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Found 2 results

  1. Thank you all for answering this Poll, this will be used to help the ISB improve the security on the Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD).
  2. Alright, so in light of various developments and complaints, MHC is once again looking for secretaries and receptionists to help out around the joint. There's going to be a similar tryout/application process as before, put in an app, do a meeting with me or another member of MHC, get told whether you made it or not. Unlike the previous around of applications though, no previous applicants will be put into consideration unless they apply again. Make sure that you also list what job you want to apply for as there are only 2 receptionist slots and 1 secretary slot. Fill out everything on the application. Put your applications below, the generals will have a look at them (as well as the current members of MHC administration) and that's all I can say for now. Application setup: What is your Steam display name?: What is your current in-game rank and regiment?: How much time have you spent on the server?: How active are you in-game and on the forums?: Do you have any kicks, warnings or bans?: Which job do you want to apply for?: What do you know about Military High Command?: Have you been the commanding officer or acting commanding officer of a regiment or organisation previously?: In your opinion/experience, what is a MHC Secretary/Receptionist and what do they do?: How will being a part of Military High Command benefit us and you?: How good are you at typing?: Do you know how to work a Google Sheets spreadsheet?: What previous experience have you had in an administrative role such as or similar to a secretary?: How much do you pay attention to the in-game chat window?: How serious of a roleplayer are you?: Do you understand/accept that, as a MHC Secretary/Receptionist, you will be undertaking mainly a administrative role and not a combat role?: Do you understand/accept that, as a MHC Secretary/Receptionist, you may not talk about private MHC affairs with any other unauthorised person or organisation?: Do you understand/accept that, as a MHC Secretary/Receptionist, you will undertake the responsibilities of (to some regard) running the Star Destroyer and Imperial Military and bear the consequences of any failures?: --- ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE 22/1/18. SUBMISSIONS THAT ARE LATE, NOT WELL DETAILED OR NOT SERIOUS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Look at this sheet to get the hang of the command structure in the MHC administration team: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S1OeqNXDdbneUKF0ZTp2tHxfCkpObDV4RlEfoW1J7gc/edit?usp=sharing Good luck Stevo.
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