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Found 12 results

  1. Steam Name: Vanders Age: 15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:221537593 In Game Name and Rank: Corporal 《97-30》 Vanders Time Played (Server Time): 4 Days 7 Hours and 30 Minutes Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): N/A Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): N/A Why are you applying to be an event master: I am applying for Event Master because I like the events and would really like to help and make them funnier What can you bring to the event master team: I think I can bring fun ideas which players will enjoy and can bring the people that guard the bridge and other important areas into play What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: I can think of many great ideas to bring all the players into the event and think of very many unique ideas that every player will enjoy Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: Yes I do Anything else you would like to add: I think this could help me in my life later and inspire more people to become EM or Trial Mods Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible Event Idea 1: The rebels and some Jedi get onto the ship there main mission is to kidnap navy personal and will stop at nothing to complete their task. Some of them sneak around while others go straight for gold they will try to take out the engine etc and will have fighters outside hopefully getting destroyed by our pilots. If they get our Navy personal we will go on to there ship to try and safely return our personal. Event Idea 2: A Stormtrooper who is actually a rebel spy try's to steal the plans to the Death star and also attempts to take down our ship we have to identify the Rebel spy and contain him or exterminate him before he returns the to the Rebellion. He/she will get support after a short time from the Rebellion and some Jedi.
  2. Steam Name: [IG] MorganTrademark Age: 16 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:102265670 Time Played: Around 3.5 - 4 weeks before the server reset, I currently have 1 week and 8 hours Have you had any warns and/or bans: No Have you been an Event Master on any other servers: Yes, I have, though the titles were different Revival Servers Civil War Roleplay - Senior Gamemaker Project Renegade Clone Wars Roleplay - Gamemaster I've been staff on other servers where I had either assisted with events or created them myself. Why are you applying to be an Event Master: I am applying for the position of Event Master because I’ve been a long time member of the community (A little over a year) and I want to help improve the roleplay experience for my peers and the rest of the members of the community. Currently from my experience what I’ve seen is that events have been more of just Run and Gun without much RP, I want to help change that. I wish to add more of the RP aspect to events and run more passive events that all passive RP regiments can take part in. What can you bring to the Event Master Team: A new member to the team to help specialize the passive RP aspect of events rather than the combat due to my experience with passive RP regiments (I’ve been in passive RP regiments or regiments that include large amounts of passive RP literally my entire time here on IG, whether it be Navy, ISB, Inferno Squad, or Medics. The only exclusion being Death Troopers.) An event master who plans on running more passive RP events and in creating more passive RP between events. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: As I’ve stated in my previous responses I want to improve the passive RP aspect of events. From what I’ve seen most events are more focused on the combat rather than the RP. I want to create events that include more passive RP for Navy, Engineers, ISB, Sith, Etc. One thing I also want to do is incorporate more is PAC users events to help create more immersive environments during events. Do you have a basic knowledge of ULX commands: Yes Anything else you would like to add: Thank you for taking the time to read my application, for those who support it thank you very much but I am hoping that everyone who does go through and read it responds with a detailed response on what they believe I could improve on and where this also applying with those who -Support this application. For those wondering about my activity, I can be on every day the only issue is that the next two weeks will be busy for me as I will be leaving to Los Angeles soon, 4th of July, and I've been spending more time with my baby brother as he was just released from the hospital after being there for two months straight after he was diagnosed with GBS (Guillain–Barré syndrome is a rapid-onset muscle weakness caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system, a disorder of the immune system where the nerves are attacked by immune cells.) Again I would like to thank all of the readers of this application, I also have another event in the works. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO APOLOGIZE IF THERE ARE ANY ERRORS AS IT TOOK ME 1 HOUR TO POST THIS. I HAVE ALWAYS HAD ISSUES POSTING ON THE FORUMS SO I HOPE NOTHING BROKE IN THE PROGRESS. Event #1 Event #2 Event #3 Agreement: I accept that I am a representative of ImperialGaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
