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Found 8 results

  1. Hey. I was just wondering what everyone has set as their desktop wallpaper. Mine is currently the one below.
  2. Steam Name: [IG] MrDoctorV5 Age: 17 Years Old Steam ID: User ID: 76561198102403186 STEAM_0:0:71068729 In Game Name and Rank: Current Regiment Role: ISB Acting Agent [•] Kallus Previous Regiment Role: Navy Engineer Apprentice Sherlock/Vicktor Sith Marauder Novice Slargg [Trandoshan] Royal Representative Gallius Rax Droid V3 , Royal Representative Gallius Rax Droid V2, Royal Representative Gallius Rax Droid V1, Bossk, Boba Fett, Cad Bane, Bossk, 31st Demolition Commander Spartan, Medical Surgeon Droid, KX-Series Security Droid Joker Shore Trooper Lance Corporal Joker, ISB Agent [•] Kallus, Time Played (Server Time): 03Weeks | 6Days | 08Hours | 46Minutes | 11Seconds Total Garry's Mod In game record 1,651hrs Overall In game server rank: 76 almost to 77 Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): I have 0 warnings, No kicks or bans Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): Artic Gaming NovaGaming RP Why are you applying to be an event master: The reason I am applying for this position for becoming a event master is that I been with imperial gaming community for now 6 months from now and I would like to enhance the RP experience in events and feel the immersion roaming around the players during events making and making feel involved into events, making them feel like their are actually in the world of star wars and feel involved, I would also like to make events more entertaining on the server not only for the players that plays as assault class who runs into battle getting them self killed in combat over and over again, but I'll also give them responsibilities to taking orders from Navy, Generals and ISB, I also have been making local mini events that I create such as my role or as a Trandoshan character as Bossk I don't know If I make good local mini events that depends on the situation playing a role as a Trandoshan role, but really If I do become a Event Master I can bring a lot of help for the team and would definitely not abuse my powers at any ways means necessary. What can you bring to the event master team: What I believe If becoming a event master team, Is that I can be very useful and helpful to the staff team, and would not leave them to do them self, Im very active 24/7 till 9AM - 3AM on the server and I also assist many EM or other TM/MD/AD I wont be letting them down at all, I can bring the EM team so much help that they will need in the future What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people: What I'm willing to do is make sure all players on the server are involved in events so their not left out at all, I believe that If Im in every event I can It more realistic and assist event masters, Like for instance TACKXO (ShoutOut) when he was playing the role of Admiral XO on map Gm_spoon when his using voice comms was still active everyone can hear it and he made a sound board where I ignite my lightsaber in the background which sounds awesome and striking him but he does the funniest death grunt, but Im willing to make more similar but better at it like much more better and life like star wars fantasy world event feeling the immersion flowing into them, but Im not just wanting just immersion its about the role playing and situation not letting be out of events I want them to involved everyone in the event should be involved and not just doing the Trandoshan voice or doing a generic event what Im looking for is intense event but also other things to try such as passiveRP. Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: I know some basics ulx commands such as, but for other things no I do not but I wish to learn some from experienced event masters. healths,weapon,models ect ect... Anything else you would like to add: Nope not at all. Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible Event Idea 1: Map: rp_kashyyyk_jugnle_b2 Plot Line: Wookies, on their home lands Kashyyyk and have stolen large units of Imperial heavy weapons supplies from a imperial large shuttle Freighter that landed on kashyyyk and this can be very valuable for the empire for the attack battalion then we plan to attack and take back whats our empire weapons supply units for our own use for war of the rebelion attack. Once we take our supplies back from kashyyyk after killing the wookies the empire fleet will arrive in and collect the heavy weapons supplies and return back to the star destroyer after we terminate all Wookies on kashyyyk around the areas. Charcters & NPC: 5-6 Players as Wookies and 1-2 Saber_wielders Wookies and also Wookie's NPCs Phase 1: The troopers