions of those members on the server, allowing more regiments to use their specialised skills correctly or in the right situations or to create more opportunities for the Sith to do whilst the troopers do something else completely different. As an Event Master, I would also be able to answer questions posed by members of the server and the community as a whole more effectively and efficiently, along with being able to aid those who require it. I would also try my best to run unique events with their own individual flair, whilst also having a continuous storyline like they used to back when the server was only a few months old. By doing this, I think that it would give a better sense of accomplishment for those who actively participate within all of my events as they can see where their hard work goes, opposed to it just being how it is now where it is done and dusted in an hour or two, never to be brought up again. Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: I have held a number of different staff ranks on numerous Garry's Mod servers which include: Moderation Team Australian Roleplay - HaloRP - Moderator Imperial Gaming - DarkRP - Senior Moderator Imperial Gaming - TTT - Admin Poseidon Servers - DarkRP - Moderator Events Team Imperial Gaming - ImperialRP - Senior Event Master Imperial Gaming - ImperialRP - Event Master The Sovereign Society - Imperial RP - Event Master Management Archemedes Gaming - Server Manager Archemedes Gaming - Community Manager Eclipse Gaming - SWTORRP - Community Manager Liquid Gaming - First Order RP - Server Manager UnlockedRP - DarkRP - Community Manager Development Ace Serious Roleplay - HogwartsRP - Developer Ace Serious Roleplay - Forums - Developer Archemedes Gaming - Galaxy at War - Head Developer Creative Gaming Life - CWRP - Developer Creative Gaming Life - DarkRP - Developer Earthbound Networks - CWRP - Developer Earthbound Networks - DarkRP - Developer Imperial Gaming - DarkRP - Developer Imperial Gaming - ImperialRP - Low-Grade Developer Imperial Gaming - TTT - Developer Prime Nation - PrisonRP - Developer TTRP - DarkRP - Developer UnlockedRP - PrisonRP - Developer Valiant Gaming - MedievalRP - Head Developer Xeonix Gaming - MilitaryRP - Developer Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: I only have one warning on my record from Cody on 17.09.2017 for disconnecting during an arrest when in reality, my internet dropped out which resulted in my dropping from the server, TeamSpeak, etc. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: As I have written earlier in the application, I think that I can make events more enjoyable on the server, whilst also attracting more players to the server, by offering fresh ideas (or those that are very old) that offer a great deal of flexibility and are more fluid than current events where the final result of the event is more determined by the actions of the troopers involved rather than being predetermined before the event even begins. I would also like to make my events have enough individuality whilst also maintaining a concurrent and eventful story arc (or arcs). I want to be able to create a timeline with my events as it would not only give some context from one event to another, but it would also create some ongoing roleplay opportunities such as a regimental commander growing to dislike certain characters who do things towards them or their troopers (make a nemesis). I believe that this would lead to better Commanders meetings before events as everyone present would have some kind of knowledge about or interactions with those involved on the opposing side. It would give more of a sense of progression and troopers would actually be able to see their hard work pay off over time as the arc (or arcs) progress with each coming day. It would also give a sense of wait as the troopers would know that they'd be attacking 'these' people on 'this' for whatever reason. Anything else you would like to add: The only thing that I can think of adding is my two previous application (linked below) along with the overall verdicts from the players from them. This is just for those who are curious or who would like to see my past applications. Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: Below are two events that I would like to run if I were to become an Event Master on the server. I will give a quick brief overview of the events here but you can find the full, detailed, event plan if you wish to read them below. The first event is an on ship event where the crew of the Star Destroyer comes across a debris field from a recent battle between the Black Sun and the Rebel Alliance, who wanted their Gozanti cruiser back which the Black Sun had stolen for the Empire just rotations earlier. The ship drops out of hyperspace on the edge of the debris field and moves in to investigate and see if anything of use could be found within the mangled wrecks of the starships. They would send out a party of troopers with thruster packs and space suits to search among the wreck for clues of what happened, or where the ships had come from. Whilst a crew is out searching the wrecks, the ship happens to bump into one of the pieces of debris, which was actually