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  1. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Tonberry Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:128753738 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/master_tonberry/ In Game Details In Game Name: Tonberry In Game Rank: Lieutenant Colonel In Game Regiment: Imperial Security Bureau Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 3w 0d 10h+ (Only here since July, no hours before reset) PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes, but only on single player at this stage. I have a grasp on attaching models to the correct bones and using events to determine the behaviour of the PAC (eg: weapons disappear when equipped, condition deteriorates with health, comms respond to typing in chat etc) but will need time and experience to develop my skills further. Since creating my PAC application I have also become competent at manipulating bones to pose my character, and binding those poses to events, be it key buttons or something more passive like if you are underwater or crouching. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have no intention to get myself removed from PAC perms / banned from community by abusing PAC permissions, nor do I have any intention to crash servers for my amusement. In my time on Imperial Gaming have received: 1 warn (RDM x1; shot a guy who knocked my food tray out of my hands) (Not currently active) 1 arrests (1x falsely arrested for alleged but disproved sexual assault, 1x more recently threw Khan Strax to his death) 0 kicks 0 demotions 0 bans In my time in ISB, I have spent a great deal of time ensuring SGT+ have been training recruits properly; have followed up on repeat offenders to encourage loyalty to the empire and quash dissent; and have co-ordinated loyalty tests for several regiments to help keep the peace on the server. Anyone who has encountered me on the server knows I have every intention of RPing seriously, and PAC would be a tool I use with the respect it deserves, to improve my own and other's RP experience. I would also not overdecorate my character with PAC, both to keep prop counts down and also as to not be an eyesore (subtle is better). Since first publishing this application, I have risen through the ranks of the Bureau and am now the Commanding Officer for ISB (*just the ISB regiment, not for DT/INF, oversight over the whole bureau is Krennic, Gusky and Morgan's job - just to avoid any ambiguity here). This would not have occured if I was not trustworthy, as one breach of security can get your character PK'd and removed from the regiment. I would also not be able to attain, nor retain this position without remaining active throughout the time between when my application was created and now. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): My interest in PAC access is primarily academic, as having PAC would mean I do not have to switch between the server and singleplayer to seek PAC advice from other players, and then switch again action that advice. As it stands, I am teaching myself from articles and video tutorials, which do not offer the capacity to ask questions or have somebody elaborate on the specifics of something. Being approved for PAC on the server would allow me to work on PAC without having to be offline, which is the main thing holding me back from spending more of my own time practicing (would rather not miss out on events on the server). Of course, if my intention was only to learn PAC for the sake of learning, I would understand if this application was denied; however, I also very much intend to use PAC to enhance the RP and immersion of both myself and others. There is not a huge amount of modification I can do to an ISB player model without moving too far away from how the uniform is meant to look, so also intend on also working on PAC for event character models as not to limit myself to simply my own character model. This should lead to players having a more immersive RP experience during events (for example, a droid event character falling into increased states of disrepair as troopers damage it, developing a limp at first perhaps and then losing a limb or two as it enters critical health). Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I have the capacity to become considerably more competent with PAC, but only if given the opportunity to foster my skill through meaningful ingame roleplay as opposed to just messing around on singleplayer. The ability to work on PAC while also online and having other PAC-approved members of the community to help answer questions would be invaluable to my improvement. I'm an incredibly active community member, as can be deduced by breaking down my server time. I have only been here since the beginning of July, and since then I have put more than 500 hours into the server. This is while I work full time (40+ hours week), and am also studying for various work-related papers. As I have not been around for a large amount of calendar days (as opposed to server hours) some of you will undoubtedly have no idea who I am - I would ask that you reserve your judgement and allow the players who have actually interacted with me make the decision here! PAC3 Examples (UPDATED): (all current PAC have a render time of 2.5 ms or less)
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