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Found 4 results

  1. Im sure we are all aware how worthless credits are at this current point in time! BUT What if they didn't have to be? I give you the suggestion of Perks: What would this be? Where did it come from? How would it work? Is it even doable? How does it affect gameplay and the server Will it be practical Will it be fun...? What types? The addition of Perks is the idea of a new tab inside the point shop. This tab will be full of possibly 10 boost or less, very similar to the HP tab with the exception of allow possible 3 of even 5 of them to be active at once. These boost would allow small tweaks to a players game play for things such as combat or task. This idea came from me thinking back to the Imperial gaming clone wars server from the Wiltos saber combat addon. During that time on the server Jedi where the only ones supposedly allowed to touch the item which gave boost such as Hp, Speed or armour. However me and some others got our hands on a few boost. The idea also stems from games such as COD, Halo and other large combat games. This idea was reignited thanks to me being tagged in a recent post about points being a pain to gain. The thought was instead of trying to fix that, why not add a secondary goal which can be done at the same time as the first? This would work by the addition of a second tab and allow more then one active item such as when the server allowed 2 primary weapons on the Imperial server for a period of 3 months. By creating a large selection of perks it will provide a large variety of options for players to attempt to achieve and go for. Is it doable? Short answer yes. The server has previously had a item know as "armour" which reduces the overall damage a player takes. I know this information as Imperial commandos had this more then 2 years ago. This caused damage from weapons to be reduced greatly. A example was the old pulse cannon doing 150 damage instead of the default 200. The server has also proven and been able to show they can control the health a person spawns with, ammunition you spawn with, increase in movement speed and other small bonuses similar to the quest line. It will greatly change the way which game play is done the server from combat to movement for all regiments and people. By adding of different kinds of perks people will be able to assemble a custom play style which they enjoy instead of being forced into roles such regiments and using the same gear as 20 others. This addition will reward players who show dedication towards the server which is something at this current stage is not fully expressed in server. As new and old players now share the same items and states with small changes only from the point shop which has been greatly nerfed. This addition will put players who play the server into a more noticeable difference then those who do not but will also not greatly over power them. The simple idea is give them boost which they can choose and mix as they like. Within combat these boost will give a upper hand for both event characters and players in combat. From being that little bit stronger. With the addition of perks if done correctly it would greatly make the server more enjoyable in Rp and none RP with a mix of practical and fun perks. What kind of perks? A large selection with such examples as: Deep pockets: Spawning with a extra 50% ammunition on all rifles (Use: players with speacialed equipment are now able to use it more with less worry of running low and also allows average players to worry less about ammunition when no supports or medics are on) Armoured Shell: Take 5 less damage from all attacks over 20 damage. Up to a maximen damage reduction amount of 200 per life. (Use: Players can survive longer in combat and take reduced damage) Higher jump: 10% higher jump (Allows players to quickly jump over pesty things they will normaly be stuck on in combat without swaping their rifle out. Can be paired with other perks for easier climb swep) Fast hands: 30% quicker reload Quick hands: Swap weapons and put away faster by 20% Good eye: Better accuracy by 10% Fast charger: Quicker fire rate 5% Supercharged: 3% more damage Crouched: 10% faster crouch speed Unseen: NPCs are less likely to target you Hidden: Name plate won’t display Blind Eye: Player kills will not appear in kill feed Slow fall: Reduced gravity by 10% Party popper: Upon death a firework effect will launch Screams: On death a scream will be heard. Quite steps: Reduced sound when walking Charger: Over time ammunition for any weapon being held will be given Hard to see: From longer distances your model will not become transparent to another player. Diplomat: NPCs will not shoot at you if you do not hold a gun Medics Call: A red firework will be launched upon death Skyman: Spawn with a parachute Deep Voice: 10% large and louder yell volume. These are a few perks i could think of within a short time. The idea is each has a unique credit cost instead of POINTS. But will COST CREDITS. Players can mix to make a character to suit the situation or even they are entering or to leave on as a default. Combinations to help a player at climb swep, pvp, stealth, scouting, hostage situations, use of special gear and other unique combinations. This goal would take time by management to develop. This is understandable. But a addition such as this would increase the life and playtime of imperial gaming. Providing a use for Credits. Special Perks can be made such as event ones similar to the Halloween pistols or Christmas E11 where they can be a mixed perk having half perks such as Christmas Candy: Reduction of 2 damage and increase of 5% speed. Halloween Candy: Name will not appear when looked at, 3% more damage from all weapons Easter Candy: 5% higher jump, 5% slower fall rate, 5% faster movement speed. The possibilities are endless and it being a point shop tab allows for them to be edited and added without players loosing all perks such as the skill tree already on the server. This idea was done to give use to credits and help make players unique once again. If you notice any spelling errors please @ me and if you have a idea of your own please feel free to add a comment.
  2. Credits - Points Conversion System So i have been thinking of this idea for a while now and i'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this but here we go, I'm suggesting a system which allows players to transfer there credits into points reasons being Not everyone likes to spend credits on gambling and or hiring bounty hunters Players that don't have time to play chunk hours every week are at a disadvantage and then slower to save to get store items Players would have another reason to do quests People who don't have a lot of spare time will be able to do quests while they are on the server and convert them into points to help them towards there goal Of course there will have to be a system in place that will even out the transfer ratio saying maybe 10 credits = 5 points or maybe being able to only transfer a certain amount of credits per day, say 100 credits are transferable per day for each player. Let me know what you guys think about this suggestion in the comments.
  3. Pretty straightforward suggestion. People have been talking about how you'll get your credits removed and stuff if you AFK farm. Just make it so that if you go AFK any longer than five minutes you stop collecting credits. EDIT: Disregard I misunderstood what people were saying. Someone lock this post @Whitey@Head Coach Frank
  4. I find that the whole ship could benefit from having a credit system you would earn these credits the same way that you earn exp (being active on the server) the credits could be used for multiple RP reasons like: Buying food and drink in the mess hall/Officers lounge Buying a small droid (PAC USERS ONLY) after purchase you can then RP it in with the engineers, Price would range from size to flying or grounded Used to hire bounty hunters and the bounty hunters could use earned credits to improve there load-out if arrested for any reason they lose there purchased items and would have to re purchase them (also leaving a paper trail for investigating a bounty hunters hit meaning if we arrest a bounty hunter for doing a hit we question who he got the credits from and arrest the person who paid him for it, if he tells us who it was or if we get proof) Shock/Riot could start doing fines for people who commit small crimes (if someone cant pay a fine they get arrested instead, the credits from the fine would go to navy not shock/riot before any makes a revenue raising joke...) On events people could use credits for a one time purchase of event weaponry (they lose it after the event ends) it could range from grenades, pulse rifles, binoculars or even cuffs if the event is to detain someone. People who abuse this (using the cuffs to arrested other troops for no reason) would be black listed from the event store and also exchange credits for points in the new point shop to buy weapons,skins and anything else in the shop I feel this would help improve RP on the server and if needed we could even add shop keepers these people would be the ones you go to when you want to buy something (for bounty hunter hits you would set up an appointment with the bounty hunter, the appointment cant be used as a way to arrest the bounty hunter unless you walk in on them talking about it but cant set the bounty hunter up to be arrested)
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