a damaged seismic detonator from one of the Black Sun ships. Due to the explosion, the party outside of the ship no longer have any way to get back into the Star Destroyer and only have a limited amount of time before their oxygen reserves run out. It is up to the troopers both in and outside the ship to work together and figure out a way to rescue them. Depending on how many bits of the wreckage the party searches and whether or not they make it back safely will determine how much extra information they will have for the next event. The second event would be an off-ship event following on from the previous event (seen above) where dependant on what information is gathered, the troopers would be deployed to one of three locations consisting of an old Rebel outpost, a Black Sun spaceport and a Ship Dockyard on a Backwater Moon. When the troopers arrive at one of the locations, they will be tasked with finding one of three objectives based on the location. If they are sent to the old Rebel outpost, they will be looking for an old navi-computer which hopefully has sets of coordinates from the ships previous jumps to be able to cross-reference with one recovered from the space battle to find the location of the Rebel shipyard. If they are sent to the Black Sun spaceport, they will be looking for five crates of various illegal and outlawed weapons which were being transported by one of the Black Sun ships which escaped the battle (discovered via cargo manifest from other ship). If they are sent to the Ship Dockyard on the Moon, the troopers must attempt to located and retrieve an undercover spy working for the port who has valuable information on where a giant kyber crystal is being housed by the Hutt Cartel. On the various planets, the troopers will face various obstacles depending on where they are, and if they fail, they will not be able to retrieve the information or goods that were required. If the party that was looking through the space debris was able to find multiple items of interest, then the crew of the ship may be sent to any number of the planets or locations seen above over the coming days, to be able to close in on the parties involved. I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading my application and I would like to ask you, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for me, please pm on the forums or on steam
  2. pinejack

    Little Quote Thread

    Greetings members of Imperial Gaming. I thought that I should come along and make an up to date thread with all of @Little5avage's glorious quotes that we all know and love. I will try my best to add dates to them but I cannot guarantee this. "This will make a fine collection to my saber." - Darth Vader receiving two lightsabers from some dead Jedi that were killed earlier that day. (30/11/17) "Everyone be quiet, you are hurting my noise!" - General Little yelling at the troopers on a mission where no one would shut up as they were trying to give out orders. (??/??/??) "Prophets, you do whatever prophets do." - Darth Vader during a Sith Meeting when allocating jobs out to the various Sith regiments. (30/11/17) "Bhwa, my English is failing me." - Little after having one of his verbal shit posts. (??/??/??) "You are no longer the dick sucker Edwards, you get your dick sucked" - Little when Edwards was promoted to Senior Event Master (??/??/??) "Tom, you take him. I know you can intergaregate him" - Darth Vader telling Tom to take a Jedi Padawan away for torture. (02/12/17) "Can someone who is less retarded pick this thing up for me?" - Little asking someone to center a cuff pin on the floor in front of him. (02/12/17) P.S. I will update this with more quotes as I remember them. If there are any that I have missed, feel free to PM me on the forums with them and I will add them here. Please do not comment on this post as it will quickly cause into a memey clusterfuck and will most likely result in the thread getting hidden and/or deleted.
  3. Steam Name: pinejack [PFD] Age: 17 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? Yes, and I use it regularly both in-game and on the TeamSpeak server. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80614652 In-game name and rank: I am currently the Commander of the Shadow Guards and am currently going by the name 'Freki'. Some of you may not know me by this name so here is a list of a few other names I've been in the past (in no particular order). ISB Secretary Pine ISB Director Krennic ISB Colonel Koltz Sabre Guard Captain Anubis Pilot Wing-Commander Falcon Inquisitor Pine Shadow Guard Captain Pine ISB Secretary Koltz ISB Special Agent Kallus Storm Marine Major Broadsword Time Played: I currently have around 02w 6d 00h 00m but since the server started I have around 07w 3d 00h 00m. Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for this position so that I may return to doing events for the players on the server. I believe that I have taken a long enough break from being staff on the server and am now back and ready to have a go at it once again. I believe that when I used to run events on the server, especially in the first few months of being Event Master earlier this year, that the players on the server really enjoyed the events and I wish to be able to do this once again. I have recently seen that the types of events that are being run are getting a little bit stale and I think that I would be able to add a bit more variety in events compared to the ones that are already being done on the server since, over the past few months, I have still been thinking of and writing up events for myself or others to use one day. How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?: I think that allowing me to be apart of the staff team once again will allow me to be able to run new, and exciting events for the players on the server, along with more PassiveRP opportunities on-ship that don't just involve shooting the attackers or capturing a rogue trooper. I think that I will also be able to help out more players that have any questions or concerns both during events and just normally on the server. With me being an event master again, I believe that I will be able to include more of a variety of players in events and utilize most, if not all regiments during my events so that no one is left out. Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: I have held various different staffing positions on a number of different servers as moderator/admin, event master and as a developer over the past two years. These servers include the following: Ace Serious Roleplay | HogwartsRP | Developer Ace Serious Roleplay | Forums | Developer Archemedes Gaming | Galaxy At War | Head Developer Archemedes Gaming | Galaxy At War | Server Manager Australian Roleplay | HaloRP | Moderator Creative Gaming Life | CWRP | Developer Creative Gaming Life | DarkRP | Developer Earthbound Networks | DarkRP | Developer Earthbound Networks | CWRP | Developer Imperial Gaming | DarkRP | Moderator Imperial Gaming | DarkRP | Developer Imperial Gaming | ImperialRP | Senior Event Master Imperial Gaming | ImperialRP | Event Master Imperial Gaming | ImperialRP | Low-Grade Developer Imperial Gaming | TTT | Admin Imperial Gaming | TTT | Developer Poseidon Servers | DarkRP | Moderator Prime Nation | PrisonRP | Developer TTRP | DarkRP | Developer The Sovereign Society | ImperialRP | Event Master UnlockedRP | DarkRP | Co-Owner UnlockedRP | PrisonRP | Developer Valiant Gaming | MedievalRP | Head Developer Xeonix Gaming | MilitaryRP | Developer Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans? If so, please list them: I only have one warning on record which was from a little over a month ago when I blew up a barrel in the Engine Room, which killed somebody that was running past it as it exploded. As I was being arrested, my internet cut out for around 2 minutes and my Garry's Mod disconnected from the server. I was then warned by Cody for "Disconnecting to Avoid Arrest" which was fair, although I did not do it on purpose. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: As written earlier in the application, I believe that I can make events more enjoyable for all players on the server (both normal players and event characters) by offering more opportunities for players to do things during the event. I also would like to start to make more flexible and fluid events where the event will play out based on the decisions of the players and commanders on the server. I would also like to make events a lot more fair and event for both sides to actually make it a challenge for both the Imperials and the enemies to win but allowing either of them to win. I would also like to have my events a continuous storyline so that if the Imperials win the event before, it would give them an advantage over the opposing force (could be extra intel on the enemy base or troops, more weapons, a tank, etc.) and vice versa. I would also like to run more on-going events such as this one that Gamma ran over a few weeks that involved a large number of regiments that all had some input and helped to solve the mystery. Anything else you would like to add: I am aware that I have just returned back from a two-week break from the server to focus on school and work, but I am back for good now and I thought that I should still post this anyway as they generally take a while to be processed. I am also going to note now that I will not be on the server in the last week of November as I have my exams then, but as of 01.12.2017, I begin my school holidays so I will be on the server much more frequently after that date. Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: Please find below two events that I would run if I were to become an Event Master. The first event is part I/II of a set of events, this one being the off-ship one. The second event is part II/II of the set of events being the on-ship event set right after the first one. The event arc's name is "Resilience" . 59c998d3c59dd_SebastianKoltzTransmissionLog.pdf Above is the message logs from some forum roleplay that I was running for most of the day yesterday. If I do actually become an Event Master, I would like to continue this storyline through several events that would explore the rest of the story and bring back a few other characters that older members of the community will remember. P.S - I thought that I would just repost my last application as it was denied due to me developing and managing another Garry's Mod server that never launched due to the owner not paying the bills P.P.S - Please don't post memes as responses to the application. This is an application and needs to be formal, serious and meme-free
