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Found 6 results

  1. @Cecil @Kumo To Start off, | I would like to propose a Request of a Program/Pilot License to allow Engineers to sit in the Gunner seat of a Drop ship to provide air support. | This will allow more event action for Navy Engineers as they would be more useful in a fight and can provide air-support for troopers. | I will say that if this was added to be Induction Program or a Test for Engineers to acquire this Role, It must be a CL2+ to be seated in the Seat as the Low Ranking Engineer may be deemed untrusted until they show their importance in Engineers. | Pilots - IHC - Engineer CO/2IC - Navy can hold a test for Engineers. | Reason Can be as Pilots and IHC and Navy have Authority over Air Control and Vehicles. | IHC are included as their role of controlling AT-AT AT-ST AT-DP for Support would become not as useful. | Engineer CO/2IC are included because they're more experienced at the Job than others. | A tag can be added to the Key Card designated as [DSG] - Drop Ship Gunner | Thank you for taking your time to Read this and Hopefully it can be Introduced into the Server | Reference: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_gunner
  2. Hello it is Ubermolen here, with another suggestion for the community. As you guys know I love to RP with bizarre situations and try to build myself as a character in these ways. My most recent idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now, as there is an empty room on the ISD. This room is known as, "the old bounty hunter lounge". I believe that what Gideon Hask and I have created looks quite impressive and would be a great RP area. The room would be renovated into a bathroom/ locker room where you can use general amenities such as a shower or use the toilet and sinks. The pictures are listed below to what the room would look like. Make sure to leave your opinion below with a +1 or -1 depending on weather you would like it or not. If the staff team does not want this to be a permanent thing it could always be a placeholder until a new idea arises.
  3. Hey everybody, Since I became the RG Commander, I have noticed that if we want to change from our battle armour to our robes, we need to call staff and waste there time. To fix this, I have written a small, lightweight script that can be put in the servers serverside autorun that allows people to switch between their battle armor and robes using a simple chat command !switch. The addon has been made in such a way that other regiments can be added with minimal effort. Thanks for considering this @Martibo @Caboose and @Wolf. The code is as follows and should be placed in garrysmod\lua\autorun\server: local SwitchPairs = { {"models/player/starwars/mistersweetroll/imperialguard.mdl","models/player/ven/guard.mdl"}, // just add a pair of models here } local SwitchTable = {} for k,v in pairs(SwitchPairs) do table.insert(SwitchTable,0,v) table.insert(SwitchTable,0,table.Reverse(v)) end hook.Add("PlayerSay","SwitchModel",function (ply,txt) if string.lower(txt) == "!switch" then for k,v in pairs(SwitchTable) do if ply:GetModel() == v[1] then ply:SetModel(v[2]) return "" end end end end)
  4. Well, since I coded my own servers and owned a pretty good community until I couldn't run it anymore because of school. I had a Murder Server and yes, this gamemode is a bit old and is dying hard. Most of the servers that run it are shit, but still get a good playerbase the fact that there is no over popular murder servers, until I came. When I made my Server, a lot of players join, I had around 10-20 a day for a streamline 20 slot, and this was amazing due to the fact that I got around $300 in the first month in donations! I fully re-coded Murder to my liking and boom, tons of players join. They loved this, due to the fact: Low addon count, less downloads and default maps. And Yes I used GM_CONSTRUCT but I got shit tons of players. I used PS1 and created the coolest shop for all; but enough about me. I think Imperial Gaming needs to make a Murder server, and needs to make the best one of all. THIS IS JUST AN IDEA THAT CAME TO MIND AFTER I GOT BORED; JUST FOR WARNING, JUST VOTING ON THIS MEANS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ONE, NOT THAT IT WILL EVER HAPPEN. Thanks for reading, [Developer] Jacob.
  5. I have no idea how to delete this forum, excuse me please.
  6. Saw this on Steam and thought it would be perfect to use for event characters due to it not being an imperial or rebel ship. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=837748953 Features: - A strong and versatile ship for Neutral factions like Pirates or Mercenaries to use during events on SWRP.- A small room inside, for spawning or RP reasons.- Proper collisions for the interior- Small size to fit most if not all hangars and landing sites on maps like Venator.- 12 passengers- You can open/close the back door to the interior with 'SHIFT' during flight.- 4 skins to fit diffrent factions.
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