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Found 6 results

  1. Hey just wanted to showcase what we have built in Navy so far. Members of our Group include: Verstappen, Fred, Twist, Moey, Kippy, Emerald, Fizzy, Stuba, Renegade, Pickle, Bill and some more. I am running Shaders on this with Extreme setting on.
  2. Hello All for those who don't know I am Lachlan The Commanding Officer of the Naval Regiment [Just navy! not Pilots and not engineers] Navy is a Passive RP Regiment we Pilot the Star Destroyer, keep the Star Destroyer running and Operational, granting Pilots for take-off/Landings, Hyperspace the Star Destroyer to and from Missions and a lot more so Join Today! We Will be conducting tryouts tonight at 8PM QLD Time If you wish to tryout FIRST YOU MUST FILL THIS FORUM OUT!: https://goo.gl/forms/ZYVlFnYCLppBAaBj2 NO FORM = NO INTERVIEW! after you have filled the forum out I will call navy tryouts at the Bridge though Comms at 8PM QLD Time on the 4/5/2018. this will be the interview stage of the tryout Kind Regards, Lachlan
  3. It seems that making one of these gets more important as every day goes My name is Marv And I "Do Navy Stuff" - Lepaul The Things I'm Known For: -That Guys Who Says He Can Fly a TIE But He's Actually Quite Bad -That Guy Who Has a Severe Phobia Of A-Wings Flying Near the Control Bridge -Being Some Navy Guy
  4. For all those enquiring please find the link below for the tryouts. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNDOJb-5_KohjBNKCpUY4SLgbfkKQ1Rhozft8jQXgStSxyMw/viewform Applicants will then be shortlisted and interviewed at a later date. Applications close 5pm AEDT Sunday 19th November 2017. Any further questions can be directed to Navy Personnel or listed below.
  5. Just a quick thanks to Navy for a wonderful journey as a junior crewman - Master chief. As some already know i am now a officer cadet (Thanks @Whitey) Being in navy was greatbut i lost interest in rp so i wanted to join a new reg so i joined st's. So i will say this for the last time, !!This is Naval Master Chief Dracks signing off!! @Qteks @TOOTHLOOS @Diamond @Twinkie @Cody @*demonic possession* @tom12126 ? @Emerald
  6. I was just browsing the workshop and came across these and I think that these would be AMAZING to add to the server for roleplay.
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