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Found 6 results

  1. The other night AWR and the inquisitorius went head to head in this heart wrenching stand off which ended with the deaths of some of the Empires greatest minds sadly... Thought this was a funny clip that the rest of the community would also enjoy.
  2. I have some improvements that can be made to the security on the star destroyer. 1. All checkpoints receive a TV at them. This will make guards be less bored as they can play music and videos. This will also make it so that all checkpoints will have guards if people do not see it as a boring experience instead of doing Rp. I know from my time in the 442nd that guarding was painful to do. These tv's will ease that pain and will get people to guard the lower traffic areas (ISB, Brig, Engine room). 2. All Defense regiments must be in either the server teamspeak or a private discord server. This will also help with guarding as people can talk to each other, play music on discord and enjoy themselves while checking id's. I know that the 442nd had (key word is had) a private discord server and that helped immensely while guarding. We were playing music, listening to podcasts and talking to each other without a single noise in game. 3. The brig is to be taken off the list of guarding locations. If the tv plan fails I request that we remove the brig from the guarding locations, with the exemptions of inspections and someone is inside the cells. We could also make it sot hat the vent system goes into the brig, adding an extra layer of needed security and fun for the st's trying to break each other out. Those are my ideas, please tell me what you think of them. -ISB Constable Rommel Edit 1 - Removed the request to get rig of id scanners at the brig after reader Shock Captain Gatsby response edit 2 - Relise that request 3 and 1 are stupid. Still sticking to 2 though
  3. Thank you all for answering this Poll, this will be used to help the ISB improve the security on the Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD).
  4. PROPERTY OF THE IMPERIAL SECURITY BUREAU -- level 6 Clearance Required / ISB access required -- Start of transmission - Name: Ralla (Junior) Darkus Race: Human Siblings: Sanchez Darkus Parents: Ralla (Senior) Darkus & Arya Darkus Gender: Male Rank: Operative, ISB - End of Transmission LOCKED AWAY IN THE IMPERIAL SECURITY BUREAU DATABASE
  5. MedicalDX-19D1

    ISB Face

    Ramirez face is so messed up Garry's Mod 10_11_2017 8_51_36 PM.mp4
  6. Hello, I am Yeezie, Yeezie i am. ISB am i, Rank Agent you know? I have two phase, oh yes i do, meme and Serious RPer, is those two phases i have. I switch continuously, and get myself killed. That is ok, but i am also quite skilled. In all seriousness, my name is Yeezie, Imperial Gaming/Imperial RP is my first ever RP server i have EVER joined and i didn't quite get it at the start, i got the reputation of "Minge" for not knowing what i was doing even though nobody told me in person until like 3 months afterwards when i wasn't a minge no more (Thanks Pinejack i really appreciate it) but after a couple days on the server i started getting the hang of it and now look where i am, 2 weeks in, ISB Agent, equal rank of Captain, outranking some people i looked up to, serving closely to Krennic second and the Emporer First. Making friends with many people on the server. I could not have asked for a better (Or more toxic) community than this one. Thank you all.
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