  3. Steam Name: [IG] MrDoctorV5 Age: 17 Years Old Steam ID: User ID: 76561198102403186 STEAM_0:0:71068729 In Game Name and Rank: Current Regiment Role: ISB Acting Agent [•] Kallus Previous Regiment Role: Navy Engineer Apprentice Sherlock/Vicktor Sith Marauder Novice Slargg [Trandoshan] Royal Representative Gallius Rax Droid V3 , Royal Representative Gallius Rax Droid V2, Royal Representative Gallius Rax Droid V1, Bossk, Boba Fett, Cad Bane, Bossk, 31st Demolition Commander Spartan, Medical Surgeon Droid, KX-Series Security Droid Joker Shore Trooper Lance Corporal Joker, ISB Agent [•] Kallus, Time Played (Server Time): 03Weeks | 6Days | 08Hours | 46Minutes | 11Seconds Total Garry's Mod In game record 1,651hrs Overall In game server rank: 76 almost to 77 Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): I have 0 warnings, No kicks or bans Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): Artic Gaming NovaGaming RP Why are you applying to be an event master: The reason I am applying for this position for becoming a event master is that I been with imperial gaming community for now 6 months from now and I would like to enhance the RP experience in events and feel the immersion roaming around the players during events making and making feel involved into events, making them feel like their are actually in the world of star wars and feel involved, I would also like to make events more entertaining on the server not only for the players that plays as assault class who runs into battle getting them self killed in combat over and over again, but I'll also give them responsibilities to taking orders from Navy, Generals and ISB, I also have been making local mini events that I create such as my role or as a Trandoshan character as Bossk I don't know If I make good local mini events that depends on the situation playing a role as a Trandoshan role, but really If I do become a Event Master I can bring a lot of help for the team and would definitely not abuse my powers at any ways means necessary. What can you bring to the event master team: What I believe If becoming a event master team, Is that I can be very useful and helpful to the staff team, and would not leave them to do them self, Im very active 24/7 till 9AM - 3AM on the server and I also assist many EM or other TM/MD/AD I wont be letting them down at all, I can bring the EM team so much help that they will need in the future What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people: What I'm willing to do is make sure all players on the server are involved in events so their not left out at all, I believe that If Im in every event I can It more realistic and assist event masters, Like for instance TACKXO (ShoutOut) when he was playing the role of Admiral XO on map Gm_spoon when his using voice comms was still active everyone can hear it and he made a sound board where I ignite my lightsaber in the background which sounds awesome and striking him but he does the funniest death grunt, but Im willing to make more similar but better at it like much more better and life like star wars fantasy world event feeling the immersion flowing into them, but Im not just wanting just immersion its about the role playing and situation not letting be out of events I want them to involved everyone in the event should be involved and not just doing the Trandoshan voice or doing a generic event what Im looking for is intense event but also other things to try such as passiveRP. Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: I know some basics ulx commands such as, but for other things no I do not but I wish to learn some from experienced event masters. healths,weapon,models ect ect... Anything else you would like to add: Nope not at all. Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible Event Idea 1: Map: rp_kashyyyk_jugnle_b2 Plot Line: Wookies, on their home lands Kashyyyk and have stolen large units of Imperial heavy weapons supplies from a imperial large shuttle Freighter that landed on kashyyyk and this can be very valuable for the empire for the attack battalion then we plan to attack and take back whats our empire weapons supply units for our own use for war of the rebelion attack. Once we take our supplies back from kashyyyk after killing the wookies the empire fleet will arrive in and collect the heavy weapons supplies and return back to the star destroyer after we terminate all Wookies on kashyyyk around the areas. Charcters & NPC: 5-6 Players as Wookies and 1-2 Saber_wielders Wookies and also Wookie's NPCs Phase 1: The troopers will land on the landing pad on kashyyyk and push up to the elevator and then down to the first base that has been taken over by Wookies. heavily fortified defensive system and loaded with heavy Imperial weapons supplies which Wookies have already have stolen the supplies from the freighter, so this may take some troopers to push through the first base and taking over their outpost, and taking them hostage. Phase 2: Once we take over the wookie outpost in the first base which we took over after the Wookies were defending it, Navy engineers will set up a supply cage (dont know what its called again) In the base, and once that set up troopers will be ordered to push up and retrieve the stolen imperial weapons supply. It will be a dangerous push since they have rockets and heavy weapons supplies that's been stolen from the Imperial freighter, now the troopers will push up slowly when defensive puts up then they will be covered and be easy to push up to take over the other outpost that have the imperial supplies. Phase 3: As troopers start getting closer to the other outpost that the wookies have they will see a imperial freighter shuttle with 7-10 cargo crates (metals ones). then the troopers will be ordered by the higher ups Generals, Navy or ISB either one of them to secure the area of the cargo supplies and capture all unarmed wookies that instead to flee or surrend, After a few minutes later after gathering the cargo their will be wookies attacking beind from the top or bottom (both) start to spawn to attack the troopers but they will have to defend the area till reinforcements comes in to defend them. Once all Wookies have been terminated after reinforcements arrive, all troopers will have to return to base and return the weapons supplies to the ships and getting ready to get into hyperspace back to the star destroyer. and their will be a voice announcement saying while returning to the star destroyer *Good work troopers now were heading back to the star destroyer Navy and engineers will be making sure that the weapons haven't been tampered by Wookies and making sure the base is well protected so no wookies will take over again, and I'll be alerting the fleet that the area is secure and they can come to kashyyyk and take over the base. Event Idea 2:
