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Found 3 results

  1. Imperial RP Server Update As most of you may already know, the Imperial RP server will be going through a timeline progression to Endor, then a regression. The Imperial Gaming Leadership Team would like to announce our desired direction for the Imperial RP server, along with collecting votes on an Army Structure. The server has had it's it's fair share of ups and downs, most certainly, all communities eventually do. TLDR: Areas being looked into, changed and updated and the general direction of the Imperial RP server. Community & Server Rules, Player Bans, Army Changes, Army Structure, Timeline, Lore Characters, Regiments & Donations, Loadouts, Armoury, Pointshop, Economy overhaul, Clearance Tests, Community & Server Rules Server rules will be receiving an update, changes will be announced when they are ready. Player Bans All active bans not considered severe or missing meta data will be looked into for pardoning. Army Changes For a while now there have been many concerns regarding the way the army is structured. So it has been decided that we will present the community with a choice for the army structure. The regiments you may see listed in the structures are mere examples of what regiments could fit those positions. The presence or absence of any regiments or groups on any of the structures does not definitively mean they are being added or removed in or from the positions they are listed as. If anyone has any structure proposals of their own, they are more than welcome to submit it. A reminder these are just examples, and that all regiments regardless of current or future structures can have regiments replaced. Army Structures - Vote Poll Options NOTE: REGIMENTS LISTED ARE PLACEHOLDERS AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. EACH OPTIONS OFFERS SWAPABLE REGIMENTS. Timeline Regression After the timeline progression has concluded, the timeline will be regressed to 18 BBY (1 year after the clone war). With the timeline change, it presents the opportunity to explore a different era for the IG Community. A few regiments will experience quite the drastic change in what they have access to and opens up the opportunity to introduce a range of Clone wars & Imperial era content. The Imperial Starfighter Corps & potential Army regiments are some examples that will experience quite the change of scenery. We will be taking part in The Western Reaches Operation which was a campaign launched by the Empire around to drive out the holdout forces of the Separatists from the Western Reaches. Lore Characters With the timeline reversion there will also be the possibility of Lore Characters once again, however I would like to clarify that Lore Characters still do require approval of Management to play. (does not include specific lore character positions that are pre-established roles) Examples of lore characters being, Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Lord Vader, Vice Admiral Rampart, Crosshair, Lieutenant Commander Orson Callan Krennic, General Romodi, CC-2224 'Cody', CC-3636 'Wolffe', RC-1138 'Boss', RC-1140 'Fixer', RC-1262 'Scorch', and RC-1207 'Sev'. Most lore characters will be optional to play with approval, some like Lord Vader and Moff Tarkin may however, be required. With the example names above, there isn't any guarantee that all will be played at any given time, if Imperial Commandos for example wanted to become Delta Squad, more specifically. The best direction in regards to regiments or characters existing is likely to develop our own lore for them, regardless of what the Bad Batch might set up for them. Regiments As the structures may vaguely imply, we're opening up a wider range of regimental choices. Some regiments, typically being the core regiment may have a fixed name depending. i.e. Wolfpack will go by the 104th Battalion 'Wolfpack'. Some regiments will be fixed in place i.e Shock Division, while others can be swapped or replaced, 'Wolfpack' for instance. Ideally, regiments are aimed to not take away the unique aspects of another regiment. A reminder that an absence or presence of a regiment doesn't guarantee it'll be there. As for Commanding Positions or Donating for them, attached or non-core regiments will likely be donatable or application {depending}. Pre-requisites surrounding donations will be stated on the store page & in a donation T&C document. Some examples of regimental possibilities or structures here: ➤ [IG] Regiment & Group Examples Introducing New Capacities/Regiments To answer everyone's likely question, not all regiments will be available at once, but we will expand the army's capacities for when there is need. We'll also establish regiments for those willing to take up positions while also being able to introduce players from outside the existing pop. (to fill up 60-70% of regiment capacities) i.e. returning or new players. Loadout Customisations, Armoury Rework & Pointshop (Weapons, Equipment, Health etc) Lately there has been consideration into expanding what types of customisation we give to regiments. With the timeline reversion we're likely to drop down health values across the board while officer regiments take drastic impacts, likely aiming around 100-150 max class HP depending on other variables we'll look into changing. In addition to Loadout Customisations, planning of an armoury rework has already begun and is aimed to be fair and balanced costs. However the desired direction for the Armoury must first have a heavy change towards the Pointshop. The end goal for a complete overhaul of the Armoury system is to move away from the pointshop entirely as to put more emphasis and use towards a better economy focused system with the armoury. Prices will be adjusted, they're not likely to be perfect to begin with but we aim to have what you purchased, be worth the value. Economy Overhaul The Imperial banks have most definitely been overwhelmed with credits. Upon a timeline regression there will be an economy reset, we're likely to sharply decrease everyone's credits and audit the database more often. With this, methods of earning credits will also be adjusted to account for a fixed economy and price adjustments. The main reason behind the overhaul is to improve the experience with new or returning players so everyone can have an equal and fair chance at gains. Currently everything is is extremely overpriced to match the current credit values of the general player base. The Economy overhaul and reset will ideally coincide with the pointshop change. Special Event weapons will remain on the pointshop. Ranks & Promotions There will be a renewed effort into ensuring that people are understanding of their positions and are capable of their role. The majority of the proposed structures cuts quite hard on High Command slots, so we'll be returning power towards Commanders to lead their regiments. High Command slots will likely be looked into universally if a structure is voted upon. Being engaging and involved will have more guarantee for promotions over sitting in a position long enough. Rank Structure Change We'll be reducing the amount of existing ranks and promotion times for ranks across the board. Here is an example of the cutdown. Roughly (6-7) Ranks. (Probably more) TFA Overhaul & Content Culling For a while now @FireCup has been working on the TFA overhaul for every single gun. The TFA Overhaul is in it's last phase which is the process of editing over 170 sweps with multiple values per file. In addition to the TFA Overhaul Fire has been cutting down on duplicate, old and unnecessary content to improve or replace for performance. Overall, I'd like to give appreciation to members, staff, retirees and developers for their current efforts to help improve the server. Oh yeah, Jman's probably taking Tarkin, if anyone plays krennic they're probably going to be bullied by Tarkin, good luck.
  2. Hello Everyone, For those who do not know me, my name is Cody. I am/was the Server Manager, Assistant Manager and now Admin for the Imperial Gaming - Imperial RP server. I love meeting all the new and old people in the community. So never feel afraid to say hello. I would love to meet you all! I look forward to seeing you around and doing my very best to help continue to make this gaming community one of the leading ones in the world. Kind Regards, Cody
  3. Star Wars: Imperial Propaganda Posters This would make the ship a way more immersive and interesting atmosphere rather then just walking around the ship with constant boring metal walls. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=763998519&searchtext=imperial
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