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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to Jacob's Gallery DISCLAIMER: Each photo may have a player in it, this means I will name the player (By Nickname, not rank) for people to check out! We also have names for the photos in case people ask. A random picture of Sito. Lionhart saving lives! Max with the best PAC3 Animation for a Commander Stormtrooper DISCLAIMER: This was before I knew they were blacklis
  2. I’ll try and make this less cheesy if I can but I just want to thank Wolf,Martibo and Carnifex for setting the Bar last night for what a dedicated and awesome admin should be. After experiencing my worst night on the server I cried out for help and they answered and I just wanted to thank them a lot. Honestly if they whernt there that night I probably would play on the server much or not at all. Those wondering why I was like this (I know I’ll sound like a bitch) I went from a sargent in the 31st regiment to Private First Class in a matter of minutes all because of a up tight CO but I cr
  3. Hi All, Just want to give you all a head's up where things are at on the server currently and anything that is changing or being brought to the server to increase your experience. As you know there have been changes on IG but Wolf & the whole Staff Team, both new and old, are working to give everyone in this community the best experience possible. The last month has been a complete new learning curve for myself and many others so If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to contact myself on the forums as this is the best way for me to keep track of anything you need (Steam doesn
  4. I've Always Used Textscreens In 1 Way Or Another But In the Whole Time I've Used Them I've Wondered Why We Didn't Have an Aurabesh Font So That We Could Increase The RP That We Can Achieve And While I Was Scrolling the Steam Workshop I Came Across a Addon Which Allows the Aurabesh Font For The Textscreen. URL: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1191355200 I Honestly Think That This Will Improve The RP The Whole Server Can Achieve While Also Being Able Use English Translations To Try And Prevent Any Confusion
  5. Hello all, Mauler here :3 A long time ago, probably 6+ months now, an old Imperial Gaming Manager by the name of Trident *cries from Nostalgia* created a custom Imperial Gaming Steam skin. Although the link to that is probably long lost, I still have it equipped to my PC. Problem is, there is no way to transfer it back without making a new one so, that is what I did. The old one had the (current) skin that is looking pretty old however, I added the new one to be with a wallpaper that was greatly upvoted in the Logo Competition. The Skin is primarily blue, changes the colour of offlin
  6. What does everyone think of a lawyer regiment idea? Everyone be brutally honest I want thoughts. Anyway if someone gets arrested who is Sergeant+ they can hire not a bounty hunter but a Lawyer to get them out of trouble. Lets say you were accused of killing someone during RP and you have been sent to jail, maybe a lawyer would be a fun RP idea. Well actually its a pretty dumb idea but perhaps for just a special event? Something to do with a higher up being put on trial in the classroom? Idk, Just an Idea!
  7. Whitey

    Event Photos

    Just some photos from Events that I have taken. First lot is Ketas Event on Kashyyyk with the bridge and hover ships.
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