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Found 3 results

  1. Now I know CFP currently looks a bit like... ... but looking into the past! When we're thriving with actual members, I assigned myself one tired afternoon to create as many menu items for the cantina as possible. For context on how far back this was when there was a slim chance we would actually get posters in the server ( I have made several, they're laying dormant somewhere on this device ), this is when the Jawa Meal was still a thing and I personally say that removing the jawa mega meal is the reason why the CFP fell and will be the downfall of the Empire. Anyway, here is this mess.
  2. In this post I'll be sharing my ultimate "Chip Butty". For those who don't know what a chip butty is, its esentially hot chips in between 2 slices of buttered bread. However here on Mordicai's Meals we don't go with the bear nessesities, we add flare to our meals. So what you'll need is: 2x Large Potatos of your choosing (I recommend Laura or Binjie potatoes) 2x Thick slices of bread (I recommend traditional white) 1x Tub of salted butter 1x Vial of Salt, Pepper & Paprika 1x Bottle of Oil I know the above ingredients look quite unhealthy but if you were here for healthy food, look for another post. So here's how you make it: STEP 1: First you'll need to preheat an oven to 180 degrees celsius STEP 2: Peel your potatoes, cut them into chips and blarch them. STEP 3: Get an oven tray and season a good founding of: Oil, Salt, Pepper & Paprika onto it. STEP 4: Place the chips onto the tray, cover with the seasoning until well covered and place into the oven for 20 minutes or until Golden Brown (Turn the oven up to 200 degrees when chips are in the oven) STEP 5: If you got the traditional white precut into thick pieces you can skip this step, If you didn't cut 2 thick slices of the bread and ready them for the chips. STEP 6: Just before the chips come out of the oven layer the butter over the bread slices. STEP 7: Once you've removed the chips from the oven get the slices of bread and rub the butter side into the seasoning on the tray, toasting and melting the butter. STEP 8: Place the chips onto the bread and serve with a beverage of your choosing and tomato sauce/ketchup. Enjoy your diabeties. I might have a healthier option next post.
  3. I've decided to make a cooking thread of weird and yummy foods that I have come up with. Today I will be sharing my special "Doritos Toasty". This sandwich is easy to make and tastes like liquid pleasure. What you'll need is: 1x Avocado 1x Packet of Doritos (Supreme Cheese Flavour) 1x Jar of mild Salsa 1x Packet of Grated Cheese (Sliced is fine) 2x Slices of bread (Your Choice) 1x Chicken (Preferably a precooked one from the store) (Ham works as well) The method of madness for this marvellous sandwich is: Step 1: Place your slices of bread on your toasty maker. Step 2: Lay a nice grounding of avocado onto the bread following the rest of the ingredients (Cheese, chicken/ham, Doritos & a sprinkle of Salsa) Step 3: Place the 2nd piece of bread on top and toast in the maker until golden brown all over and cut in half to serve. I hope you enjoy this recipe, I will be adding more in the future and be prepared as they may get weirder. Also if you want to be a normal boring person just remove the Salsa and Doritos and apply the rest of the ingredients. So enjoy, skate fast, eat ass and smoke grass.
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