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Found 3 results

  1. Well it has been over a year and I have made a lot of friends and also became Emperor surprisingly but everything has to come to an end and this is where ill take off, I cant be bothered writing about everyone on the server because everyone was a good friend and a happy face to talk to and I will miss everyone. I will most likely come back but I don't know when but when I do the New Sith have to keep their eye out because ill be taking a spot. Thank you for Everything and this Community is amazing -Born
  2. Hey All, This is a post I never wanted to make and never wanted to even think about making but as the title of this post suggests I have decided to part ways with the server. I have been apart of this community since June 2017 and since then have made so many friendships and memories whilst treating the community as my second home as well as putting 2352 hours into server. But the time has come where my time is being consumed with completing Year 12, working and getting my mental and physical health in a better place so I may start thinking about my future. Because of this I have painfully decided to step down from all my server roles, those being the Staff Team, Media Team, Support Team and Regional Government. I thank everyone who gave me the chance to be in those positions and all those who helped me throughout my time on the server, I have poured my heart and soul into these positions and I hope I have at least helped someone by doing so. Now this is the part where I am supposed to tag everyone who has helped me or made an impact on me over my time within the community but to be honest if I were to do that we would be hear for hours, So instead I would like to thank you all as you all have helped me in one way or another regardless of whether we have agreed or disagreed on things in the past. I hope to return in the future once I am in a better place in life and for now I will just remain somewhat active on the forums. Regards, Sully
  3. (I SUCK AT WRITING WHEN IT COMES TO DETAIL - SORRY) I didn't think this day would come so 'quick'... but it has and it's time for me to depart. Over the past 434 days I have had so much fun playing Imperial Gaming. The roleplay and community are amazing, I couldn't ask for anymore from either. One of a few reasons im leaving is because I haven't really had the chance to play other games or other garry's mod servers (For example I've had CS:GO as long as gmod and have never played CS:GO before). I also need to get out of my house for once. Thankyou to to the Staff, Event, Development, Advertising and Support teams for making the server a great place to play on. Spoiler of THANKS Even though Sentry no longer plays. I thank him for introducing me to Imperial Gaming Goodbye, Imperial Gaming. HUGE THANKYOU TO @Aphrodite FOR ORGANISING MY DEPARTURE FROM THE DS (LOVE U)
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