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Found 6 results

  1. If you've been around for some time, you'd remember the Media Team, the talented non-staff team who used their skills in production (such as: filming, editing, script-writing, set design, etc.) to create videos and graphics based around the server and community. In fact, I was encouraged by a friend to buy Garry's Mod to play Imperial Gaming as I had an interest for Star Wars, and I was shown a server advertisement on youtube created by the Media Team, with all that glorious 2017 IG aesthetic. Any how, I've never wanted to join the Media Team but always admired them and they were my favourite team in the community. I remember reading through so many Media Team applications and seeing the production skills so much of this community has. Everything looked good but it came to a stop, motivation decreased and eventually on September 9, 2019 they were disbanded and it seemed less content was being produced by the community, which I believe lead to an idea in CFP. Coalition for Progress was great, a regiment with multiple branches and a really good roleplay oppurtunity in propaganda creation. A lot came from them as well, some really great posters and videos, but I never saw much? I think creating a regiment for this wasn't the greatest, even though they still had a lot of oppurtunity with other branches in the regiment, it clashed with ISB in my belief. And as motivation decreased here, another disband occured. In the recent community meeting, @SCHEFF raised a question on the Imperial Press Corps, which was a job (regiment) made for public use after the disband of the Media Team, but here I didn't see to many community members use it. Now looking at the context, it looks like the actual job was removed but it looks like it may be brought back (unsure if still a job). If we bring back this job and people are willing to use it, I think it'd be great to bring back the Media Team, a team which is non-staff is great in my opinion, people have a proper position in the community without being staff. I've been thinking about this after wanting to redo my regimental showcase and thinking of doing a video but having little skill in production. Then to add more thought on the Media Team I hop on team speak and then remember my donator channel which I named "Kamelieon's Media Team" as a joke. Anyhow, I've thought about it for a little while and I think bringing back the Media Team is a good idea, I'm putting it up for discussion because I want to hear other people's opinions on it as well.
  2. So i wanted to start this discussion as i have been thinking about these topics and am curious of the communities opinion so reply your thoughts. Firstly, The stage feels more like a given thing and not a privilege. At this point when a debrief occurs 75% of the server is on the stage. and honestly most regiments/people shouldn't be on the stage. The only people on the stage in my opinion should be, Inner circle, IHC, CL4+ and Inquisitors (not purge). I believe that you should earn your right to be on stage and just because your in a regiment that grants you access doesn't mean you deserve it. and by on the stage i also mean that regiments standing in the doors and on the walls should also line up. Navy, ISC and engineers should be lining up and so should purge and Compforce. Secondly, During departure and other events i find a lacking amount of troopers, it seems that there are only speciality people and people in suits. This one doesn't bug me as much but it seems weird that for a community to be Lore friendly that 75% of the server are in suits or special regiments. And yes there are more regiments with troopers but you never seem to see more then 5 people on per army regiment. When you see the lines awaiting dropship assignment more of the server are on the sides or behind then people lining up in regiments. Well after my little rant i understand it might stir up some controversy and i understand that i am not a army regiment and am far from it but i think making some of these changes can help the server be a little more interesting. Dont mean to call anyone out negatively just sparking some discussion and ideas. -Verstappen
  3. Forums have been pretty quiet for a little bit so thought I'd add a discussion topic that might be fun. I'm curious to know what everyone's first game they ever played was, obviously if you're not comfortable with posting anything that's totally fine just sit back and read some responses So. My first ever game I played was Beyond Good and Evil on the xbox original (which I highly recommend you play, it's on Steam), my mother bought the xbox for the family and it came with BGE so I played it since it was all I had and I fell in love with it. You'll notice the pig in the box art down below is my current Steam and Discord photo. Essentially the game is a detective game, you play as Jade in the beautiful city of Hillys where constant attacks by Domz aliens reap the land, hired by a secret associate it's up to you to with your camera and report on the secrets the Domz hold behind their back. To this day I still play this game, not just for the nostalgia I get when playing it, but just because it's such a fun game to play, the combat system works very well and for the most part the game is pretty easy in those terms, there are forced stealth moments where getting seen will have you insta killed but it fits in with the vibe of the game. The first time I ever played the game I also somehow managed to stealth 90% of the game, only ever pulling out my Dai-mo for forced boss fights, and because of the lack of a upgrade or skill set for the character, I wasn't reprimanded for skipping normal fights, I didn't need to go back and collect XP in order to stand up to the boss. Right okay nostalgia wave over phew, but anyway it's up to you now, feel free to chuck your first ever game you played with as little or as much detail as you want, just chuck the game title and be done with it, that's cool. Psst also hey check out the game on Steam, pretty cheap.
  4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THREAD: Questions & Show Discussion _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With the Avatar The Last Airbender original episodes recently being released on Netflix and a lot of members within the community watching it I thought I'd ask you all some questions to see how everyone's enjoying it and what parts/aspects of the show you all enjoy. Also, for those who are not aware, Netflix has announced that they are in the works of producing a live adaptation of the show in partners with the creators of the animated show in order to give us a cinematic retelling of Team Avatars story. If you wish to read more about the planned adaptation by Netflix or wish to find out more about the show itself you can do so at the following link: http://bit.ly/avatarTLA . Feel free to answer the question below yourselfs and/or use this thread as a place to discuss the show with other members of the community, please be mindful however when discussing the show as to not spoil it for others who are only now watching it, use spoiler boxes please and thank you. I grew up watching this show and now that its on netflix I am binge watching the crap out of it. QUESTIONS Favourite Character(s): Cabbage man Provides a good amount of comic relief regularly (Fun fact: he makes appearances in The Legend of Korra as well) Sparky sparky boom boom Provides Aang with good character development and develops Zuko's story in the later episodes. Mei I mean come on what's not to love about her, she is practically an assassin with her throwing knives. Azula Can't say why because it will spoil the last season for those who haven't seen it, for those who have seen it. Final Agni Kai (if you know you know). Favourite Group(s) of people: Dai Li The concept of this group is awesome, they are essentially the secret service of Ba Sing Se and have rock gloves they can project towards targets. What is not to love. Order of the white lotus Can't say due to spoilers it would give but I will just say 1 thing... Ba Sing Se scene. If you could pick one, what element would you want to be able to bend? Personally I would chose earth... Favourite Episode(s): The Firebending Masters The Day of Black Sun Part 1 The Day of Black Sun Part 2 Sozin's Comet Part 1 Sozin's Comet Part 2 Sozin's Comet Part 3 Sozin's Comet Part 4 Are you excited for the new episodes Netflix are producing? Absolutely. Blank Question Template: Have Fun, Sully
  5. Credits - Points Conversion System So i have been thinking of this idea for a while now and i'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this but here we go, I'm suggesting a system which allows players to transfer there credits into points reasons being Not everyone likes to spend credits on gambling and or hiring bounty hunters Players that don't have time to play chunk hours every week are at a disadvantage and then slower to save to get store items Players would have another reason to do quests People who don't have a lot of spare time will be able to do quests while they are on the server and convert them into points to help them towards there goal Of course there will have to be a system in place that will even out the transfer ratio saying maybe 10 credits = 5 points or maybe being able to only transfer a certain amount of credits per day, say 100 credits are transferable per day for each player. Let me know what you guys think about this suggestion in the comments.
  6. Hey. I was just wondering what everyone has set as their desktop wallpaper. Mine is currently the one below.
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