  4. -= ATTENTION =- Royal Guard and Shadow Guard tryouts will be run tonight! If you believe you have what it takes, come on down. How it will work These trouts are primarily Royal Guard tryouts run by me, Commander of the Shadow Guard as the Commander of Royal Guard has given me his approval to run them. I will be testing your skills in both lightsaber and blaster combat, your ability to listen to and follow orders, your loyalty, your commitment along with a number of other things. In these tryouts, if I deem that your skills are up to par with those shown by the Royal Guards, you will be given a placing within the Royal Guards, which will be doing a private initiation promptly after the tryouts. If I deem that your skills are above and beyond the expectation, along with being found to be force sensitive, you will be allowed to join the Shadow Guard, which too will be holding a private initiation promptly after the tryouts. If your skills are found to be on par with those of the Royal Guards or Shadow Guards, but your skills with the lightsaber are not, you will be recommended by myself personally to the Royal Stormtrooper Corps, which specialise in blaster combat. Expectations When attending the Royal Guard / Shadow Guard tryouts, there are a number of expectations that are to be followed, else you risk expulsion from the tryouts. If you attend the tryouts, I am expecting you to be on your best behavior. If you are caught minging, breaking the rules (ie speaking when PTS is active), being disrespectful or disobeying orders, you will be kicked out of the tryouts and placed on a blacklist from both regiments for an undetermined amount of time. At this current time, there will be no ingame rank, level or time required to attend the tryouts as we are looking at all those on the server who would like to join, but may not be a high rank which would otherwise exclude them from these tryouts. Loadouts, Uniforms, and Rules If and when you are accepted into either the Royal Guards or Shadow Guards you will be given a lightsaber pike to use to uphold your duties. The Royal Guards are non-force sensitives, therefore they ARE NOT allowed to use force powers. They may, however, use the deflection ability within the lightsaber (holding ALT) as this is a skill. The Shadow Guards are force sensitives, therefore they ARE allowed to use force powers which include Force Leap, Force Repulse, Saber Throw and Force Heal. There are other force powers that can be learned but these are only under certain circumstances (ie winning a Sith tournament). The Royal Guards have access to two sets of armour, which are to be worn at certain times. The first set of armour is their standard, battle armour, which gives superior protection compared to their other set of armour. Their second set of armour is the ceremonial robes, which are only worn during certain occasions, which offers less protection than their other armour. TheShadow Guards also have access to these two sets of armour, but their colours are inverted so instead of red armour with a black visor, their armour is black with a red visor. This armour gives access to another ability of the Shadow Guards, which is their shadow cloak. As a member of both the Royal Guards and Shadow Guards, you are sworn into an oath of silence, which means that you may not speak under any circumstances, and if you do, you risk expulsion from the orders via execution. Both guards are extremely disciplined so if you are found to be breaking any of the rules within them, you may also risk expulsion via execution (rules will be told to those who make it in). I am looking forward to seeing all of your at these tryouts tonight, and I wish you all the best of luck.
  5. It's that time again everyone, but this time it will be a little different. Every hour today, I will be spinning a random wheel with every regiment on the server. If your regiment is selected, I will then spin a wheel with the names of everyone within your regiment and whoever's name it lands on will receive a free game. For the grand prize of the giveaway, I will be doing a spinner with the names of every person who has commented on this thread before 6:30pm AEDT today. Find below the list of games that have been given out so far. $29.99 :: $19.99 :: Inferno Squad $14.99 :: 212th $14.99 :: Incinerator $14.99 :: Vader's Fist $14.99 :: MHC $14.99 :: SCAR $9.99 :: Deathtroopers $7.99 :: Imperial Commandos $5.99 :: Royal Storm Troopers
  6. pinejack

    Steam Game Giveaway #3

    Greetings members of Imperial Gaming. Once again I will be doing my amazing steam game giveaways. This time, due to me deleting the names associated with the games, I have no idea what any of the games are so sorry in advance if they are shitty games like Fidget Spinner Simulator 2017 or something like that I will be posted the games over the course of the day so make sure you keep an eye on this thread.
