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Found 5 results

  1. Hello good people of Imperial Gaming, last night on Naboo during quiet hours the skilled engineers of the Chimera made a home with a beautiful deck in the once popular...212th bunks. We were so happy with the finale result we decided to call MTV cribs for a house tour, now sit back and relax the tour is about to begin enjoy.
  2. Well it couldn't of come soon enough but here I am writing this post for a 2nd time haha well all I'm going to say is I am finally resigning due to crap happening to me IRL and will I return maybe when Santos comes out (again) or should I say Brooklyn Nine Nine RP but only time will tell. I know I dropped off the social ladder ever since Clone Wars due to my many mistakes ruining friend ships and generally turning people off me but I hope I can make a mense next time around. Peace out Imperial Gaming...
  3. Hey guys, so recently I have gotten into photoshop mostly due to the fact I have been learning the basics in ICT at school, and knowing the potential that photoshop has to create some remarkable designs and memes I wanted to improve on my skills and make some "art" here are the ones I've got bellow. As you might have already seen they are nothing special just mostly cropping and playing around in fonts but I think most of them turned out nicely.
  4. So...here it is I will be resigning from the server to focus on School more as after receiving my marks this term it has been a real wake up call considering I am in grade 11 and my ambition is to be a Engineer when I grow up which coming from the lowest subjects a year ago to going straight into Physics, Chemistry all that fun stuff I need to knuckle down not just for myself but for my family because they want me to do something with my life. I love Imperial Gaming you will always be my one and only just for now I need to worry about myself. This isn't the end you will see me around I just needed to let lose anything tying me down to the server if you can understand, anyway one day when stuff clears up I will make my return but for now goodbye. Thank you @Carswell for being my online brother/counselor and the best god damn Navy Captain of them all I aspire to be like you in my short time as CO on Republic Navy Thank you @JDark47 for being my figurally speaking drinking buddy Thank you @Bailey for being a good friend and person in general never change @Cecil I hope to still see you around Store Manager @Welshy Thank you for giving me the chance of being one of your Event Masters I know I probably didn't deserve it but I hope I did the role justice @Lachlan Keep the Republic Navy going for me big man I hope to see it running strong when I eventually return I could go on and on but it would take to long thank you all for your friendships and dealing with my dumb shit you all were my getaway from life but now I have to make a change. I hope when I come back I can see the Clone Wars server sitting strong with at least 60 players. Thank you @Wolf and @Whitey for what you both do for the server I realize I might not be leaving on a good note but tahnk you for putting up with my shit and giving me the chance of being part of the staff team and being a Commander. See you all around
  5. Good afternoon all last night I decided to end my event chain named "Sith Infiltrator" it was meant to be on ship but as we were on Tatooine I saw fit to change to story a bit anyway it was pretty much a 1v7 me vsing the whole Jedi Order which didn't end very well... Leave a like if you enjoyed
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