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  1. INTRODUCTION Welcome to Imperial Gaming! We are a gaming community based in Australia, providing a service that brings people together. Our hope is that our members enjoy their time here and refer to us as a second home because of how close we all are. We also pride ourselves on having the #1 Australia Star Wars server we are also on and off Australias #1 Garrysmod server. This could not be possible without our extensive and well managed staff team, who volunteer their free time to help moderate our server and give our players things to do as well as our extensive and highly dedicated community of players who create and provide amazing roleplay experiences each and everyday. Below is a guide to help new players to the Imperial RP server understand some of the basic need to know training points within the server and the community. ..... SERVER IP Imperial RP: IMPORTANT LINKS Imperial Gaming Website http://tiny.cc/igwebsite Imperial Gaming Forums http://tiny.cc/igforums Imperial Gaming Donations http://tiny.cc/igdonate Community Steam Group http://tiny.cc/igsteam Community Teamspeak syd.streamlinegames.com:10012 Imperial RP Library http://tiny.cc/implibrary ... Imperial RP Sever Rules & Guidelines Community Forum Rules BASIC TRAINING Content: When you first join our server you will most likely be greeted with a heap of content errors, in order to solve this issue and begin your training you will need to download the servers content pack. The download may take a little while and once complete you will need to close your game and restart it in order for all of the errors to be fixed and you be able to see all of the props and items on the server. IG | Imperial SWRP Content Pack: http://tiny.cc/impcontent RP Name: Whilst playing on our server it is important that you have a suitable roleplay name in order to enhance the in-game experience of yourself and other players within the community, when selecting your name be sure that is a name that is not derived from Star Wars lore or contain any inappropriate or rude words or numbers. In order to change your name you can do /name [NAME], for example; /name ST-4302 Bob Server Rules: Whilst on our server it is important that you abide by the server rules, the key rules to note within the server are; 1. SeriousRP at all times 2. Do NOT Minge 3. Do NOT FailRP 4. Do NOT RDM 5. FearRP Applies to All To see a full list of the server rules you can type !rules in chat or click on the server rules and guidelines thread in the important links section above. Binds & Keycard: In order to show respect to your superior officers in-game it is important that you set up a salute bind, to do this you can open up your console by clicking the ~ key and pasting bind KEY "say /me Salutes;act salute into your console. Ensure that you replace KEY with the key on your keyboard that you wish to press in order to perform the action. Within your hot-bar you will see an item named 'Code Cylinder' this item is what we use in order to present ID and utilise the various key-card systems around the Star Destroyer. When your code cylinder is equipped you can right click which will display your information including your rank, name, clearance level and any other details you might have such as pilot licenses. Terminology: Whilst apart of our server you may come across some in-game terminology that you may or may not be aware of or may not understand, knowing the below terms will help you in making your in-game experience better and less confusing; AOS = Arrest on sight KOS = Kill on sight PTE = Permission to enter PTS = Permission to speak SITREP = Situation report Faces: About Face = 180° turn over right hand shoulder Left Face = 90° turn to the left Right Face = 90° turn to the right Left Incline = 45° turn to the left Right Incline = 45° turn to the right Left Decline = 135° turn to the left Right Decline = 135° turn to the right Front Face = turn to face the person calling the faces, ensure you turn over your right hand shoulder Formations: View the spoiler box below for the complete list of formations used on the server. Ranks: During your time on the server you will notice that there are different ranks that players may achieve within their regiments, certain regiments such as those which are non-military based have a different ranking system to the regiments that are military based. To see a full list of all ranks within the server, visit the following link: http://tiny.cc/igranks DEFCON Levels: Ending: Once training has been complete your trainer will fill out your enlistment form and you will be promoted to the rank of Storm Trooper Private and be sent on your way to explore the ship and interact with other members of the server. If you wish to receive a tour around the Star Destroyer and be shown where everything is and where you can and cannot go then speak with your trainer and ask for a tour and they will be happy to take you for one or alternatively they will find someone who can. WHAT COMES NEXT Now that you have completed your training and become one of the Empires finest, whats next? Once you have completed training you can start your journey to find a regiment that interests you. When looking for a regiment it is important to think about what kind of things you would enjoy doing within roleplay and what