  7. Hello to everyone reading this. Recently there has been a large number of applications for both staff and PAC3 for the Imperial Roleplay server that I have wanted to talk about due to a large number of issues within the applications themselves. The first major issue that I have seen is people posting staff applications as a "funny joke" or because "they said to submit an application at debrief". A staff application is not a joking matter and should only be made by those who are actually wanting to apply for the position properly. It is true that the Imperial Roleplay team is looking to expand, but this does not mean that every player on the server has to put in an application just because they can. These is extremely rude and disrespectful to those who are actually, legitimately, applying for staff as it takes the attention away from their applications as everyone else is too busy reading your shitty application and responding to it instead of looking at the proper ones. The second major issue that I wanted to bring up was the fact that a large percentage of recent applications have been made where the applicant has written, in their application, that they do not believe that they are really good enough to actually get the staffing position whether that is because they have had a mingey past, because they haven't put more than five minutes into the application, haven't even had the time to answer all of the questions within the application template properly or because they are too young, immature or have a low playtime. For a player to submit a staff application, they should truly believe in themselves and they should only post it if they think that they have a good chance at actually succeeding in getting the position. I am tired of seeing shitty ten minute applications for trial moderator when the application has written down one to two sentences per question, puts down "valid" prior staffing positions *cough* minecraft *cough* and then at the end of the application write something along the lines of "I don't think that this application will be accepted but I thought that I may as well give it a go". NO, if you do not think that will be accepted then do us all a favour and click that red 'x' button at the top right hand corner of your screen and close your web browser. I am more than certain that posting one of these kinds of applications is only going to fuck up your reputation and your image on the server, rather than actually help it. The third major issue I see, and this is mainly for the Event Master applications, is can applicants actually put more than five minutes into an event and come up with new and unique ideas. I personally and sick and tired of reading applications that have one of the following, stock standard, unimaginative, shitty events. Imperial troops head down to *insert name* to go and hunt the Rebel Forces *insert name* attack the Star Destroyer Undercover *insert name* attack the Star Destroyer Imperial troops head down to *insert name* to track down *insert name* The Star Destroyer is damage and crashes into *insert name*, where the survivors are then attacked by *insert name* These kinds of event ideas have no originality, and if you can not come up with something that isn't one of these five event ideas, you do not deserve to become an Event Master. The only thing that I have seen recently that is worse than one of these five plot points, is someone, on an EVENT MASTER application, stating that they cannot come up with any events at the moment and that if you want some ideas of the events I will run, to go and speak to them in-game. NO, this is not on either. The point of the "write two events that you will run if you get the position" is to allow the community to see easily and clearly what kind of events you are going to run and how you will run them. Events take time to write up, I would know as I was Event Master for at least 5 months. The more detailed you can make your events in your Event Master application, the higher chance you will have for it being accepted. The fourth major issue I have seen in recent times is applicants not proof reading their applications, which would cut down on the number of spelling and grammatical errors, along with making sure that someone else can actually read your application. These things can be as simple as putting full stops and commas down in the correct places, using capital letters in the correct way And Not Typing Your Application Like This, knowing the difference between words such as to, too and two and there, their and they're. I am also tired of seeing lower case I's throughout peoples applications where is should be an upper case. It is these little things that can make or break your application, because people will pick up on it. If you are unable to structure a simple sentence together, you are in so way, shape or form ready to be a staff member on the server. There are also a few smaller issues that I wanted to bring up. When it says "If you have been staff on previous servers, please list them", it is talking about Garry's Mod servers. Things like Minecraft or Roblox staffing experience doesn't matter one bit here due to the nature of the game. Games like ARMA III or serious roleplay games could, however, matter due to the similarities between the server and them (such as being staff on a well-known ARMA III Life server, as it shows that you are mature and can roleplay well). The last minor issue I wanted to bring up was players on the server deciding to post staff applications after they have either been recently warned, banned or unbanned. If you have been warned on the server recently for a valid reason, it means that another staff member has decided that you do not know the rules of the server well enough and that they need to inform other staff members that you do not know this rule and that you have broken it, so if you do it again in the future, they will know. If you have been recently banned on the server it means that the staff members on the server saw it fit to restrict your ability to play on the server as you have broken the rules too many times or have done something completely in the wrong. If you have been recently unbanned, there is a one-month restriction placed upon you that does not allow you to apply for any position within the community whether that be a moderator, event master or for PAC3 access. You being unbanned was because the higher staff members have decided that you have deserved a second chance to play on the server. In saying this, that does not mean that you can apply for a position the moment you can, one month later. It takes time to build back up your reputation within the community. To those who have actually read this far, thank you. Hopefully, I have addressed all of the issues with recent applications and that this should begin to limit these things in future applications. Have a great day
  8. pinejack