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  1. May 20, 19 BBY, an event that would change the year to 0 AFE. In the Galactic Senate, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine delivered a speech that changed the galaxy forever. Announcing the reformation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire which would ensure "the security and continuing stability" in the galaxy. Palpatine also added that the Galactic Empire would ensure a "safe and secure society". With no voiced objection within the Galactic Senate, Palpatine was able to create the Empire effectively. The Empire and its policies were not fully established apart from the hunt of the Jedi who had been seen as treasonous, so positive support of the Empire was easily earned. This day would be celebrated in the years after as a galactic holiday named "Empire Day" and in some places, the holiday would extend from a day to an entire week. Celebration attendance was mandatory but Imperials and Civilians did not get pushed into a boring day/boring events. Typical celebrations would be a military parade, consisting of a large number of troops, marching bands, armoured vehicles on the ground, and starfighter fly-overs. Imperial Flags could be seen everywhere with red and white confetti falling from the sky. At night, fireworks would be displayed over cities and some launched by starfighters. These celebrations would look different after a few years due to the new Imperial equipment replacing the Republic's equipment. The most iconic song you could hear is "Glory to the Empire", an upbeat version of the Imperial March. GLORY TO THE EMPIRE.mp3 Depending on where you are, Empire day may be celebrated differently. If you are closer to the core, the better the celebrations will be. On Planet's such as Lothal, Empire Day was an opportunity to showcase the connection between manufacturers and the Empire. Projects would be completed in time to reveal on Empire Day such as the Inquisitor Tie Advanced. I believe no Empire Day preparations have been made this year (as we have not done this in previous years), although I did try to push an Event Master to organize something but there wasn't enough time. But now we know this, I am truly excited for next years preparations unless the Event Team can quickly whip one up for today. Or even tomorrow as some places (as aforementioned) had week-long celebrations but you could also claim timezones, the ISD is not a great map for marches But in the Empire, it is a great day to showcase your regiment! The use of propaganda such as Ubermolen's banners is encouraged, looking at you, PAC3 users Or you can use the Flag version! HAPPY EMPIRE DAY!
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