you are good at, would you prefer a heavy roleplay regiment? A security regiment? or a combat regiment?. Once you have found a regiment that you would like to join you can do 1 of to things, either approach a member of that regiment and ask about the possibility of participating in regimental tryouts OR wait for tryouts to be hosted and attend them at the advertised location. Tryouts: Once you attend tryouts you will be put through a serious of tests in order to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the regiment you are trying to join, tryouts will vary from regiment to regiment however the things that are typically uniform amongst all tryouts are as follows; Faces - Here the conductor will test how well you understood and listened during your basic training when being taught your faces, the conductor will call out a series of faces for you to perform. Formations - Here the conductor will test your knowledge of basic section formations in order to see if you will be able to conduct them on command from an officer. Climb SWEP - Here the conductor will test your ability to scale obstacles and walls using the in-game climb SWEP ability, if you are unsure how to use this SWEP we recommend you ask a fellow member of the community for assistance OR view one of the many tutorials available online. Shooting/Trigger Discipline - Here you will be tested on how well you can listen to orders which will be done by the instructor giving you a set of targets to hit and you are to shoot them in order of which they were given. Interview - Here you will be asked a series of questions related to you, this is done so that the conductor can get a better understanding of yourself to determine whether you are someone they would want to have within their regiment. RECEIVING SUPPORT Imperial Gaming has a dedicated team of members willing to help you in resolving any issues you may have regarding community issues, donation issues or issues regarding your game. The ways in which to contact these support members is by either joining one of the support lounges located on the Community Teamspeak server OR sending a support ticket through the forums support system which can be accessed by clicking the 'Support' button on the top of the screen or clicking on the following link and filling out the support ticket and sending it off. http://tiny.cc/igsupport WANT TO CONTRIBUTE MORE? Do you have a desire to help out where its needed or give back to the community? If so you could consider applying for a Trial Moderator or Event Master position within the server. The Moderator team work on ensuring that users uphold and follow the server rules in order to ensure that players are having an enjoyable time and players are role playing properly, The Event Master team focuses on creating roleplay scenarios and events within the server for players to interact with and spice up their time on the server. When applying make sure you view the application requirements and rules to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements to hold one of these positions. Trial Moderator Applications - http://tiny.cc/igtmod Event Master Applications - http://tiny.cc/igtem ..... ENJOY YOUR TIME ON THE SERVER CHANGELOG: 27MAY19 - Image Fix & Colour Correction
  2. Y'all ever googled a Quest guide for OSRS cause you don't understand the directions, yeah this is that but for the server quest. General Quest Info: Basically quest are additional content on the server, completing quest grants you the ability to upgrade your quest lines through the F8 menu (I recommend looking through this quest line and figuring out what you want to use your points on as to prestige their are certain quest that may make the process take several days to complete if not longer, so definitely assess which perks would benefit you the most). Quest are various miscellaneous tasks you can perform around the ship, first tier quest get you one quest point, tier 2 get 2 & tier 3 get 3. All together each completed quest group will get you six quest points. Quest abuse/cheating is a warnable offense (This only mainly applies to the Imperial Arcade quest group but if any form of abuse to complete the quest is found out just watch yourself, gonna get that phat warning). Quest can be done in any order at any time, RP still applies while trying to complete a quest so you must still follow clearance levels and PTEs. Quest 1: Levels The level quest is self explanatory, the only way to advance in this quest is increase your XP level, this level is increased by. - Playtime - NPC Kills Quest 2: Lotto The lotto quest relies around the imperial lotto man located on the third floor arcade, the lotto works by giving you 3 numbers once you buy a ticket (Which cost 100 points, it's worth getting a ticket because the lowest tier can still get you more than 10x times your input) and every 30 minutes the chat will display the lotto roll which will provide three random numbers, if you match any numbers you will receive a tier [1/3 = One Number, 2/3 = 2 Numbers. 