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Found 2 results

  1. CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY WOOH!! Starting on a more personal note yes, I am finally getting around to posting this woooh!!! Sorrry for those who haven't really seen me around much or anything the past week as well I have been super sick, haven't been working or anything hahaha, but anyways lets get to it! Entering the competition is going to be as simple as commenting down below allowing me to add your to the raffle / giveaway. As per suggestions I will be using "https://wheeldecide.com/" to decide who will be receiving the gifts. Now for those of you wondering what the gifts are... I have put a little bit of money into my steam wallet, keep in mind this is Australian Dollars. I will be drawing 3 winners out of the list from wheeldecide, the first winner, will be able to choose any game on steam of value up to $60AUD. Winners 2/3, will be choose any game on steam of value up to $30AUD!! So everyone get commenting for your chance to win, Ill draw tomorrow assuming I am able to get on depending on how busy I am, on from there we will communicate and discuss what to guess. Love you all good luck!
  2. What is your In-game name: Janitor Fives Steam ID: The Masked Gamer or STEAM_0:1:150531988 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheMaskedGamerYT/ Play time: Been on the server for about 5 to 6 months and 4 Weeks 5 Days 3 Hours 46 Minutes Have you used PAC Before: I have used PAC3 before but it was only testing because I don't know how to use PAC3. I am willing to learn from everyone whos has PAC3 tier 1 or tier 2 and tier 3 if it comes out so I get the full cover of the use of PAC Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I started playing on the server around July, and since then I have not been banned. i have been kicked but that was because I was AFK, I have een warned a few times but I am trying to be a better person/leader and if I get PAC3 it will show that I am slowly getting trusted. I believe I can be trusted with PAC3 since i have been loyal to IG i have been on every day even when I was on holidays and I believe I can be trusted because I've been in the comunity for awhile. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I would like PAC because I can create and help create a better RP experience for the server and for the people on the server. PAC allows you to develop a Different skin while also keeping the original skin (E.G. Iden without her helmet or any Inferno Squad member) and create a more in depth story and look into mine/others character. This can be helpful to not only make mine/others character look different but to visualize and feel the new RP experience. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): PAC3 I something admins+ don't give out to everyone you have to be trusted by them but not just them the community, if the community doesn't trust you then the admins+ don't trust you so I hope that I am a trusted guy in the community. I deserve PAC3 well I don't really deserve it because PAC3 is a more trusted thing then it being deserved.
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