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  1. Hey guys! Its your bestfriend coming back at you with some Media <3 So some of you may have been able to see the wonderful sight but some of you may have not. While on Naboo I became a Chagrian with quite the taste of fashion, due to this I became the "Naboocci CEO" and set up a "Limited Time Naboocci Tactical Showcase". All the personnel who attended can now be VIP's to the Naboocci brand and have fun with that. But anyway, 'we' are proud to showcase our showcase to the community. Welcome to: NABOOCCI TACTICAL Showcase Title: "The battle with beauty" Showcase Title: "The endless duties become heavy upon a trooper" Showcase Title: "From another planet though still valued in clothing" (The textscreen has a typo due to the Naboocci Engineering Team being bad) Event Sponsors: Regional Government, The Kih'to Family and The Tatooine Night Markets
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