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Found 3 results

  1. Jozo

    Hey lol

    Hi my names Jozo or Pedro "Jozo" Hernandez Never made one of these before in any other community so I might as well make one since this is probably the only server that I'll actively play on without leaving a month after. Been playing since I was a child but I still sound like a child 2015 - 2021 mans is 18 turning 19 sounding like a 12 year old, like how does @Delta and @Boshi have deeper voices than me? Come on now bruh its just pain. On God I sound like a femboy from New Zealand but no beef with you Australians cause y'all mad cool I'm asian so like #stopasianhate I gues
  2. Someone said that they would beat up my nan for realz if I didn't do one of these, so here it is. If you don’t know who I am (I’ve been around for a while so if you don’t you’re blind), I am Stevo. I’m currently LT. General of this pack of plebs that apparently belong to the Imperial Army. Although a lot of newbies know who I am now, a lot of the veterans around here remember me for my 5mins as an ST sergeant, but not the 2mins I spent as an ST corporal, maybe as the founder of Widow Squad too I guess. Also if you didn’t know additionally, I used to be the the old ST Brigadier (was
  3. AxeMan

    Hello All

    Hello all my name is Axe and I'm currently a corporal in ST.
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