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  1. Y'all ever googled a Quest guide for OSRS cause you don't understand the directions, yeah this is that but for the server quest. General Quest Info: Basically quest are additional content on the server, completing quest grants you the ability to upgrade your quest lines through the F8 menu (I recommend looking through this quest line and figuring out what you want to use your points on as to prestige their are certain quest that may make the process take several days to complete if not longer, so definitely assess which perks would benefit you the most). Quest are various miscellaneous tasks you can perform around the ship, first tier quest get you one quest point, tier 2 get 2 & tier 3 get 3. All together each completed quest group will get you six quest points. Quest abuse/cheating is a warnable offense (This only mainly applies to the Imperial Arcade quest group but if any form of abuse to complete the quest is found out just watch yourself, gonna get that phat warning). Quest can be done in any order at any time, RP still applies while trying to complete a quest so you must still follow clearance levels and PTEs. Quest 1: Levels The level quest is self explanatory, the only way to advance in this quest is increase your XP level, this level is increased by. - Playtime - NPC Kills Quest 2: Lotto The lotto quest relies around the imperial lotto man located on the third floor arcade, the lotto works by giving you 3 numbers once you buy a ticket (Which cost 100 points, it's worth getting a ticket because the lowest tier can still get you more than 10x times your input) and every 30 minutes the chat will display the lotto roll which will provide three random numbers, if you match any numbers you will receive a tier [1/3 = One Number, 2/3 = 2 Numbers. 3/3 = Three Numbers (the jackpot, getting this will give you the entire lotto man jackpot pool that increases the more players invest into the lotto). To complete this quest make sure every 30 minutes you're purchasing a ticket (You can do the !lotto command in chat to see how long until the next lotto call and if you have a ticket). Quest 3: Extra To complete this quest all you'll have to do is input some commands in chat, you'll see what commands to input in the tabs next to the quest list on your F7 menu (If anyone knows the order and commands you need for this quest please put it in the comments and i'll add it, can't remember what they are) Quest 4: (Not very) Secret Areas The secret areas quest require you go to these certain areas and just walk around on the walls slowly until you get the message in chat, the locations must be in a specific order, the images below are the locations of these areas in order. Quest 5: Event Participation Event participation is also a simple quest, often before events are started on the server in chat you'll see a message like this [EM | Kris: Looking for 4 event characters for a passive/aggressive event !p kris to join | TS Is required] Event characters are vital for the server to run events as well as a nice way to spruce up your own RP, Teamspeak is required to participate in events to allow contact with the EMs. Remember while an event character you still must follow server rules and make sure to always be listening to the EM, the EM can and will blacklist you from being an event character if you constantly disobey them or break rules and if placed on this blacklist until un blacklisted you'll be unable to complete these quest. Quest 6: Firing Range The firing line quest requires you to hit a number of bull-eyes on the targets in the recruit room, I recommend going to ILC [Imperial Logistics Center] before going to the firing line and maxing out your ammo to save multiple trips back and forth. While doing this you must obey the rule of not using the firing range while recruits are present in the room, if under CL2 you are required to have a CL2 open the doors to let you in and out so if a lower rank make sure you ask and get permission from a higher rank. Quest 7: Imperial Arcade (THIS ONE SUCKS) Ok I'm extremely biased since I suck at chess & checkers but basically these quests are located on the third floor arcade and are pretty simple. [Quest 1 - Win 5 checkers games Quest 2 - Win 5 chess games Quest 3 - Win 10 games of chess or checkers] Now a rule you must follow with this quest is you can't throw games to finish the quest quickly, doing this will most likely result in a warning. Through my enquirers i've been told playing back to back games to finish the quest as long as no intentional throwing is present is fine (Shit like 3 move check on checkers and stuff) Quest 8: Collection Missions Collection missions are jobs from ILC indicating collection of some items E.G task [Clumsy STs, Legless droid] all areas these collection mission items spawn are MH1 and can range just about anywhere on the ship. Quest 9: Climbing Climbing is one of the more simple quest and can be banged out in a couple of minutes, now with time if you just play the server eventually you'll be likely to complete this quest without noticing but to get it done quickly all you have to do is find somewhere that you're not annoying anyone with the climb swep noise and just keep climbswepping in a corner until you've hit the third tier. Don't know how to climb swep? not to fear i've made a very information and serious video on the tool - Quest 10: Playtime Self explanatory, the only way to progress is increase your playtime on the server. To check your playtime hold down C and look at the top right, that is your total playtime on the server. Quest 11: Missions This quest is completed by doing a task from the ILC vendor, my recommendation is just to focus on grinding the Collection & Carry mission quest and this quest will be completed while you complete those two. Quest 12: Carry Missions Carry missions are jobs you can get from the vendor in ILC on the first floor outside MH1, these task are stuff like (Take this crate to the mess hall, deliver these parts to MH2) and all you have to do is carry these boxes/crates to the designated area and place them in. PTE still applies even while performing these tasks and when performing these duties make sure you request PTE for booked hangars and such. Quest 13: Event Kills Event kills requires you to kill ECs (ECs are players set to be event characters not NPCs) the only way to get this quest done is to actively participate in events and try to get that final shot on ECs Quest 14: NPC Kills As the name indicates this quest requires you to amass multiple NPC kills, once again the kills will only count if you deal the finishing blow to NPCs so ensure when NPC events do occur you attempt to get some kills.
