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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone! I realize after being apart of this community for so many years (Made this account back in 2017) I had never properly introduced myself. Alot of people refer to me as just Nate for short, I like to see myself as a "positive" person just wanting to have fun and do lot for this community, I still recall the time when I first joined around 2017, back when Chimera Squad, Shadow Troopers, Stalker Troopers and Royal Storm troopers were a thing, good times, but even now this server is one of the most active AUSTRALIAN servers, I've been on. I wouldn't lie, trying to come up things with what to talk about in my introduction is pretty out there. There's alot of things I'd love to tell you all who may know me or not I'm just at the end of the day, extremely happy to be apart of this amazing community, watching this community grow along side me though the pros and cons. I am extremely thankful to be apart of this community. Some things I do enjoy doing, is like playing VRChat (Like RP groups and what not), GMOD RP and Singleplayer, Listening to music, playing a very few RTS games (only against AI because i'm dog shit against players) like Star Wars Empire at War, XCOM 2, etc. If you guys got any questions, do tell me in the comments of this introduction, i'd be more then enough to answer. Within reason might I add. Best regards - Nate (Loyalist)
  2. Hey everyone! For those of you who don't know me my names Taki and I'm currently a Lieutenant in Storm Commandos on the Imperial Server. You may have seen me in the talent show when a couple of my friends and I performed the Bikey Boys performance. Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I'm on the forums! Hope to see you all in-game. just ignore the image, I don't know how to get rid of it
  3. Donsly

    I'm back

    Most of you probably don't remember me, but for those who do I just wanted to say that I'm back from my year long hiatus If anyone had any issues or disagreements with me I hope that they can be sorted out peacefully. Happy New Year!
  4. Hello, nice to meet you all, I'm {W} 1312 - 'Acab' in-game. IRL name is [REDACTED] and I'm a sweet innocent boy. Still pretty new to the server but hustling hard, so keep an eye out for me. Into that big RP so catch me being THICC serious a large majority of the time. I'm a pretty good Climb SWEP user and on-the-spot RPer, if I do say so myself - not that anyone asked - so if you want some tips, I'd humbly offer them. On top of that I have about 1800+ hrs in SWRP across both Clone Wars and Imperial gamemodes, so I know what's up. In my spare time on GMod, I make cinematic screenshots (like the one in my signature), open to requests if I like you I guess lol. This community seems pretty good, and at least on the surface, not super gross and full of shitty people (politically and attitude-wise) so I hope to stick around for a decent while. Anyway, I look forward to playing/RPing with you all. xoxo, Acab
  5. Hello everyone I am Ana. I am of the female race and am entirely new to Star Wars RP. This means I'm a total noob but have good intentions to rise through the ranks. If you see me ingame be sure to tell me what I'm doing wrong cause I'm sure it will be something. I would also like to put a special mention to Jump Troopers one and all for being so helpful in training me up and showing me what RP is all about! (Heres looking at you planz)
  6. Hey there! Some of you might already know me or have seen me in-game. If not, I'm Nick, I like playing RP's and enjoy starwars, especially this Imperial Gaming Starwars RP server. I've been playing on Imperial Gaming for around 2 weeks now, and I have to say I really enjoy it. I am a sergeant apart of the 996th Imperial Guard regiment, and I really enjoy playing as event characters. I hope to see some of you around!
  7. I'm surprised I haven't done one of these yet, but better late than never. Hey folks, you may know me as Donsly, currently I'm commander of shock, so if you see me around, feel free to say hi to me I guess. /me waves to everybody
  8. Hey everyone, Some on the server already know of me, I tend to try to sound like a storm trooper with my mates. Kinda been chilling on and off of the community since December 2016, when the whole thing came out, and decided I'd prefer to actually invest more time into the community, considering it's lasted longer than other servers, which shows a different level of dedication imo. So here I am, if anyone wants a hand with storm trooper filters, gimme a shout, and I'll help you out.
  9. Hello everyone my name is Spook, some of you might know me as King. I used to play Imperial all the way back in april and now have recently gotten back into playing the server again. I just recently got into prophets (today) and I am looking forward to become more involved in the Imperial Gaming Community -Spook =)
  10. Some small little lore background Hello Troopers & Members of the community I bring you some very bad news about Shore; Commander Wiles & Master Sergeant Towns (2nd In Charge) were in a devastating crash whilst travelling back to Scarif for their rotation, Luckily Commander Wiles did survive but with serious injuries. They served us very well even though they made mistakes they stood strong. My name is Garr Tatham I was the Head-Advisor for shore and worked alongside Director Krennic, I found it my duty to take a 4-day journey to the Star Destroyer to help Shore rebuild. For the first couple months, I will be working as a Naval Personel so I can grasp an understanding of the new lifestyle. After that, I will let my destiny take its route. I'd like to give a big thank you to the Grand Admiral for letting me stay on the Star Destroyer. Thank You - Garr Tatham // Shore Advisor
  11. Hi everybody. So im Dax. Known for incenerator commander, Talon comander, Gideon Hask for a little and now ISB Operative. Im a chef by trade but kid at heart so ill be that 80 year old gamer u see on the news some days dont you worry. Love to RP but cant help but just chill and meme with ya'all sometimes. So a big hello to everyone and hope to interogate you sometime soon. Signed, Dax
  12. Hello, I'm Blaze and I am from Sydney, Australia. Star Wars has been one of my passions for a while and I have enjoyed playing Star Wars RP. Video games is one of my favourite pastimes and combining Star Wars and gaming has so far led to entertaining weekends. Also, I'm a cat person I am hearing impaired so if I struggle to hear you when you use mic, this is why. Hope to have fun with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Priest


    Hello to you all, I am Priest. I have been playing Star Wars RP for quite a while now but I have only recently started to play the Imperial side as before I played during the Clone War era. I reached the rank of Commander for the previous server for a good period of time but I had to start studying so I took a break and resigned my rank. Now that I no longer need to study and that the holiday break is coming up I decided to start again but this time on a Imperial server. I was happy to find that this server takes RP seriously with a no minge policy. I hope once again to reach the rank of Commander and possibly revive a dead regiment. I have just over 1,700 hours on Garry's Mod and I expect it to get a lot bigger by the end of the year so I hope to see you all on the server. If you wish to add me for whatever reason here is my Steam Account - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vilroice/
  14. I'm Nox, I'm a Pilot, former SG, and former former RST back when i had my player name set to Jellal. I'm sure you have all seen me around waving and bowing gently, I'm a pretty friendly dude, so if you wanna chat about anything just chuck me a pm.
  15. Hello, Have been on server for awhile just felt like introducing myself. Forgot my password to forums months ago and only just bothered to reset it. IG: Pluto
  16. Hello, my name is Morgan and two days ago I found your Imperial RP server and I've been playing there ever since. I'm 15 from California in the United States of America which is a pain since the only time the server is populated is at like 11:00 PM for me. So far I really enjoy this community and look forward to seeing what it has to offer. People who don't know who I am, I'm Navy Junior Crewman Morgan. I was also the guy who tractor beamed the drop pod onto the ship releasing an infection and killing half of the ship.
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