  4. Steam Name: Kaiser Ragnarok Age: 17 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107528767 In Game Name and Rank: ST Colonel {W} Department Time Played (Server Time): 3 weeks, 0 days, 5 hours Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so, state them): Fortunately, during my time on the server, I have not been banned or warned at all. Have you been event master on any other servers (If so, state them): Unfortunately, I haven't got previous experience as an event master, but I am excited to learn from other EMs to create the best events I possibly can, and then some. Why are you applying to be an event master: I am applying because I have been a part of this community for a lengthy period of time, and wish to be more than a standard user, so I can contribute to the server more than a standard user. What can you bring to the event master team: I can provide an on-and-off imagination, and with enough time and experience, quality events, that may inspire others to be event masters themselves(but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part). What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people: I would provide events with a subtle story-line, and would occasionally engage regiments in more than what they would usually do in events. Please fill out both event ideas, and provide as much detail as possible: _____________________________________ Event One: Event Chars: 13 Prelude: A debrief will be called, and the troopers will be told that ISB has learned of a city on a nearby planet is suspected of harbouring rebels, and that they are to go down to the planet, and check the validity of the reports. Stage 1: Map: rp_naboo_city_v1 Event Chars: Venom 13, equipped with A280 and RT97c, with 5000 health 12 Rebels Once the event has been readied, the troopers will be reaffirmed of their duty(search the city for rebels). They will be posted on the walls, and will patrol the streets, looking for any signs of rebellion. After a minute or two(to lull them into a false sense of security), rumours of an unidentified assailant will reach High Command, who will warn the troopers to look out for him. Venom 13 will begin to attack the troopers, but will surrender in the face of the Empire's might(when he reaches >1000 health). He will be handed over to ISB for interrogation. while he is being escorted to the LZ, the 12 rebels will begin to attack in the hope of reclaiming Venom 13. He and the ISB personnel escorting him will find a secure place to hide, and will begin their interrogation. He will reveal that he is called Venom 13, that he is the last of a batch of genetically-engineered soldiers created by a scientist with funding from the rebels, that they fled from the scientist, but continued to follow the orders drilled into their heads, to kill Imperials. he will also reveal that the other 12 soldiers are located on Tatooine, scattered around the planet. High Command will recognise that the Venom Troopers are too great a threat to let live, and that wiping them out will deal a huge blow against the rebellion. Venom 13 will be executed at the debrief on the planet, and the Star Destroyer will set a course for Tatooine. Stage 2: Map: hfg_starwarsuniverse2_fix Event Chars: Venom 1, equipped with Pulse Cannon, RT97c, and Dual DC-17, 5000 health Venom 2-12, equipped with Pulse Cannon and RT97c, 3000 health each Once the Star Destroyer has arrived at Tatooine, the troopers will be told that the Venom Troopers have been designated KOS, due to their skills with weapons, the investments the rebels put into creating them, and that interrogation will get nothing out of them, as the only likely reason Venom 13 talked was due to his being the least experienced. The troopers will be sent down to the planet to hunt down and kill the Venom Troopers(as well as several Rebel NPCs guarding them). Venoms 2-12 will be killed on the planet, from inside the town, inside the caves, or roaming around the plains. The troopers will be ordered to not enter Jabba's Palace until Venoms 2-12 have been killed(with the order that doing so will anger the Hutts). venom 1 will send a message over comms/voice comms from jabba's Palace that he is surrendering. He will be captured, brought back to the Star Destroyer(the star destroyer on the starwarsuniverse map), and will be executed. The troopers will line up for debrief, and the Star Destroyer will return to the fleet. Event Two: Map: rp_tatooine_dunesea_v1 Event Chars: 7-8 1-2 EMs as "Unknown Pathogen" 6 others as "Medical Droid ####", equipped with bacta grenades, ammo and health dispensers, and flamethrowers, 2000 health each NPC Clone Death Troopers will be spawned in The Star Destroyer will be called down to Tatooine to investigate the disappearance of the populaces of several villages. The troopers will be ordered to check the nearby sand-crawler, downed ship, and cave systems for any life signs. Whilst searching the caves, some troopers will find several apparently diseased corpses. When High Command hears of this they wil; dispatch medical droids to the troopers in the caves for blood tests. At this point, the EMs will cloak themselves, and drop shadow virus grenades into the caves where the troopers are. The blood test results will be decided by those who are role-playing as the medical droids. Troopers who come up clean will be sent back to the LZ for further testing by the Medical Troopers, and those who come up as infected will be incinerated on the spot. The medical droids will begin extracting blood, bone marrow, tissue, and cerebral fluid samples from the infected corpses for the Medical Troopers to study in hopes of creating a vaccine. At this point in time, two things will happen: 1. High Command will inform the rest of the troopers that an infection has seemed to grip the desert, and to be wary of any wounds they have, and they have the potential to become walking bio-bombs. 2. Zombie NPCs will be spawned around the LZ and the caves, so the troopers will have to fend them off while the medical droids bring the samples back to the LZ. Once the samples are secured, everyone will be flown beck to the Star Destroyer for debrief(At debrief, the person holding the debrief will mention that while the vaccine will be ready and mixed into the injections on the next ship-wide medical check-up, it wil be too late to save the villages afflicted by the disease(Maybe some Navy-RP about firing the turbo-lasers into the planet in order to eradicate any traces of the zombies)). Terms: I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not, I will ask a higher member of staff for a better explanation. Thank you for reading this.
