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Found 7 results

  1. Hello There The Best trailers are those which want you to see more by the end of it. Pausing the video at every scene I found of interest. There are some references, especially to some comic releases relevant to certain characters from other shows.
  2. So @Bailey wants us to share some Star Wars & Clone Wars tributes. Palpatine - "My dear boy I've so wanted to meet you, and here you are at last". You may or may not have seen them, who knows. They will not be listed in any particular order. I must say I rather enjoy seeing these tributes, if you have any of your own to share post them in the comments. Tributes / Videos 1 - 10 Tributes / Videos 11 - 20 Tributes / Videos 21 - 30 Tributes / Videos 31 - 37 Bonus Video - Sith Empire || Propaganda (Star Wars) That is about it from me... A lot of videos yes...
  3. Hello all so if you do not know Republic Navy is Recruiting! what dose Navy do? We Drive veantors,logistics,simulations, conduct Bunk inspections with RI/MP, and much more, Creating RP for Everyone on the server. what are the benefits of you joining navy? get to RP inside in naval areas, RP with other Branches of the Republic, Serious Roleplay Regiment, Get behind the scenes on running a ship/Base! where can I sign up? you can sign up here Navy is also an essential RP regiment for the server so if you do join navy you will be Encouraging RP on the server which makes the server more fun for everyone! So do something to help the server out! and Join Navy Today by filling out that link found here or Private message myself for Private tryouts! You do need to be active on the clone wars server! to be accepted into navy!
  4. Hey guys,yes another forum post, but out of all seriousness this topic is not going to be a ming post or as you guys like to call it "a shit post". I really just wanted to compliment and express my highly satisfying as well as extremely enjoyable experience on Clone wars RP tonight. There were a number of events, and I must say, I was not disappointed at all with any of them. From fighting droids in multiple generated simulator terrains in the simulator room (Swamp/forest) to fighting waves of vicious flesh eating zombies during an outbreak event and defending an attack from mandalorians, the event masters stayed completely composed and well organised, allowing everyone on the server to have a great RP experience. All the players on the server also display great RP skills and demonstrate great characteristics of leadership and friendship. I am apart of the 21st nova corps clone troopers regiment and I can't explain enough how exceptional my fellow players are with characteristics of teamwork and friendship, from the commander (Bacara - Siege Monkey (a great leader i must say)) to even my fellow privates, they all put in 100% effort to ensure every player has a great experience on the Clone wars RP server. If you guys haven't checked out and visited the Clone wars RP server, I extremely recommend it! You will not be disappointed! Don't be put off by the servers moderate player population as everyone puts 100% effort in to enjoy themselves and have a great RP experience. Once again huge thank you to the event masters and all the CWRP stuff tonight, you all did an excellent job in my eyes, you guys have earn't my loyalty to the server and will defiantly see me regularly participating and visiting the server from this point forward. WELL DONE! Huge thank you Your now huge fan, Dwayne.
  5. There is a lot of talk in the community lately of the Clone Wars server and more specifically that it is slowly dying or it's already dead etc etc the thing is with every newly opened server the first couple of months are always the most important and slow and with Star Wars RP there are already many well established Clone Wars servers that rack in 100s of dedicated players everyday. These servers have been opened for years what I'm trying to say is as expected the Clone Wars server will get there as many can say the when the Imperial server first opened it would have been exactly like the Clone Wars server and look what it has blossomed into today a great and dedicated community that love it to death so give it time and don't give up on it I know the Management team won't as many things are being worked on at the moment and I'm positive a notice will be made to shine light on what exactly those are, I want this server to work I give it my 100% the question is will you be there to help grow it into a living breathing community.
  6. Good afternoon all last night I decided to end my event chain named "Sith Infiltrator" it was meant to be on ship but as we were on Tatooine I saw fit to change to story a bit anyway it was pretty much a 1v7 me vsing the whole Jedi Order which didn't end very well... Leave a like if you enjoyed
  7. As a Diehard Clonewars nerd, Heres a collection of clips of final stands and Deaths. And of course who could forget. Hope you nerds enjoyed the series as much as I did, I will most likely be recreating a screenshot of Commander Thorns Last Stand in SFM so watch out for that.
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