  2. I have followed all of the guides on "Garry's Mod: How to Fix LUA Panic Error" and "How to fix LUA Panic [Garrys Mod] [INCREASE FPS]" but none of them are working. I have also uninstalled all of my content then restarted my computer but now I can join any server be on there for about 2 minutes, then I straight away crash again. Any suggestions or anyone able to help out? EDIT: Sully is the best and the one of the most helpful people ever. (:
  3. Recently my Garry's Mod has been lagging a load and I've been having FPS Issues, I've now looked in Task Manager and have realised that it is using 100% of my GPU and about 20% of my Memory. My whole computer has been lagging heaps aswell, And it never used to do this, I would appreciate any support anyone could give me. I used to get around 100-200 FPS, I now get 2-18 FPS. I have an: Alienware 14x, It used to run like a charm, But it's just been running like trash lately.
  4. I lost about 4 pictures which all took over a month to make but now I made 3 in the past week and I will be adding more over my free time, hope you like it. 1st Batch of Pictures: Rebel Infiltration Bridge Takeover Rebel assassination Don't bring a gun to a ship fight W.I.P More to be added...
  5. Note: When Following Steps, Make Sure To Be Off GMOD Step 1: Go to GMOD Properties Step 2: Go to Betas Step 3: Click "Chronium" and click out Step 4: Go onto GMOD and the TV will be fixed when watching Youtube P.S it's really not hard to spend 5 minutes on google to search how to fix the TV when trying to watch youtube anyways have a good day
  6. Kidnapped into Bounty Hunter Lounge after promotion Trying to escape Execution & Murder PLZ B4N LE B0UNTY HUNT3RS
  7. After my Attempt at a PAC application one of my complaints where that my pac examples aren’t very creative and I agree if I’m being honest I have very little knowledge when it comes to using PAC and I am willing to put time in to improve so I am asking to great community of the Imperial gaming server to help me out. Thanks for reading!
  8. Every time i log into the server and it loads in it immediately crashes i need help
  9. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I join the server load in it takes 15 minutes like normal and BAM ingame just stays at my trooper just standing their I can move my mouse and look at the tab menu and the message "connection problems" appears in the corner of my screen this happens once then when I re-join I can play but ever since I've came back from my camping trip it just doesn't work even after 5 retries but I've been able to join the server twice but then that message just appears then game crash...... anyone know how to fix -delta
  10. Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed, ST's isn't doing very well...and it may be partly my fault... Other than that, another reason ST's is struggling, is due to the fact that our chain of command has dissolved. ST's has recently had a purge of higher ups, with SGT's and Officers moving on to join other regiments, or other issues such as my co-commander (Alex) having Gmod issues, or my officer department who is busy IRL. We also recently lost a MSGT who was recently perma-banned...which does not help our situation in the slightest. So! we need help! The few of us left are stretched thin trying to: -Train new troopers -keep them in line -command them in events -recruit new SGT's and lastly, Keep the SGT recruits in the ST reg. In summary, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP THE ST'S! If you want to volunteer to become a temporary ST officer, please tell either me, Stevo, or Alex (if you see him) Hopefully we can get back on are feet in due time
  11. Help me please. I have this problem and I have no clue how to fix. I can join the server for like 2 minutes then it crashes. If there is a reliable way to fix, please tell me.
  12. In-game alias: Arrow (Cold Pocket) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124073303 When was the ban:Like 20 minutes ago How long is the ban: Forever Which admin banned you: Mr. Vader Explain the situation: I explained it all in my first appeal. Why you deserve a second chance: I was exploring the ship because I had never played on it before. If I am unbanned I will hire a tour guide. Thanks
  13. In-game alias: Arrow (Cold Pocket) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124073303 When was the ban:Like 5 minutes ago How long is the ban: Forever Which admin banned you: Mr. Vader Explain the situation: Ok so I was requesting a meeting with Mr. Vader. He was being a real dick to me and kept acting afk and ignoring me. Then he told his little brown nosing troops to arrest my ass. He hated me so much that he came and killed me himself. Then he used his tool gun (which is failrp, did you see vader have a phys gun in the movie) to freeze me and he kicked me from the beautiful server. I rejoined then he teleported me, froze me, made me say goodbye to my best friend Maj then banned me until the end of time. Why you deserve a second chance: I was just asking Mr. Vader if I could be his apprentice. You need to unban me because if I don't give Maj his meds than he will go crazy and kill everyone on that ship. I didn't even kill anyone but Mr. Vader said I broke every rule, he lied. I didn't kill 1 person. Thank you for helping me.
  14. Hi, I'm Hawkeren! You may remember me from Star Wars RP as Pilot Crewman [Black-5] Hawk. As you may or may not know, I'm a gaming YouTuber with (at the time of making this post.) 181 subscribers and I need your help. I've recently been asked by an Imperial Gaming staff member to work on a 30-second intro for Imperial Gaming - Star Wars RP for their official YouTube channel. So I need you guys' help, I need you guys to record footage of you guys simply playing Imperial Gaming Star Wars RP, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed in order for your clip to appear in the video: 1. Please don't feature anything inappropriate or dumb in the clip, (e.g; sprays with porn, blood or gore, swearing, etc.) 2. Make sure your video and audio is crystal clear (720-1080p video would be nice) 3. Don't be a minge 4. Record a clip that's at least 1-2 minutes long 5. Don't just record yourself standing/walking around, try record something interesting (Like a clip of you in an event, this is going to be an intro to introduce people to join the server so we want to get people's interest.) 6. If you're a YouTuber yourself and you've made videos playing on Imperial Gaming SWRP, send us clips of your gameplay vids! you are more than welcome to do so! 7. Please don't record you harassing people (e.g; Annoying people to say hi in your clip) And that's about it! If your clip/clips are shown in the video! You will be credited for recording the clip for everyone to see! And please, if you have any questions ask me down below. And if you need to send your clip, please send it to me by attaching your vid to a comment below this post or by emailing me the clip here: hawkeren36@gmail.com Thank you guys so much for your time reading this and have a great day!
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