will land on the landing pad on kashyyyk and push up to the elevator and then down to the first base that has been taken over by Wookies. heavily fortified defensive system and loaded with heavy Imperial weapons supplies which Wookies have already have stolen the supplies from the freighter, so this may take some troopers to push through the first base and taking over their outpost, and taking them hostage. Phase 2: Once we take over the wookie outpost in the first base which we took over after the Wookies were defending it, Navy engineers will set up a supply cage (dont know what its called again) In the base, and once that set up troopers will be ordered to push up and retrieve the stolen imperial weapons supply. It will be a dangerous push since they have rockets and heavy weapons supplies that's been stolen from the Imperial freighter, now the troopers will push up slowly when defensive puts up then they will be covered and be easy to push up to take over the other outpost that have the imperial supplies. Phase 3: As troopers start getting closer to the other outpost that the wookies have they will see a imperial freighter shuttle with 7-10 cargo crates (metals ones). then the troopers will be ordered by the higher ups Generals, Navy or ISB either one of them to secure the area of the cargo supplies and capture all unarmed wookies that instead to flee or surrend, After a few minutes later after gathering the cargo their will be wookies attacking beind from the top or bottom (both) start to spawn to attack the troopers but they will have to defend the area till reinforcements comes in to defend them. Once all Wookies have been terminated after reinforcements arrive, all troopers will have to return to base and return the weapons supplies to the ships and getting ready to get into hyperspace back to the star destroyer. and their will be a voice announcement saying while returning to the star destroyer *Good work troopers now were heading back to the star destroyer Navy and engineers will be making sure that the weapons haven't been tampered by Wookies and making sure the base is well protected so no wookies will take over again, and I'll be alerting the fleet that the area is secure and they can come to kashyyyk and take over the base. Event Idea 2:
  3. What is your in game name: Parks Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:123069441 Play Time: I've had two accounts while being on this server, the one I use now is Parks, I switched over because I wanted to start a new steam account because my other one has technical difficulties and I think someone was trying to hack it. Parks Playtime: 2w 0d 20h / Old account Play time: 1w 4d 13h (Altogether: 3w 5d 9h) UPDATE: 4w 5d 5hrs Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/cheesequackbar2/ Have you used PAC before? I know the general basics of how to position, angle, create events, binds, and commands. But other than that I have been practicing different variations of clothing and utilities on player models that may not be too common. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph)?: I have been on the server for altogether around 9 or so months now, so I've been very loyal. I believe I am trusted by many people on the server because I treat all with respect. So I believe I've reached a level of trust within the community and the staff to have a level of trust to have and use the PAC 3 addon with no consequences. I fell like I'm experienced with PAC 3, just knowing the very basics, but I'm wishing to further my knowledge to sounds, animations and a variety of different full body costumes. I have been creating PAC's and sitting down for hours learning how to do certain things. So I agree I have the trust and knowledge to use PAC3 respectively on the server for RP reasons! Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph)?: I want PAC so I can create cool cosmetics and utilities to match a situation with the best expression of RP. Also, to give that extra personality to the actions and things that you do. Since I am at the moment a Navy Personnel, I have created an ear piece, a hologram on my hand, and a hologram projector on my left arm (Pictures Down Below). Which I believe fits well with my role on the server. Like I said, I only know the basics, and I'm beginning to learn how to create animations. For example, my hologram of Commander Cody (Down Below) has an animation like he's hovering and also turning around in a 360 degree. To be able to do these awesome variations, it brings a whole new flavour and enjoyment to RP. Why do you deserve PAC3 (1 Paragraph)?: I believe I deserve PAC3 because it is a very valuable add-on if put in the wrong hand's someone can abuse it. So you have to have a