  5. ZAZA

    ZAZA's Application

    Steam Name: ElBushWookieAge: 16Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? yesSteam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060001427In-game name and rank: ZAZA Pilot CrewmanTime Played: 1 day 21 hoursWhy are you applying for this position?: I love being creative and I always have an idea or two that I believe could be great if it were made into an eventHow will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?: I believe that I can make the community happier and less bored in downtime on the server and I can come up with some major events that could be very funHave you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: No NoneHave you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: No NoneWhat can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: I believe that simple fun little side quests during the main event for extra rewards always helps in an event to make it more fun, anything to take the player away from the main action and choose a longer more detailed and rewarding path is my key to a successful eventAnything else you would like to add: I hope that you think of me as a new event planner so I can help grow the community even moreTwo different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: dropping in reinforcements to a blockade that is getting overrun by rebels, tie bombers carpet bombing the area while tie fighters hold off x and y wings, during the event some side quests could appear such as, a Rebel Blockade runner has crashed on a cliff nearby with vital intelligence onboard, if the intelligence is successfully taken you gain a technical advantage with a prototype weapon hidden in the armory but if you fail the rebels take the weapon and get the weapon. a group of volunteers storm a pirate stronghold with stolen imperial vessels inside while the bulk of the troopers sneak in through a hidden back entrance, if the troopers are spotted they have to fall back as there is no cover giving them an immediate time disadvantage, after they regroup they would be allowed to come up with a plan to infiltrate the stronghold with the resources they have. if they do not get spotted then they have a surprise advantage and they can flank the enemy to quickly eliminate them and finish the mission.
  6. Steam Name: Fuze Age: 15, born on 20/11/2001 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? I have a microphone and use it both in Teamspeak and in game every time I play. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:81879870 In-game name and rank: ISB Senior Operative [•-5] Lincoln Time Played: 6days | 09hours | 20mins Why are you applying for this position?: I consider myself to have an active imagination and am constantly thinking to myself about really cool events that we could do on the server. I enjoy a lot of passive roleplay and I feel that is where my strengths with events will shine through, however I would be able to adapt to create awesome off-ship massive scale battle events. How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?: I believe that I can bring a new dimension to the Event Master team. While I have never been an official event master, I have friends who are and they have asked me on many occasions to let them run an idea by me and get my feedback. This inspired me to start coming up with my own event ideas outside of any servers simply to hone my skills and ensure that when I finally did meet the criteria to become an event master, I would have some "ready-to-play" events that I could bring to the community. Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: I have not, however I am keen to learn how to effectively produce quality events that players and event characters alike can thoroughly enjoy. Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: I recieved 1 warn from Frank for Mic Spam on the 4th of August. To explain what happened: When I was in Vader's Fist, we were having some fun out of character in discord which quickly evolved into in-game, out of character fun with other people outside of VF in the mess hall. I'm not sure when Frank came in, but he did give me a warning to stop playing the instrument in game which I did not see as I was not paying attention to chat at the time. He then moved me aside and gave me the official warning. It was a big mistake to have made and I made the pledge to myself that I would not let myself get involved in anything like that again, and I haven't ever since. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: The style of events that I would like to host would be focused mainly on creating a fun and engaging atosphere for every player involved. This would hopefully inspire players to tell their friends about the server and it's events, and convince them to join the community. Having an engaged player base in events is vital to the success of any server, and I would love to be part of that continuing tradition. Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: Event Idea 1: "System Failure" ================== Map: rp_stardestroyer (On-sip Event) NPC's: Yes, not involved until Act 2. NPC Directive: To assist in storming the ship and recover both the captured spies (players) and the sensitive data the spies attempted to steal from MHC and the Bridge. ------------------ Player Directive: Enemies: Act 1; steal sensitive documents from MHC and upload a virus to the Star Destroyer mainframe. Act 2; a small team of (player) rebels will infiltrate ISB and free the captured spies. In addition, a "boss" character (a Jedi player) will also be deployed on wave 3 to further distract the troopers. Act 3; the same team will escort the spies, fighting troopers as they go, to MH2 where a transport will be waiting to evacuate them. Friendlies: Unaware during Act 1 of the 'Enemies' true goal, in Act 2 the Navy Engineers will be in the Engine Room trying to repair the damage the virus did to the Star Destroyers weapons systems and in the Bridge trying to erradicate the virus from the system. During this time, troopers will be defending against three waves of enemy (NPC) attacks and ISB will be interrogating the now captured players. In Act 3, troopers will have to prevent the Rebel team from escaping the Star Destroyer with the spies. ================== Act 1; Infiltrate the Star Destroyer under the disguises of [1] Military High Command General [2] Navy Admirals escorted by [2] Naval Guard or Nova Troopers or Death Troopers from the ship + [1] ISB Representative. They will be provided with acceptable idetification to allow the General into MHC (escorted by [1] Naval Guard or Nova Trooper or Death Trooper, which they will have to 'evade' to be able to steal the documents) and the Admirals into the Bridge (escorted by [1] Naval Guard or Nova Trooper or Death Trooper, which again they will have to 'evade' in order to