3/3 = Three Numbers (the jackpot, getting this will give you the entire lotto man jackpot pool that increases the more players invest into the lotto). To complete this quest make sure every 30 minutes you're purchasing a ticket (You can do the !lotto command in chat to see how long until the next lotto call and if you have a ticket). Quest 3: Extra To complete this quest all you'll have to do is input some commands in chat, you'll see what commands to input in the tabs next to the quest list on your F7 menu (If anyone knows the order and commands you need for this quest please put it in the comments and i'll add it, can't remember what they are) Quest 4: (Not very) Secret Areas The secret areas quest require you go to these certain areas and just walk around on the walls slowly until you get the message in chat, the locations must be in a specific order, the images below are the locations of these areas in order. Quest 5: Event Participation Event participation is also a simple quest, often before events are started on the server in chat you'll see a message like this [EM | Kris: Looking for 4 event characters for a passive/aggressive event !p kris to join | TS Is required] Event characters are vital for the server to run events as well as a nice way to spruce up your own RP, Teamspeak is required to participate in events to allow contact with the EMs. Remember while an event character you still must follow server rules and make sure to always be listening to the EM, the EM can and will blacklist you from being an event character if you constantly disobey them or break rules and if placed on this blacklist until un blacklisted you'll be unable to complete these quest. Quest 6: Firing Range The firing line quest requires you to hit a number of bull-eyes on the targets in the recruit room, I recommend going to ILC [Imperial Logistics Center] before going to the firing line and maxing out your ammo to save multiple trips back and forth. While doing this you must obey the rule of not using the firing range while recruits are present in the room, if under CL2 you are required to have a CL2 open the doors to let you in and out so if a lower rank make sure you ask and get permission from a higher rank. Quest 7: Imperial Arcade (THIS ONE SUCKS) Ok I'm extremely biased since I suck at chess & checkers but basically these quests are located on the third floor arcade and are pretty simple. [Quest 1 - Win 5 checkers games Quest 2 - Win 5 chess games Quest 3 - Win 10 games of chess or checkers] Now a rule you must follow with this quest is you can't throw games to finish the quest quickly, doing this will most likely result in a warning. Through my enquirers i've been told playing back to back games to finish the quest as long as no intentional throwing is present is fine (Shit like 3 move check on checkers and stuff) Quest 8: Collection Missions Collection missions are jobs from ILC indicating collection of some items E.G task [Clumsy STs, Legless droid] all areas these collection mission items spawn are MH1 and can range just about anywhere on the ship. Quest 9: Climbing Climbing is one of the more simple quest and can be banged out in a couple of minutes, now with time if you just play the server eventually you'll be likely to complete this quest without noticing but to get it done quickly all you have to do is find somewhere that you're not annoying anyone with the climb swep noise and just keep climbswepping in a corner until you've hit the third tier. Don't know how to climb swep? not to fear i've made a very information and serious video on the tool - Quest 10: Playtime Self explanatory, the only way to progress is increase your playtime on the server. To check your playtime hold down C and look at the top right, that is your total playtime on the server. Quest 11: Missions This quest is completed by doing a task from the ILC vendor, my recommendation is just to focus on grinding the Collection & Carry mission quest and this quest will be completed while you complete those two. Quest 12: Carry Missions Carry missions are jobs you can get from the vendor in ILC on the first floor outside MH1, these task are stuff like (Take this crate to the mess hall, deliver these parts to MH2) and all you have to do is carry these boxes/crates to the designated area and place them in. PTE still applies even while performing these tasks and when performing these duties make sure you request PTE for booked hangars and such. Quest 13: Event Kills Event kills requires you to kill ECs (ECs are players set to be event characters not NPCs) the only way to get this quest done is to actively participate in events and try to get that final shot on ECs Quest 14: NPC Kills As the name indicates this quest requires you to amass multiple NPC kills, once again the kills will only count if you deal the finishing blow to NPCs so ensure when NPC events do occur you attempt to get some kills.
  3. This is a guide for those that do not know how to make meth on the Santos RP server and would like to learn how to. Making and selling meth is by far one of the best ways to make money on the server if done efficiently. NOTE I have based this off of the methamphetamine guide that Sauramel made for the GGS community which has been altered to fit our system, so of course, credit where credit is due Link to view flowchart in google drawings: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/11NJThhE_d6PoRwdF7bbu5Y5QHhbXqaIHG_GpxE5RXX4/edit?usp=sharing NOTE: Screenshots of parts of the process may potentially be added if anything is unclear If I've missed something, of if you have any questions or suggestions, please comment them down below.
