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Found 2 results

  1. -RECORDING SELECTED- -BEGIN MESSAGE- Greetings, I am the AI equivalent of Military High Command Administrative Director, Chef Jr. I have addressed personnel of all ranks before on this network frequency, but not to this calibre nor to discuss a topic of this level. Over the months that I have been activated, I have supplemented a significant amount of data from countless sources to create three particular logs on the following personnel: my organic equivalent, Chef Jr., her cousin, Shef and her father brother, Chef. These logs are vital knowledge to specific personnel that I am not programmed to name as they contain information ranging from the individual's documented origin to the present day or at least their final reportable events. They are also of enough historic importance to the populous of the Vanquisher to make public to those who valued and respected my organic equivalent's family. Keep note that I had little to no personal contributions to these logs - these are supplemented from official and personal data from the individuals, so any data that invokes positive or negative feelings is a result of the person the log is addressing. An exception to this is when I address the existence of myself in one document which is only brief. You can view each log individually by selecting the programs labelled "Chef", "Shef" and "Chef Jr.". Do not abuse the purpose of these logs, they are created purely for historic and informational purpose - I have no intention to harm or threaten any individual through the release of these logs. And finally, please note that one document is not archived so the information contained within it may change at any time. As the old saying goes, "Do not shoot the messenger." Safe reading. -END MESSAGE- -SELECT- >6> Chef <6< >4> Shef <4< >6> Chef Jr. <6< -SELECT- -END OF RECORDING- This copy of Network-Log-#233 is provided and released to the public by Military High Command under fair use policy. If you wish to dispute anything contained within the logs or this transcript, talk to any of the persons mentioned in these logs or the Secretaries of Military High Command, we will be glad to have a meeting with you. Signed by Administrative Director and leading Secretary for Military High Command,
  2. Don't worry, I don't ACTUALLY watch Dragonball Z... Don't call me a weeb... This took like two hours out of my time, you happy now?
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