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Found 2 results

  1. I have some improvements that can be made to the security on the star destroyer. 1. All checkpoints receive a TV at them. This will make guards be less bored as they can play music and videos. This will also make it so that all checkpoints will have guards if people do not see it as a boring experience instead of doing Rp. I know from my time in the 442nd that guarding was painful to do. These tv's will ease that pain and will get people to guard the lower traffic areas (ISB, Brig, Engine room). 2. All Defense regiments must be in either the server teamspeak or a private discord server. This will also help with guarding as people can talk to each other, play music on discord and enjoy themselves while checking id's. I know that the 442nd had (key word is had) a private discord server and that helped immensely while guarding. We were playing music, listening to podcasts and talking to each other without a single noise in game. 3. The brig is to be taken off the list of guarding locations. If the tv plan fails I request that we remove the brig from the guarding locations, with the exemptions of inspections and someone is inside the cells. We could also make it sot hat the vent system goes into the brig, adding an extra layer of needed security and fun for the st's trying to break each other out. Those are my ideas, please tell me what you think of them. -ISB Constable Rommel Edit 1 - Removed the request to get rig of id scanners at the brig after reader Shock Captain Gatsby response edit 2 - Relise that request 3 and 1 are stupid. Still sticking to 2 though
  2. -= ATTENTION =- Royal Guard and Shadow Guard tryouts will be run tonight! If you believe you have what it takes, come on down. How it will work These trouts are primarily Royal Guard tryouts run by me, Commander of the Shadow Guard as the Commander of Royal Guard has given me his approval to run them. I will be testing your skills in both lightsaber and blaster combat, your ability to listen to and follow orders, your loyalty, your commitment along with a number of other things. In these tryouts, if I deem that your skills are up to par with those shown by the Royal Guards, you will be given a placing within the Royal Guards, which will be doing a private initiation promptly after the tryouts. If I deem that your skills are above and beyond the expectation, along with being found to be force sensitive, you will be allowed to join the Shadow Guard, which too will be holding a private initiation promptly after the tryouts. If your skills are found to be on par with those of the Royal Guards or Shadow Guards, but your skills with the lightsaber are not, you will be recommended by myself personally to the Royal Stormtrooper Corps, which specialise in blaster combat. Expectations When attending the Royal Guard / Shadow Guard tryouts, there are a number of expectations that are to be followed, else you risk expulsion from the tryouts. If you attend the tryouts, I am expecting you to be on your best behavior. If you are caught minging, breaking the rules (ie speaking when PTS is active), being disrespectful or disobeying orders, you will be kicked out of the tryouts and placed on a blacklist from both regiments for an undetermined amount of time. At this current time, there will be no ingame rank, level or time required to attend the tryouts as we are looking at all those on the server who would like to join, but may not be a high rank which would otherwise exclude them from these tryouts. Loadouts, Uniforms, and Rules If and when you are accepted into either the Royal Guards or Shadow Guards you will be given a lightsaber pike to use to uphold your duties. The Royal Guards are non-force sensitives, therefore they ARE NOT allowed to use force powers. They may, however, use the deflection ability within the lightsaber (holding ALT) as this is a skill. The Shadow Guards are force sensitives, therefore they ARE allowed to use force powers which include Force Leap, Force Repulse, Saber Throw and Force Heal. There are other force powers that can be learned but these are only under certain circumstances (ie winning a Sith tournament). The Royal Guards have access to two sets of armour, which are to be worn at certain times. The first set of armour is their standard, battle armour, which gives superior protection compared to their other set of armour. Their second set of armour is the ceremonial robes, which are only worn during certain occasions, which offers less protection than their other armour. TheShadow Guards also have access to these two sets of armour, but their colours are inverted so instead of red armour with a black visor, their armour is black with a red visor. This armour gives access to another ability of the Shadow Guards, which is their shadow cloak. As a member of both the Royal Guards and Shadow Guards, you are sworn into an oath of silence, which means that you may not speak under any circumstances, and if you do, you risk expulsion from the orders via execution. Both guards are extremely disciplined so if you are found to be breaking any of the rules within them, you may also risk expulsion via execution (rules will be told to those who make it in). I am looking forward to seeing all of your at these tryouts tonight, and I wish you all the best of luck.
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