  4. Lots of people are getting a map differing error with the banankin map today so posting this fix. MAP DIFFERENG FROM SERVER FIX! Step 1 - Open the below link and unsubscribe from the addon. You should not need to unsubscribe from the needed content on the side. (STEAM ADDON LINK) Step 2 - Steam - Library - Garry's Mod - *Right Click* - Properties - Local Files - Browse Local Files Direct yourself to garrysmod/download/maps and delete rp_banankin map file if there. Same thing in garrysmod/download/maps/graphs Step 3 - Open the below link and download the "rp_banankin_starwars.bsp.bz2" file. Extract the folder and retrieve the .bsp from within. Seems people are having problems extracting the type of file on the download, I reccomend using Winrar as it has worked for myself and others. (MAP FILES INDEX) (WINRAR DOWNLOAD) Step 4 - Place the .bsp file into garrysmod/Maps folder. Step 5 - Join the server! IF ANY TEXTURES ARE MISSING HEAD BACK TO THE STEAM ADDON LINK AND DOWNLOAD THE NEEDED CONTENT! This should work for any map that differs from the servers map file. If this doesn't work join the Teamspeak support waiting rooms or make a support ticket.
  5. Hey, so when I started on IG what seems like forever ago the one thing I would've loved is just a big old guide on how not to suck at it (Because I Did) This guide should hopefully assist the newer players of the community to have the best experience when playing on the server [Please leave edit notes in the comments, I will update the post with things you point out I miss/get wrong] Before anything I recommend you read all these posts by other members of the community, this will help you gain a higher understanding of what IG is and how RolePlaying works on the server. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_qXTTHWzw2FU3jkg4ieCCDOhTz6lxonPyK8p0qYHX4/edit#gid=0 Loading In... So, it's your first time to join an IG server? well first but not least you're going to want to download the content pack [It now seems you must download the content pack to be trained] Content Pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1740946857 Once you've downloaded the content a lovely SGT+ should be ready to train you, If nobody comes you may request a trainer through OOC <-- That means Out Of Character E.g. // Hey! Can I get a trainer? Training During training, they'll go over some key aspects of the server you'll want to listen and absorb as much information because what you learn in that training room will relate to how much of a chance you'll have to join a regiment. In the training, they'll teach you these main aspects Ranks - During training, you'll be shown the ranks. Each division of the empire goes under their respected ranking system. It is vital you know what ranks are higher than your own as you salute CL3+ In-Depth Ranking Sheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uXcAv4Mggkl0VJPHZUSa8_ZhA8jXhE3s71ccw9Ln_Jo/edit#gid=325297561 Binds - Binds are what roleplayers use to make the character perform actions - binds (key) "say (Message)" <- That is the standard bind format, You can essentially as the press of a button perform acts Commonly used binds Salute - (bind key "act salute") Strip Weapons - (bind key "say /me strips weapons and comms.") If you ever need help creating a bind try asking an SGT+, these members should have the experience to know how binds work, if not just ask in OOC, There will always be someone willing to help Formations - Single Column = Stand in a line behind the Commanding officerDouble Column = Two Columns behind the Commanding officer with enough space for him/her to walk past it - If odd number form tail at the endTight Wedge = Like a Single Column but you are touching shoulders with the commanderLoose/Wide Wedge = Like Tight wedge but with enough space for a Commander to walk through each personFiring Line = Stand on the left or right of the Commanding officer with your weapon outFiring Squad = Crouch in front of your Commander/other troopers with your weapon outVIP Diamond = Stand around the VIP in a Diamond shape facing outwards - Weapons out on safetyPrisoner Diamond = Face at the Prisoner with your weapons out and search the target - Press strip bind to render them unable to attack youBox = Stand in a Box shape around the Commander and depending on server face where the Commander is facing (If he is facing a wall, face the same wall) Terminology - For this I will refer you to Whiteys server rules, if you scroll down you'll find the most common Terminology used on the server, Joining A Regiment - Once your training is complete you'll become an ST Private [Congrats!] Now as some like to remain ST and climb the ranks most people like to join a regiment, A regiment is basically a group of troopers formed and include respected special equipment, These regiment are usual 10-12 troopers big and there are a couple of ways to try out for one Wait for tryouts - Regiments will book hanger bays for tryouts, you'll see it either in comms/OOC