take the data). The General will have (hopefully) succeeded in stealing the documents and leave MHC with the [1] Naval Guard and make their way to the Bridge to meet with the Admirals who have also (hopefully) succeeded in stealing the data and have left the Bridge. Before the Admirals can get past the the Bridge Enterance, a Military High Command General (from the ship) will intercept them and ask to see what it is so important about the "new data they uploaded to the terminals". At this time, the General notices that he has never heard of {Admirals' and General's Names} and asks to see their identification. Upon seeing their identification the General notices it's fake and orders the troopers around him to arrest the spies and have them interrogated by ISB. Act 2; Having discovered the plot of the three Rebel spies, ISB have taken them to be interrogated and ensure that the data the General stole is intact. Meanwhile, the Navy in the bridge are going through the system making sure that everything is accounted for, finding instead that the spies had uploaded a virus to the system that will disable all of the ships weapons systems. Upon contacting the Navy Engineers, the virus takes action and disables the weapon systems. The Navy work to eradicate the virus from the system while the engineers work in the engine room to restore the weapon systems. As this is happening, a Rebel fleet is detected coming out of hyperspace, to which the Navy respond by deploying pilots in TIE Fighters to hold them off until the weapon systems can be restored. As the engineers almost repair the weapon systems, the virus has one last trick. Using the last of it's time before the Navy remove it to send a pulse to the engine room which causes multiple systems to fry. After this, Rebel transports make it into the hangars and deploy troops (NPC's) to fight the troopers inside {Wave 1}. In the confusion in the hangars, a small team of Rebels (Players) will sneak their way through the ship to ISB where they will detain the agents and free the captured spies. Fortunately, ISB have already returned the data and locked down their terminals so the Rebels cannot access them. Meanwhile {Wave 2}, the Rebels have secured MH2 and locked the troopers out. This is where a transport is waiting to evacuate the Rebels that escaped ISB. A final group of Rebel troops are deployed into MH1 with the assistance of [1] Jedi and a few Rebels (Players) {Wave 3}, with the purpose of distracting the troopers to allow an easier escape for the escaping Rebel team. #From this point on, the troopers have the potential to fail# Act 3; (Rebels Succeed, Jedi Survives) The group of escaping Rebels fights their way through any resistance from the troopers and makes it to the transport. Upon them leaving the hangar, the Jedi will evacuate from MH1 as well. (Rebels Succeed, Jedi Captured or Died) The group of escaping Rebels fights their way through any resistance from the troopers and makes it to the transport. The captured Jedi is brought to the Sith Temple to be held before a public execution at the Debrief area. If the Jedi is killed no extra items will occur, troopers will report to debrief. (Rebels Fail by Capture) If the ship is destroyed (unlikely), or the Rebels surrender, they will be taken to the Brig and held there until they are called to the Debrief area for execution. The transport will be promptly searched and destroyed in MH2, followed by a debrief for all personel. (Rebels Fail by Death) If the Rebels are killed before they can all reach the ship, the transport will be promptly searched and destroyed in MH2, followed by a debrief for all personel. Debrief: (Standard Speech) "Three Rebels disguised as a Military High Command General and two Navy Admirals infiltrated the ship with the purpose of stealing sensitive documents and crippling the Star Destroyers weapon systems in preparation for an assault which would soon follow. They succeeded in this phase of their plan and ISB have been requested to improve security measures around the ship. Thankfully, General ______ intercepted these spies and had them aprehended and taken to be interrogated by ISB, just before the Rebels launched their attack. Without any external weapons to defend us, the Rebels easily deployed troops in the hangars where we began to defend against them." (Rebels Succeed, Jedi Survives) "Unfortunately, the captured Rebels escaped us and the Jedi fled alongside them. Having captured them would have been a major success to the Empire, however I feel they will be trying something like this again." *Standard Speech* "Meanwhile, a group of Rebels had subdued ISB agents and freed the captured Rebels and begun to make their way to a transport in MH2, which they were able to board. Excellent job in the beginning troopers, however we weren't good enough to prevent their escape." (Rebels Succeed, Jedi Captured or Died) "Unfortunately, the captured Rebels escaped us, however we did manage to secure the Jedi that fought with them. While the spies were able to escape, we did provide a small victory for the Empire." *Standard Speech* "Meanwhile, a group of Rebels had subdued ISB agents and freed the captured Rebels and begun to make their way to a transport in MH2, which they were able to board. Excellent job troopers, particularly on the capture of the Jedi, who will now be executed for his crimes against the Empire. Troopers, about face and form an advanced firing line on the red line and wait for orders to fire." (Rebels Fail by Capture) "Congratulations troopers, not only were we able to prevent the spies from obtaining the sensitive documents, but we stopped their escape and brought them back into our custody." *Standard Speech* "Meanwhile, a group of Rebels had subdued ISB agents and freed the captured Rebels and begun to make their way to a transport in MH2, which ended in their inevitable capture. Excellent job troopers, as a reward, the captured Rebels will now be executed vie firing line. Troopers, about face and form an advanced firing line on the red line and wait for orders to fire." (Rebels Fail by Death) "Congratulations troopers, not only were we able to prevent the spies from obtaining the sensitive documents, but we stopped their escape and ended their spree of crimes against the Empire. You should all be commended for your efforts today." *Standard Speech* Excellent job troopers, you are all heroes on this day." *ST Promotions* Event Idea 2: "Rendezvous" ================== Map: rp_mos_mesric_v2 NPC's: Yes NPC Directive: To defend against the Imperial troopers that are trying to prevent the Senators from joining with the Rebels. ------------------ Player Directive: Enemies: The Senators will meet with the Rebels to discuss abandoning their current deal with the Empire in favor of supporting the Rebel cause. No "special" characters will be used for