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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys, Recently I have been playing more and more as an event character both on ship and off ship. I would like to say first of all that every event master I have encountered has been extremely professional and I have always been able to clearly see the creative story they are trying to play out. The major problem I have seen lately is the event characters themselves. Perhaps there are 10 characters, maybe two of them start minging or ignoring orders. Sometimes they just spam the teamspeak asking for better weapons or complain about the weapons others have. Even last night when a general was trying to negotiate for a hostage one event character just turned around and shot the hostage. That looks negatively on the eight other event characters who were just following orders and end up getting lumped in with the minges in front of event masters. My question is, is there some sort of rating system on the event characters as a whole? Like a list of who shouldn't be a character or is it first person to say i gets to join. I completely understand if there isnt a way to monitor it. Feel free to tell me if that's impossible.
  2. So...After my week of hiking, i come back to my computer to have people asking me why i've had some of my SGT's and Officers have performed the MHC test, when we have a ST test, SPECIFICALLY MADE for the Storm troopers (incase you were not aware) The answer to this question, is that i've had some of my troops promoted to SGT or above, without first seeking my permission, or Alex's permission during event debriefs, which should NOT be happening. This is an issue, since (incase you forgot) the Storm trooper Corps actually has a functioning chain of command with limited positions in each rank, and it makes our job harder, when people screw with it during events that i did not witness or have any choice in. It is also dissappointing for the SGT+ who gets promoted, because they risk getting demoted the next time I am on, because I either didn't believe they were ready, or because i didn't believe they deserved it. So, just to remind everyone, especially event masters, THE ONLY ST PROMOTIONS THAT ARE ACCEPTABLE WITHOUT AN ST COMMANDER+ PERMISSION IS FROM PRIVATE TO CORPORAL! You are more than welcome to recommend troopers who are CPL+ for a promotion, but DO NOT promote them without our direct permission! P.S: for those of you who are wondering why the ST's have a seperate SGT and Officer test, it is because ours is designed to be more practical than the MHC test, and involves more than just questions. The ST test involves us observing both the behaviour, and performance of troopers onship, in training, or on the battlefield. This can come in a variety of forms such as asking them to perform certain tasks, making them teach a portion of a training session, or give them a small detatchment of men to command in an event, as well as teaching them how to train recruits, and a test on what to do in certain situations. -Hope you understand The ST chain of command.
  3. Greetings Brothers-in-Arms. Just had a small thought on something I want to get everyone's thoughts on. So I've been thinking of the idea of how to make communicating with regiments and/or Command during events a lot easier and I've been thinking. What would everyone think about giving all personnel with Clearance Level 3 access to a radio feature to relay instructions and situations towards other regimants or Command, whilst also ensuring that no "Mingers" get access to the radio and being miserable trolls on it. Strict rules will, without a doubt, need be in place for the radios, esspecially when we are on-ship and outside events, like no one allowed to use them on-ship except for the Higher-Ups & Secretaries in Military High Command as a form of PA System. The radios will just be for events only, and only the respectable ranks should have access to them. Anyway, that's just my idea. All comments and constructive critism is welcome. Long live the Empire, Master Seargent ARC-24-A Muzza Rancor Regiment Empire's Fury Made Flesh