them saying something along these lines [Insert Regiment] Is Looking For New Troops! Equipped With [Regiment Weapons/Equipment] Comes To [Tryout Location] <-- Head to the location the advertisement shows you if the regiment sounds like your style Application - Some regiments [Navy/ISB/Widow] get you to fill out a google form, once these regiments have space they'll put the link in OOC and you simply fill it out and follow steps according to the document Private Tryouts - Sometimes regiments don't advertise, If you're really keen to join try to get in contact with the commander, they'll inform you when the next tryout is or if the regiment is full Regimental Tryouts - Well, you're at the tryouts you want, now how will you get accepted. Some regiments are harder to get into than others but knowing these basic games aspects will guarantee you a fighting chance against other people trying out. Faces Formations Shooting Range Interview - This will consist of you answering some OOC and IC questions, Make sure to brush up on your SW lore Climb Swep Climb Swep - This is a simplistic guide to climbsweps mechanics, you basically must know this to join a regiment if you still are unsure their are several very good cllimbsweppers on the server that are always glad to help, Make sure if you don't know how to climbswep before the tryouts inform the person running it that you can't, more then likely once you get up to climbswep they'll assist you on learning and if you show willingness to improve they'll continue the tryout.
  6. Hello, This guide is to assist users in fixing issues revolving around Lua Panic and in particular will go over 5 known ways by the community on how to solve this issue this guide is a culmination of similar guides created by members of the community and covers the solutions in a more formatted and easy to follow manner credit for these fixes goes to @Carnifex, @Born and @Brass. If these fixes do not work visit the SUPPORT HUB sub thread and make a thread stating your issue you are having (preferably with screenshots) and what fixes you have attempted and a member of the community support team will do their best to try and solve your issue to get you running smoothly. [view here] Sincerely, Sully _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FIX 1 FIX 2 FIX 3 FIX 4 FIX 5 (MOST RELIABLE) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - END GUIDE - LAST UPDATED: 13MAR19
  7. Hello, This guide is to assist users in installing and mounting the Counter Strike: Source textures, a vital add-on for people wishing to play on GarrysMod servers as a majority of servers use many of the textures found within this add-on pack. The guide is designed and intended as an easy step by step instructional thread to assist users having difficulty or issues with downloading the textures themselves through the means of a trusted and reliable source. The guide is also designed to make sure users mount the textures correctly through the means of photographic instructions to ensure that the content is installed in the correct manner. Feel free to link this thread to users having issues regarding the installation or mounting of CSS Textures which may be causing errors and or pink and black squares whilst in-game. Sincerely, Sully _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3: STEP 4: STEP 5: STEP 6: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - END GUIDE -
  8. Hey all, This this thread is designed to help users in regard to the formatting tools available within the forums and how to format basic responses to certain threads that may be posted within the community forums in order to allow for more organised and better looking responses, posts and applications. Some of the information within this thread may seem basic or self explanatory but I have tried to include as much information as possible in order to assist community members as much as possible. I hope this thread proves helpful and feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding formatting or leave them below for other community members to assist with. Sincerely, Sully _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Forums Formatting Tools: Basic Application Response Formatting Common Issues (last updated 01/01/2019) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Note: When Following Steps, Make Sure To Be Off GMOD Step 1: Go to GMOD Properties Step 2: Go to Betas Step 3: Click "Chronium" and click out Step 4: Go onto GMOD and the TV will be fixed when watching Youtube P.S it's really not hard to spend 5 minutes on google to search how to fix the TV when trying to watch youtube anyways have a good day
  10. Hey everyone! Just tonight I made this new players guide. It is still in the early stages, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Photos are coming soon. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iv6Vu05R2Jil2cLwmK5bwTIO7jBTzq0KQdJtafZIXOY/edit?usp=sharing
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