this event, such as Jedi. For player controlled Rebels, they will initially be fleeing the attacking Imperial troops, however, they will eventually become involved with repelling their attacks. Friendlies: To prevent the Senators from giving their support to the Rebel Alliance, by any means necessary. It would be preferable for at least one Senators to be captured, so that Emperor Palpatine would be able to have the satisfaction of dealing with them personally. The senators will consist of Vasp Vaspar (Human), the senator of the Taldot sector, Hack Fenlon (Bardottan), the senator for Bardotta, and Cinderon Malpe (Human), who represents Derella. ================== Act 1; On-Ship: The troopers will be called to debrief, following the discovery that three Senators, who have heavily supported the Empire in the past, have decided to change their allegiance over to the Rebel Alliance. The Emperor simply cannot allow this and has ordered the troopers to bring the senators back to him, alive. The troopers will be informed that ISB have received intel that suggests the Senators are meeting with the Rebel officers on Tatooine, in the city of Mesric, to discuss their transfer to the Rebel Alliance. Following debrief, the troopers will report to MH1 and board drop ships that will take them to the surface. Off-Ship: Once all troopers are assembled at the landing zone, they will be quickly briefed on their tasks, and sent off into the city to find the Senators. Upon locating the Senators, the troopers will attempt to capture them, only to be stopped by attacking Rebel troops, forcing them to withdraw. During this time, the Rebels will guard the Senators as they make their way to the meeting place, where the Rebel Officers are waiting. Having lost the Senators, the Imperials regroup and search further into the city to locate the Rebels. Act 2; As the Senators are negotiating with the Rebel Officers, Hack Fenlon starts to get a bit nervous, he decides to pull out of the deal at the last minute. The Rebels are somewhat angered by this, and force him to leave the area, without any protection. He starts wandering around the city, when he runs into Imperial Troopers, who detain him and bring him back to the landing zone. He is interrogated to find out the location of the other Senators and Rebels, information that he gives up easily. The troopers are directed to the meeting point where they are met first by a large group of Rebels. In order to reach the Senators before they escape, they must fight through the defending Rebels. Once they have achieved this, they will arrive at the meeting place where the two remaining Senators are attempting to escape with the Rebel Officers. They will all be captured by the Imperial troopers and escorted back to the landing zone. Following this, the troopers will board their drop ships, while the Senators board the LAMBDA shuttle, and taken back to the Star Destroyer. Act 3; When all personel have returned to the ship, they will be called to debrief where the Senators are being held for trial and the Rebel Officers for execution. Once all troopers have assembled, Deputy Director Garrick Versio will question: "Give me one good reason that your pitiful lives should continue". Depending on the answers the Senators provide, and based on the Deputy Directors decision, the Senators will either be released or executed along with the Rebel Officers. The Rebels will be executed via a firing line of troopers behind the debrief, while the Senators will be escorted to ISB for execution. Debrief: "Congratulations on your efforts in our latest assignment troopers, you successful prevented the Senators from abandoning the Empire in favor of the Rebel Alliance scum. We received intelligence that suggested they would be trying this on the planet of Tatooine, in the company of two Rebel Officers, who will soon be executed for their crimes. Fortunately, one of the Senators saw the light, returned to us, and divulged the location of the meeting to us. Following this, you pushed through heavy Rebel resistance to capture the remaining two Senators and the Rebel Officers, and brought them back to the ship. If any Commanders+ noticed a Storm Trooper performing excellently on the battlefield today, please inform me now" *ST Promotions*
  7. Hello to everyone reading this. Recently there has been a large number of applications for both staff and PAC3 for the Imperial Roleplay server that I have wanted to talk about due to a large number of issues within the applications themselves. The first major issue that I have seen is people posting staff applications as a "funny joke" or because "they said to submit an application at debrief". A staff application is not a joking matter and should only be made by those who are actually wanting to apply for the position properly. It is true that the Imperial Roleplay team is looking to expand, but this does not mean that every player on the server has to put in an application just because they can. These is extremely rude and disrespectful to those who are actually, legitimately, applying for staff as it takes the attention away from their applications as everyone else is too busy reading your shitty application and responding to it instead of looking at the proper ones. The second major issue that I wanted to bring up was the fact that a large percentage of recent applications have been made where the applicant has written, in their application, that they do not believe that they are really good enough to actually get the staffing position whether that is because they have had a mingey past, because they haven't put more than five minutes into the application, haven't even had the time to answer all of the questions within the application template properly or because they are too young, immature or have a low playtime. For a player to submit a staff application, they should truly believe in themselves and they should only post it if they think that they have a good chance at actually succeeding in getting the position. I am tired of seeing shitty ten minute applications for trial moderator when the application has written down one to two sentences per question, puts down "valid" prior staffing positions *cough* minecraft *cough* and then at the end of the application write something along the lines of "I don't think that this application will be accepted but I thought that I may as well give it a go". NO, if you do not think that will be accepted then do us all a favour and click that red 'x' button at the top right hand corner of your screen and close your web browser. I am more than certain that posting one of these kinds of applications is only going to fuck up your reputation and your image on the server, rather than actually help it. The third major issue I see, and this is mainly for the Event Master applications, is can applicants actually put