level of trust, which I believe I have with the community and staff on the server. I will not abuse PAC3 because I believe to be seen as loyal, trustworthy, friendly and someone to rely on. With the few coming days, I will be well aware of PAC3 and it's more advanced unique creations. I believe if I was given PAC3 I can help people and spread on my knowledge of how to use PAC3 so they can trust me even more. If i was to be given it, I would not abuse, keep my creations limited on one body to not lag people or the server and to obtain great RP in situations. PICTURES OF MY CREATIONS: Easy simple right shoulder cape and a neck cape that look really cool when you move around: A hologram projector on the left arm for a navy or trooper: Hand Hologram (The hologram spins) UPDATE: THIS IS A BIND THROUGH USING INVERTED EVENTS (Forgot to add) Easy simple ear piece for a navy. Robot Left arm for a trooper: This was my first ever creation, its not good, but It was just testing how to position things. (DONT JUDGE ) --- UPDATE: NEW CREATIONS Commander with his helmet off and holding it: This one was very interesting and fun to do as I experimented with some of the Star Wars models. The main part that you see, is actually Lord Malgus' respirator. Which I cropped, turned, coloured, angled, and merged with a gear to make it look like a brace around the neck for injury RP. Also I tilted my model's head up a bit to make it more realistic. Here is one of where the model is holstering a gun, (Not the Navy pistol, couldn't find it!!!) but it's looking as though he is having his right hand out ready to grab his gun and take aim, just in case I find myself in a threatening situation. (WILL BE UPDATED TO A BIND SOON, SO MY HAND WONT ALWAYS BE LIKE THAT) Thanks for the feedback guys! Hope you like these!!!
  4. Hey guys, I was thinking about it, with all the new regiments and that. We should add in a place where everyone can access regimental lores or more information on them, and I thought well we have Personal introductions why not have them for Regiments too? So I jumped on, and had to make this, how about we come up with a simple Template that just covers like 'Lore' that people will chuck down, some other regimental stuff like how many people they have, their job details like what their aim is for Roleplay and etc. Just a thought but it's a good thought at that, hoping to hear back from everyone! Thanks, Officer Cadet Tachyon of Vader's Fists!
  5. Hi, I'm Hawkeren! You may remember me from Star Wars RP as Pilot Crewman [Black-5] Hawk. As you may or may not know, I'm a gaming YouTuber with (at the time of making this post.) 181 subscribers and I need your help. I've recently been asked by an Imperial Gaming staff member to work on a 30-second intro for Imperial Gaming - Star Wars RP for their official YouTube channel. So I need you guys' help, I need you guys to record footage of you guys simply playing Imperial Gaming Star Wars RP, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed in order for your clip to appear in the video: 1. Please don't feature anything inappropriate or dumb in the clip, (e.g; sprays with porn, blood or gore, swearing, etc.) 2. Make sure your video and audio is crystal clear (720-1080p video would be nice) 3. Don't be a minge 4. Record a clip that's at least 1-2 minutes long 5. Don't just record yourself standing/walking around, try record something interesting (Like a clip of you in an event, this is going to be an intro to introduce people to join the server so we want to get people's interest.) 6. If you're a YouTuber yourself and you've made videos playing on Imperial Gaming SWRP, send us clips of your gameplay vids! you are more than welcome to do so! 7. Please don't record you harassing people (e.g; Annoying people to say hi in your clip) And that's about it! If your clip/clips are shown in the video! You will be credited for recording the clip for everyone to see! And please, if you have any questions ask me down below. And if you need to send your clip, please send it to me by attaching your vid to a comment below this post or by emailing me the clip here: hawkeren36@gmail.com Thank you guys so much for your time reading this and have a great day!
  6. Whitey

    Event Photos

    Just some photos from Events that I have taken. First lot is Ketas Event on Kashyyyk with the bridge and hover ships.
  7. Hey guys its Pandi! Saturday 25th of March is the official day of the competition! However the registrations will close 2 days before the actual event so we have time to sort out teams and the tournament! We hope you have fun in this little competition! Registration Form: https://goo.gl/forms/g1xHX869L5J6TJRl2
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