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  1. Alright, so guys, I've had people come into the recruit room that don't have the clearance level to be in there and usually disrupt SGTs+ Training the recruits, it can get quite annoying when you're sitting there trying to get a recruit to listen and go through all the information with them and try to get them to understand everything and then a Private or Corporal or whomever decides to barge in to harass the SGTs or disrupt because they don't understand something or know something so they have to come into the Recruit room rather than say asking in OOC or asking a superior what something is. What I'm proposing is adding in some things to the Education Centre and making it a prominent area for STs or whomever to go to if they want to learn something. Things that need to be added are, like what PTS/PTE/STS and some other abbreviations are for STs to understand, especially when you're trying to get them to do something and they stand there dumbfounded as to what you are saying. Not to mention Ranks should be added in for all the rank equivalents especially for Navy/ISB to Trooper ranks as ISB especially can be more confusing for STs and we can't go around telling every single soldier what rank to salute or what clothing means what rank structure they belong to e.g. Higher rank or whatever. We need to add in some descriptions of the more complex Formations as well like Prisoner = Inward + Strip comms/weapons, VIP = Outwards, I've had multiple STs think that during a VIP you have to have your gun on safety, without considering that if you are in a hostile environment and need to guard say Grand Moff Tarkin, they would rather be unprepared than prepared. At least make some of these things added into the Recruit Room that should be enforced to teach the Recruits as well. Also adding in the Abbreviations and ISB ranks into the Recruit room would help recruits before they leave and may be thrown into combat or a training before they know it. It has also become apparent that a lot of people don't actually know where the Classroom and Education Centre actually is and we might have to add in some directions.
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