more than five minutes into an event and come up with new and unique ideas. I personally and sick and tired of reading applications that have one of the following, stock standard, unimaginative, shitty events. Imperial troops head down to *insert name* to go and hunt the Rebel Forces *insert name* attack the Star Destroyer Undercover *insert name* attack the Star Destroyer Imperial troops head down to *insert name* to track down *insert name* The Star Destroyer is damage and crashes into *insert name*, where the survivors are then attacked by *insert name* These kinds of event ideas have no originality, and if you can not come up with something that isn't one of these five event ideas, you do not deserve to become an Event Master. The only thing that I have seen recently that is worse than one of these five plot points, is someone, on an EVENT MASTER application, stating that they cannot come up with any events at the moment and that if you want some ideas of the events I will run, to go and speak to them in-game. NO, this is not on either. The point of the "write two events that you will run if you get the position" is to allow the community to see easily and clearly what kind of events you are going to run and how you will run them. Events take time to write up, I would know as I was Event Master for at least 5 months. The more detailed you can make your events in your Event Master application, the higher chance you will have for it being accepted. The fourth major issue I have seen in recent times is applicants not proof reading their applications, which would cut down on the number of spelling and grammatical errors, along with making sure that someone else can actually read your application. These things can be as simple as putting full stops and commas down in the correct places, using capital letters in the correct way And Not Typing Your Application Like This, knowing the difference between words such as to, too and two and there, their and they're. I am also tired of seeing lower case I's throughout peoples applications where is should be an upper case. It is these little things that can make or break your application, because people will pick up on it. If you are unable to structure a simple sentence together, you are in so way, shape or form ready to be a staff member on the server. There are also a few smaller issues that I wanted to bring up. When it says "If you have been staff on previous servers, please list them", it is talking about Garry's Mod servers. Things like Minecraft or Roblox staffing experience doesn't matter one bit here due to the nature of the game. Games like ARMA III or serious roleplay games could, however, matter due to the similarities between the server and them (such as being staff on a well-known ARMA III Life server, as it shows that you are mature and can roleplay well). The last minor issue I wanted to bring up was players on the server deciding to post staff applications after they have either been recently warned, banned or unbanned. If you have been warned on the server recently for a valid reason, it means that another staff member has decided that you do not know the rules of the server well enough and that they need to inform other staff members that you do not know this rule and that you have broken it, so if you do it again in the future, they will know. If you have been recently banned on the server it means that the staff members on the server saw it fit to restrict your ability to play on the server as you have broken the rules too many times or have done something completely in the wrong. If you have been recently unbanned, there is a one-month restriction placed upon you that does not allow you to apply for any position within the community whether that be a moderator, event master or for PAC3 access. You being unbanned was because the higher staff members have decided that you have deserved a second chance to play on the server. In saying this, that does not mean that you can apply for a position the moment you can, one month later. It takes time to build back up your reputation within the community. To those who have actually read this far, thank you. Hopefully, I have addressed all of the issues with recent applications and that this should begin to limit these things in future applications. Have a great day
  8. Steam Name: - [IG] HΞRMΞS Age: - 15 Years Old, 31/10/2001 Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? - Yes I have a microphone that I can and do use regularly Steam ID: - STEAM_0:1:169094775 In-game name and rank: - Name: Hermes - Rank: MHC Secretary Time Played: - 2w 1d 2h 18m As Of 30/7/17 And Am Rank 59 Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for this position for a number of reasons, these reasons being; 1- I want to help try and bring some fresh ideas for events into the event cycle and give events where regiments may also have RP things to do within not just shooting and killing, I understand many like this aspect to events but for those who don't and those who have been through a lot of these events and want something to do can have some more aspects to perform within the events. 2- I want to help run, plan and conduct events this includes helping take some stress off the current event masters by giving them an extra hand whilst doing events and whatever else is needed 3- I want to be apart of the staff team as I like helping make other experience a better one and also like to help keep order and control (Especially in the later hours when no staff members are on etc.) 4- I want to expand and grow my creativity I already have by making fun and unique events for the server 5- I believe that my love for star wars could benefit me in this role as my knowledge and ideas can be put to use on or off the ship with various events and plans to do so How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?: - Well I am an active player with the server community and am on almost every single day for a reasonable amount of time so I believe this gives me the capabilities to help do events frequently and consistently. - I do not like people ruining the fun and immersion of other players within the server community and if someone breaks a rule or purposely ruins the fun or immersion of another player I will be sure to take the correct steps to put the player in there place and ensure that the problem does not happen again in future - Also I Have A Few Ideas I Would Like To Implement Into The Server If The Other Staff Like It: - Training Guide For Training The New Recruits: Google Doc - Recruit Room Revamp I Have Sussed Out: Circuit Like - Individual Regiment Training Dupes (Specialties) - Commander Tryouts For Dead Rag's (eg. Snow, 212th, ITC, Shore, Squad 40) - Elite Status: 1 Reg, Considering that multiple elites no longer happen (Decided Every Week Or Every fortnight) - Potential To Free Up Some Space For MoreRP Space (Eg. Moving Moffs Office), Maybe? - Any many more ideas I have to help improve the server Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: - No I have not as this is the first and only StarwarsRP server I have ever played on in god, I have however had experience as a staff member before; - CerebroRP: DarkRP Community, - CerebroRP: PoliceRP Community, - Frostbite Network: DarkRP Community (Owner) Started off as a trial moderator within the server and worked my way through to Senior Admin. That server the was shut down due to the owner having IRL things taking over his life and needed the money to support him as he went through an IRL struggle and could not physically afford to keep the server running even with the flow of donations. Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: - Through the !warns system I can see I have 0 Total warnings on the server and 0 Active warnings to go along with it. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: - As I have previously stated above I can make events more enjoyable by adding more of an RP aspect to scenarios rather than just the basic shoot to kill NPC scenarios that occur frequently. - I will try to also create a nice storyline to go with the events to try and incorporate a greater sense of immersion for players involved. - I will also try to create events that are more users friendly and will try and draw a higher player base to participate to there fullest extent Anything else you would like to add: - Thank you for taking the time of day to read my application for Event Master with the Imperial Gaming StarwarsRP community, your feedback would be greatly appreciated as i wish to know how i can better improve myself, my application and my event proposals Thanks, Hermes Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: I Have put my event examples into google docs in order to condense the application Example Event 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GJP3wPAzOP7GQqAR3Pme5kWuYTTINurp65IOAIoXef4/edit?usp=sharing Example Event 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G750alR65Rrkk_vDByTY_-L0E6E1VRgBhPK9CidGBXM/edit?usp=sharing Thanks, Hermes
  9. Whitey

    Event Photos

    Just some photos from Events that I have taken. First lot is Ketas Event on Kashyyyk with the bridge and hover ships.
  10. Steam Name: TheDankestMemeAge: 19Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly? No.Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:22614337In-game name and rank: 212th Corporal Jeff | UserTime Played: 6 days 14 hoursWhy are you applying for this position?: I would like to begin to introduce a new style of events and spice up the style of events that are on the server and to entertain all of the users of the server so they stick with our server.How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?: It will help you by relieving some of the stress off of the shoulders of long time event masters by getting another person to assist and let the longer masters have some free time.Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: No.Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: No.What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: I can bring a refreshing sense to the server's events by using new models / ideas / maps / weapons / regiments so that people don't say "this events like this one" as that's no fun for anyone to deal with or put up with.Anything else you would like to add: I can offer assistance to the moderators by dealing with petty disputes. or i can offer a good time on the ship by creating live-fire training event's to ease the servers boredom. I can help commanders build their tryouts to help out the shipTwo different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master: Event 1: The capture of the bounties Characters: Ewok Jedi <chosen name> hp 6000, weapon lightsaber. Bounty. Surrenders at 1000 HP Wookie Jedi <chosen name> ^ same ^. Bounty Rebel Leader, HP 2500, Weapon A280-C Not Bounty surrendering is an option Rebel Heavy, HP 3000, Weapon RT-97C Not Bounty surrendering is an option New event regiment: Sand Troopers: HP 400, weapon DLT-19, Max 6 troops. for event only Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=730302729&searchtext=Jakku Plot: Debrief is them talking about how the empires fund are low as are our supplies and we are near Jakku where there is high paying bounties. the bounties are to be captured alive. Any other resistance is optional. Inform troops in ooc that if they holster they're surrendering. There is bounty 2D3D text screens all over the map describing a wookie and an Ewok. The bounties are found in a really makeshift looking hut. when discovered they will have kyber crystals on the wall and sabers in hand. In comms a Navy will explain they are jedi and that is the reason their bounty was so high. The troopers will hold fire until suddenly rebels spawn around them and they need to kill the rebels. and protect the saber wielders until the jedi/s surrender and we hand all the troops the NPC's ignore thing and they can walk free to the LZ where a strange figure will come and take them and hand emperor palpatine will get the money. Suddenly the rebels attack the strange figure in a final skirmish to free the Jedi. The rebels fail but the strange man is killed. there will an explosion as the ships about to be boarded explode. and the troops have to fight for their lives for 3 minutes while the ships come from the SD as many rebels with powerful weapons attack the LZ. The ships come and a "Missile strike" (meteor shower) comes to wipe out the rebels and the pilots have to dodge the meteors. End debrief depends on the outcome of the mission. Inform them that they either got the money and can resupply. or the empire cannot afford rations for a week Event 2: Disguised Jedi (on-ship) Characters: Sith Lord Joel, HP 7000 Sith Apprentice Charlie, HP 5000 Plot: The Rebels threatened the empire with a threat to blow up the SD during debrief and rebels attempt to assasinate the Highest ranked. the rebels get shot and their ship is regarded as pointless to search. 5 minutes later another debrief is called introducing 2 new sith. The Jedi disguised as sith lords plant bombs on the engine. later an engineer discovers several bombs on the engine room engine comms it in and the jedi reveal themselves as not sith but jedi and slaughter the engineer. A bomb squad including saber wielders to kill the jedi is established and is sent to defuse the bombs while the rest of the troops are boarding ship's as a just in-case measure. From that point on it is defcon 1 unless they manage to defuse the bombs and then we return to a debrief where everyone salutes out of respect and the comander's decide if their troops in the bomb squad get a promotion.
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